Is Matt Leblanc Italian? Know more facts about Matt Leblanc

Matthew Steven Leblanc (also known as Matt Leblanc) was born on 25 July 1967 and he is 54 at the age now. He is a famous name and popular actor in the American entertainment industry. Matt is an American actor, comedian, and television producer. He is more famous for his role as Joey Tribbiani in the most popular sitcom show, Friends. For his outstanding performance in Friends, Matt was nominated for many awards including three namings in Primetime Emmy Awards. Remember the show “Episodes”, he has also worked by playing a fictionalized version of himself in that show from 2011 to 2017. As he is the most famous and popular face of the American industry so the fans are a little bit interested in knowing about his personal life. Especially they wanted to know, is Matt Leblanc Italian? By the way, don’t worry we will give you all the personal and professional relevant information regarding your favorite Matt Leblanc.

Is Matt Leblanc Italian?

Matt was born on 25 July 1967 in Newton, Massachusetts, with the name Matthew. His father, Paul Leblanc was a French- Canadian mechanic and his mother, named Di Cillo was an Italian office manager. Now the question arises that ” IS MATT LEBLANC ITALIAN?” So, we can say that he is partially Italian as his mother was Italian. Matt dropped his college, named Wentworth Institue of Technology in Boston at the beginning of the second semester after high school.

Then at the age of 17, his modeling career was started, and from there he gets commercials, television, and films, although, many people told him that he is too short to be in the entertainment industry. We can say that he is the inspiration for most people who felt very down and helpless because of society, remember you all are special in your own way. By the way, back to the topic, Matt was a partial Italian as he said in an interview that his family was used to go to his mother’s mother’s house in Italy on every vacation. He even also went to Rome for three days, so he enjoys both the cultures, French and Italian.

 Matt Leblanc
Matt Leblanc

Matt Leblanc Relationships

Matthew Steven Leblanc was married in 2003 to a British-born American model, Melissa McKnight. She was divorced and was a single mother of two children. Matt and Melissa were met with each other through a common friend, Kelly Phillips, Lou Diamond Phillips’ wife. Then an after a year like sometime in 1998 Matt proposed to Melissa and after their marriage in 2003, they both became proud parents of a daughter Marina in 2004. At only eight months Marina suffered from some dysfunctions in her body, but lately, when she was two years old, the couple came to know that she is suffering from “dysplasia”. Later back in October 2006, the couple, Matt and Melissa get divorced.

Currently, rumors say that Matt is dating a big and famous television personality and actress, Aurora Mulligan. Most of the reports say that they both were met in 2016 on a television show. Before Aurora, Matt was dated, Andrea Anders as he was in an eight years-long relationship with her but the couple broke up in 2014. So, we can say that, as a conclusion, there were three women in Matt’s life, firstly, Melissa, then Andrea, and currently Aurora.

Matt and Aurora
Matt and Aurora

Matt Lablanc Net Worth Professional Career

He started his career with the commercial of Heinz Timati Ketchup in 1987. His professional is so good and successful. Matt has done great shows like Married….with children, Red Shoe Diaries, Too of the Heaps, Vinnie & Bobby. As we said above he is most popular for his role in Friends. Initially, around 1990 Matt appeared in some music videos like Miracle, Say It Isn’t So, Walk Away, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Night Moves, Into the Great Wide Open. Recently Matt was worked in Man with a Plan, which started in 2016 but was canceled in 2020. Matt Lablanc Net Worth is currently US$80 million.

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Matt Leblanc Films and Shows

His first film was released in 1987, named Doll Day Afternoon, then in 1990, he was back with Jon Bon Jovi: Miracle. Similarly, he has done many great films, music videos, and shows which includes:

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Into the Great Wide Open, Grey Knight, Red Shoe Diaries 3: Another Woman’s Lipstick, Bob Segar: Night Moves. Looking’ Italian, Friends, Ed, Red Shoe Diaries 7: Burning Up, Lost in Space, Bon Jovi: Say It Isn’t So, Charlie’s Angels, All the Queen’s Men. Charlie Angels: Full Throttle, Jonah Hex, Lovesick.

Now move to the television shows acted by Matt which include: TV 101, Just the Ten of Us, Anything to Survive, Monsters, Top of the Heap, Married… With Children, Red Shoe Diaries, Vinnie & Bobby, Class of ’96. Reform School Girl, Friends, Joey, Episodes, Top Gear, Web Therapy, Web Therapy, The Prince, Top Gear, Man with a Plan, and Friends: The Reunion.


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