Is Pushing Daisies Season 3 Release Date Taking Too Long To Arrive?

American comedy dramas have another level of grace. Whether it is ‘The Office’ or ‘Friends’, missing an episode of these shows was like a nightmare for us. The new generation is also fond of watching black comedy and hence, this genre is also climbing stairs to reach new heights. Pushing Daisies also plays an important role in the life of comedy-drama lovers. The series also portrays black comedy and mystery along with the fantasy that acts as a topping on the cupcake! Right?

This American TV series was released several years back but all the episodes are still watched with the same enthusiasm and interest by the people. A decade before when Pushing Daisies was premiered, fans were rating this series as one of the best American comedy shows that finally garnered an unexpected IMDb rating. But after the second season, it seems like the show has taken a long break. Pushing Daisies season 3 made people wait for years and is it still to be continued? To know the answer, read this post without skipping any detail.

Pushing Daisies Season 3 Release Date

The first season of Pushing Daisies had nine episodes that were released on different days in Canada and the US. The first episode was released on 2nd October 2007 in Canada while in the US this was made available on 3rd October 2007 on ABC. Since there was a difference of one day between the release date, the final episode also made its way according to it. In Canada, season 1 was concluded on 11th December 2007, and on the other hand, 12th December 2007 marked the dropping of the final episode of the first season in the US. The same happened with the second season. It started premiering its first episode on 30th September 2008 1st October 2008 in Canada and the US, accordingly.

As far as Pushing Daisies season 3 goes, it seems like this installment has almost been canceled. It is because we waited for more than a decade and the team hasn’t said any official word concerning it, yet. It’s true that the series was critically acclaimed and was nominated in 17 Prime Time Emmy awards but the circumstances show that the creators might have dropped their plan of bringing further installments. When season 2 ended, people expected the next parts to arrive by 2010. But their hope went in vain. However, if it returns miraculously we expect it to happen sometime in 2022. Although the announcement regarding the revival of the series or the cancellation has not been made, the chances for Pushing Daisies season 3 to get a green light are very scarce.

Pushing Daisies Season 3 Cast

The cast of Pushing Daisies has quirky characters. Lee Pace appeared in the character of Ned, aka The Piemaker. He owns a Pie Hole restaurant and can make dead people alive. The next important characters are Charlotte Charles, Olive Snook, Lily Charles, Emerson Cod, and Vivian Charles, played by Anna Friel, Kristin Chenoweth, Swoosie Kurtz, Chi McBride, and Allen Greene, respectively. Further, the list of the cast includes Field Cate and Jim Dale as young Ned and the narrator, accordingly.

Some of the personalities who appeared in the reccuring roles include Stephen Root as Dwight Dixon, Christine Adams as Simone Hundin, Paul Reubens as Oscar Vibenius, and many others.
Talking about the Pushing Daisies season 3 cast, the star cast would return while new actors can join in.

Pushing Daisies Season 3 Plot

The story revolves around Ned who has the ability to provide another life to the dead persons by touching them. But if he touches the same person the second time he or she would die on a permanent basis. By using this ability, Ned brought his mother back into life after she died in his childhood. Later on, he opens up a pie restaurant.
The entire story was about his ability and its uses in different forms. Sometimes it proved to be satisfying for him but many a time, it created chaos in his life.

The plot might continue with the same theme in the third season as well but the storyline can be different.

Pushing Daisies Season 3 Trailer

Well, the trailer for this season has a long way to go as, until and unless, Pushing Daisies season 3 doesn’t get a confirmation, we will not be having any teaser or video clip.

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