Joey Season 3: What are the chances of the show returning?

If you are one geek about web shows and series and enjoy your time in front of the screen but you are not familiar with “friends” tv shows, then you are indeed living under a rock. For people who don’t even enjoy watching their screens too much but I bet they must have come across with one or the other season of Friends. And for those who completed all the 236 episodes of this cult show, they know that Friends became an irreplaceable part of their hearts that not just makes us laugh but also gives us learning which marks it so special and irresistible. It’s like a vine, the more you watch over and over, it more it grows on you.

At some point, we all realized that a total of ten seasons was not enough for us and we eventually crave for more. Till now we still desperately waiting to watch more of Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey. And sadly, we haven’t got that lucky yet and also not in the future after all our favorites got aged now but yes, there is one hidden show which is considered as the spinoff/sequel of Friends titled “Joey”. Yes, you guessed it right it particularly features Joey Tribbiani that we all know as a dumb actor more playboy. The makers have delivered two seasons so far and here we got covered all little details about Joey Season 3 which will get you familiar with the future of the show and its release date and latest updates.

Joey Season 3 Release Date: Happening or not?

Joey Season 3 Release Date: Happening or not?

Joey first premiered on NBC on September 9, 2004, with 24 episodes while the subsequent second season made its way on the following year i.e., September 22, 2005. Halfway during the second season, the show was put on a hiatus by NBC yet returned on March 7, 2006, in a new timeslot and completed a total of 22 episodes.

Talking about the release date of the third season now after the span of more than a decade, it is pointless because the show is not returning as it faced a cancellation from the network way back. The fans of this series should now satisfy themselves with only two seasons and have to give up on the hope of getting season 3 as it’s not happening anytime or somewhere in the future.

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Joey Season 3 Reason for cancellation

There is always a reason behind the cancellation of any show and in this case, the network itself gave a very specified and logical reason which was not surprising at all.

Joey debuted on NBC as a piece of the network’s Thursday night comedy line-up. Even though the series was not generally welcomed by critics, the debut episodes pulled in 18.6 million watchers. As the main season advanced, evaluations fell yet stayed normal (10.1 million watchers). NBC re-established the series season 2 and moved it to Tuesday evenings inverse Fox’s exceptionally appraised series American Idol.

Appraisals for the subsequent season tumbled to an untouched low (4.1 million watchers) and that’s the reason why NBC put the show on rest in March 2006 and ultimately referring to the low ratings, NBC authoritatively canceled the series in May 2006. 

Joey Season 3 Cast and Crew: Who’s in it?

Joey Season 3 Cast and Crew: Who’s in it?

Created by Scott Silveri and Shana Goldberg-Meehan, the series starring of course Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani in the protagonist role who is a striving actor and food lover who becomes popular for his role on Days of Our Lives as Dr. Drake Ramoray. Joey is a womanizer with numerous girlfriends all through the series, with regards to his character on Friends. The series generally gets back on track, with Joey toward the start of the show taking an action from New York to Los Angeles to continue with his acting profession.

There is not only Joey in this series, there are also characters like Joey’s older sister Gina Tribbiani played by Drea de Matteo, Joey’s nephew Michael Tribbiani played by Paulo Costanzo, and Joey’s friend and neighbor, Howard Peckerman portrayed by Ben Falcone.

Apart from these, it also got Andrea Anders as Alexis “Alex” Garrett, the next-door neighbor, landowner, and friend, Jennifer Coolidge as Joey’s oversexed manager Roberta “Bobbie” Morganstern, and lastly Miguel A. Núñez Jr. who joined the cast toward the beginning of season 2 as Zach Miller. He quickly became perhaps one of Joey’s best friends.

Joey Season 3 Plot: What is it about?

The series focuses on Joey Tribbiani, who has to happen to be all alone and moved to Hollywood, needing to make it as a successful actor. In the wake of re-joining with his agitated sister Gina, a solid and provocative stylist, Joey moves in with his virtuoso 20-year-old nephew, graduate student Michael who is a rocket scientist. He starts a conditional romance with his administrator, Alexis Garrett, and turns out to be a close friend with associated aspiring actor Zach Miller.

Both seasons of Joey are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video so if you are someone who is missing that silly jokes and giggles from Friends badly you can take the same kind of laughs and touches of humor from Joey again.   

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