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A long time ago in 2018, a video game was released named, The Forest. It is a horror and survival-based video game created and publicized by Endnight Games. The plot of the show was based on the forested peninsula in which the character, who was also the player, named Eric Leblanc, and his son Timmy were the survivors of a plane crash. This is the game where there are no set targets or challenges, you have to make your own decisions for survival from Zombie-like creatures. It is nonlinear gameplay set in an open environment played from the viewpoint of the first person. So, The Forest video game was released on 30 April 2018 for Windows and on 6 November 2018 for PlayStation 4. Now, video game lovers, especially the fans of The Forest wanted to know about its sequel, Sons of the Forest. Today, here in this article, we have brought something different other than entertainment news. We will give you the information regarding the Sons of the Forest release date, and many more.

Sons of the Forest Release Date

The Forest video game was released on 30 April 2018 on Microsoft Windows and 6 November 2018 on PlayStation 4. So, it’s been more than two years and the fans are anxiously waiting for the sequel of this game.

So, Sons of the Forest, or we can say The Forest 2 is confirmed to release. But there is a disappointment for the fans that the release date of the game is not yet decided. A specific or exact release date is not announced yet. However, it is confirmed that Sons of the Forest would be definitely coming this year (2021) before the end.

The fans were also waiting for the announcement of this game at E3 2021 where many video games and their sequel announces. Everyone hoped to be Sons of the Forest amongst them but the game did not announce there. Well, the release date is yet to announce but you can hope because the game is confirmed and release before 2021 end.

Sons of the Forest Plot and Gameplay

Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest

Similar to The Forest, Sons of the Forest revolves around the same plot. It includes crafting, building, survived and encountering bad creatures or Zombies. It continues the story of the previous The Forest and starts from where the previous game left. Two trailers have already been released for this game that describes the plot of the Sons of the Forest. In this sequence, you will experience much more improved graphics and Artificial Intelligence. The game is also dealt with the crafting and building of weapons and this is the most important of the game. This sequel is going to be the huge one as you will be also able to see the bigger forest and the three players can play at a time, they can do everything like build, craft, play, survive an encounter together.

The story of the game describes as the character or the main player of the game wakes up in a helicopter and then suddenly, finds himself in the mid of the dark and heavy forest that has many zombies and weird creatures. Now, the player or the main character has to survive himself and his friends from these weird creatures by encountering them. Also, this time the game is a little smarter in feature as we will be able to see the tools like an ax, crossbow, GPS, and many more. And to make it more realistic the makers did an experiment with the weather in the game. As they inserted a feature by which you can enjoy the beautiful weather, like winters, summers, and rains in the game. Additionally, the player can survive by strategizing their survival according to the climate.

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Sons of the Forest Release Platform

The Forest 1 was released on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 on different dates. Now, it has been decided that The Forest 2 or Sons of the Forest is coming before 2022 ends. So, it is also important to know that where it will release? This information also may be proved a little bit disappointed but this sequel will be focusing on the PC version only. Till now, this is the biggest question that whether this game will be released for other devices or not? Other devices include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox series S/X.

All we can do now is hope for the best, because if we see the creators’ side then it is a must to release the game on other platforms too. As everyone can’t enjoy this on PC only, so they should release it on other devices too.

Sons of the Forest Trailer 1

Sons of the Forest Trailer 2

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