Who is Kortney Wilson Boyfriend? Is she dating anyone?

Kortney Wilson Boyfriend

Kortney Wilson, have you heard this name before? She is a Canadian actress, singer, designer, television anchor, and the real estate professional. Kortney was a big and popular face of television and the music industry. She was born on 8 February 1979 (now 42 age) in Windsor, Ontario, and when she was 13 the family moved to Sudbury and then Kitchener. She first started with her musical career. In 1994, she was started performing as Annie with Royal City Musical Production, Guelph. Kortney has 132k followers on Instagram and has a good fan following on Twitter too. As we all want to know something a little bit personal about our favorite stars. The fans of Kortney Wilson wanted to know more about her, as they wanted to know about Kortney Wilson Boyfriend. Kortney is a very famous personality especially for her show, with her partner Dave Wilson, named Meet the Wilsons and Masters of Flip. Now, we will tell you some information regarding Kortney Wilson’s life, her relationships, etc. So, this article would be turned really interesting and informative about your favorite Kortney Wilson, also known as Kortney Kayle.

Kortney Wilson Boyfriend

These two Canadians, Kortney, and Dave were met through a mutual friend back then almost two years ago. Dave was a struggling singer and used to work in London, England. And there he met with Kortney, from there, they started sharing a special place in each other’s life. Then they started dating each other and stayed together for eighteen long years, including fourteen years of marriage.

In December 2019, the couple announced their divorce through an Instagram post but did not disclose the reasons behind this step. Also, the couple is blessed with three children, named Jett Wilson (age 16 years), Sully Wilson, and after Sully’s birth, they adopted Lennox (10 years). Dave and Kortney are now not together, they have parted their ways, but still, they both worked together and also give their time to their kids. Even Kortney was there at Dave’s 50th birthday celebration.

If we talk about the current status of Kortney, so she is absolutely single by this time. She is not in a relationship with anyone after her divorce.

Kortney Wilson Boyfriend
Kortney Wilson Boyfriend

Kortney Wilson Dating History

She met with Dave during her and his struggle period. Kortney met him in 2000 or 2001 and they were started dated each other till 2005 and in the same year both get married to each other. Kortney has only one longtime boyfriend, named Dave. But they are now separated, however, you can see them together yet in most of the places.

They are even the parents of three children, Sully, Jett, and Lennox. So, Kortney does not have any dating history, she married Dave, her first and last boyfriend but at this time they are not together and Kortney is not dating anyone else yet.

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Kortney Wilson Net Worth

Kortney Wilson is a multi-talented celebrity who used to do many jobs. As she started her career as an Annie with Royal City Music Production in 1994. Then she signed a deal with Scream Marketing and Christy DiNapoli. After this, in 2001 she came back with her two singles, but one of them did not release. You can also see her in ‘One Life to Live. And later she worked with Ryan Tyler in Run, Run, Run, released by Krysta Scoggins. Have you heard about Open Road Recordings? She was also an important part of it with her husband Dave in 2010.

She is also indulged in the real estate business, on which she also hosts a show with her ex-husband Dave. The show is about renovating, buying, and flipping houses, named Masters of Flip originally telecasted on the W network. Also, this series was running on HGTV in mid-2018. And lastly, they both were shown in the HGTV new series, Making It Home With Kortney and Dave.

Now, come to her net worth, she actually earned really well, especially from the real estate business and shows. As the salary of real estate professionals in the USA is estimated at around $86, 854 per year. And according to some websites, the net worth of Kortney is between $5- $6 million per year.

Kortney Wilson and Dave Wilson
Kortney Wilson and Dave Wilson

Kortney Wilson Controversy

As Kortney is a big celebrity and a successful businesswoman, then it is obvious to hear some rumors and controversies about her. But no, there are no controversies about her at all. Their divorce was the big news and disappointment for their fans but it was not created any controversy. They have parted their ways very peacefully and with huge respect for each other. Well, the reason behind their divorce is not known by anyone, they even did not disclose it.

Why Kortney Wilson is Famous?

She is famous because of her appearance and her work in different fields. Kortney is a singer, an actress, a television presenter, a real estate professional, and a top businesswoman. She even used to do the most successful shows, like Meet the Wilsons, Masters of Flip, Making it home with Kortney and Dave, and Big Brother Canada Season 2.

Also, her music and singing field has a lot to say about her work. Her single, named Unbroken by You, was reached the top 50 list in the same year. She has recorded many albums with Dave too. And her Run, Run, Run with Ryan Tyler made her more popular these days. Well, currently her real estate business and shows are doing great. And hope for a better future ahead for Kortney Wilson.

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