Chinese drama Wait My Youth Season 2 Release Date Out?

Chinese dramas are the most romantic, full of life, and cute ones. As Korean dramas are popular, Chinese dramas are a little bit less popular but share many similarities. Their genres, stories, and plots are not much different from each other. But anyway, we are not here to talk about Korean drama, we are here today to talk regarding a Chinese drama, “Wait, My Youth”. This is the romantic Chinese show originally telecasted on Youku, a Chinese local network. The show has only one season that was released on 27 March 2019 and ended on 18 May 2019 with twenty-four episodes of 45 minutes in total. The series was a big hit commercially and critically as it has 8.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. The fans are now getting anxious about Wait My Youth Season 2. They wanted to know about its renewal and the release date. So, worry not, we will tell you all about Wait My Youth Season 3.

Wait My Youth Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show was ended up on a happy note on 18 May 2019. So, it’s been more than two years now since season 1 ended. And fans are anxiously waiting for the second season to come. But what happened with the renewal? Will it be renewed or not? So the answers are here.

The news regarding the release date of the second season of Wait, My Youth may little bit disappointed. Actually, there are no official announcements regarding season 2 of the show. The makers or even the channel has not been renewed the series yet. Most probably the series is ended and will not come again with the next season. So, we will only tell you that do not hope too much for season 2, the chances of release are very less.

Wait My Youth Season 1 Recap

Wait My Youth
Wait My Youth

Season 1 has twenty-four episodes as a whole. And has big storylines. It revolves around the plot of friendship, love, and family. The story mainly focuses on Su Can-Can, who has a secret crush on Lin Jia Ze, a classmate. But as the story grows she started falling in love with Lan Tian Ye, the best friend of Lin Jia Ze. The show started with a school scene where Can-Can started liking the most intelligent and good-looking boy of the school, Lin Jia Ze. And then she met with Tian Ye, however, she was stuck in a problem because of him that day. But from here their (Su Can-Can and Tianye) love story started.

The series ended on a very cute note when Can-Can and Tian Ye met each after seven long years. They wanted to see Jay Chou’s live concert but did not manage to watch the same. Tian Ye has a stomach ulcer, which turned into Gastroenteritis, and at that moment Can-Can helped him in packing a hospital bag, but she there found a letter behind a photo frame at Tian Ye’s house. That letter describes all Tian Ye’s feelings and emotions for Su Can-Can, the letter said, he still loves her as he did before seven years, and he would always love her the same way. And at last, they both ended up together, where Tian Ye proposed Su Can-Can with a lovely diamond ring.

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Wait My Youth Season 2 Cast

Wait My Youth
Wait My Youth

As there is no information about Wait, My Youth Season 2 release date, so, we also can not say anything about its future cast, it is really difficult to say about the same, but if Season 2 comes then it may add some new faces in the cast. The previous cast of the show includes :

Zhao Yiqin as Lan Tianye, Li Jiaqi as Su Cancan, along with them it has, Li Ge Yang as Lin Jiaze, Stephanie Xu as Xu Meili, Leo Dong as Tang Xingyi, WU Shuangyi as Tao Yi Ting, Vincent Wei as Lin Zhou.

The show is written and directed by Tiantian Qian and Qinyuan Shen. Wait, My Youth is also available on Netflix, you can binge-watch it there.

Wait My Youth Season 2 Story

There are no official story and plot for the second season yet. But the first season is wrapped up in itself, so, maybe the second season will have a different story. Or there are also chances of the continuation as the makers would have seen the progressing relationship of Tianye and Can-Can with some struggles. To know further we have to wait for a little till the official announcement has come from the side of makers.

Wait My Youth Trailer

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