The Snitch Cartel Origin Season 2: Here’s What We Know!

Not many people are into crime series but on the contrary, some people find it way more fascinating watching crime drama series than any other genre. They have their own reason and hypothesis behind that. some find it relaxing because it takes their mind off their life. In the crime series, they usually see people far worse off than them and that makes them feel better about their life. It’s like escapism for them. Some relax watching it because of the fact that it’s a fictional one and knowing that it didn’t actually happen in any reality. And, if you also belong to that group of people who lessen their stress by binging crime shows and dramas, this post will be proved fruitful for you as we will be particularly talking about one interesting and compelling tv series titled “The Snitch Cartel: Origin” which was distributed by Netflix not too while ago. Only one season is not enough, right? That’s why we are here to look for the future of The Snitch Cartel: Origin season 2 along with its release date update, our speculations about the cast, and plot. So, without skipping anything read on to the end to find it.

‘The Snitch Cartel: Origins’, original title ‘El Cartel de los Sapos – El Origen’ is a gritty and exciting Columbian crime tv show which is based on the Andrés López López’s novel The Snitch Cartel. First, there was a 2008 series, and then a 2011 movie and now Netflix released this tv show which tells us the origin tale of Snitch Cartel. 

The Snitch Cartel Origin Season 2 Release Date

The Snitch Cartel: Origin Season 2: Release Date

The show was added to the Netflix catalog on Jul 28, 2021, consisting whopping 60 episodes each of about 45-59 minutes runtime. Some absolutely liked the show while some didn’t. the whole episode stood out for the fans who like the telenovela format as it contains a lot of telenovela-style melodrama.

As for the release date of its second season, Netflix hasn’t decided to renew the series yet neither have they canceled it. When we see the possibility of season 2, the chances are half-half because, on IMDb, it got an average rating of 5.7 out of 10 based on 72 users voting which seems like it’s not enough to get renewed by OTT giant. However, for the sake of this series’ lovers they might give it another chance to the show.

Moreover, the first season concluded cleanly and didn’t leave any loose strings behind. There is no continuing story to tell in the subsequent season but still, there is a prospect for season 2 only when it will decide to shows us the whole new storyline to follow.

In case, Netflix chooses to go with renewal season, then we can look forward to watching the show sometime in 2022 however this is only our estimation as nothing is certain as of now. We’ll keep you posted when we got hands-on anything official related to the premiere date. 

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The Snitch Cartel Origin Season 2 Cast

The Snitch Cartel: Origin Season 2: Cast

Directed by Jaime Rayo, Carlos Mario Urrea, Camilo Villamizar, and Unai Amuchastegui, in the series we have seen some well-known Spanish actors featuring in the show which includes Juan Pablo Urrego, Patricia Tamayo, Sebastián Osorio, Verónica Velásquez, Nicole Santamaría, María Camila Zárate, Eduardo Pérez, Carlos Manuel Vesga, Julian Farrieta, Gustavo Angarita Jr., Helena Mallarino, Margarita Reyes, David Prada, Adriana Silva, Angélica Blandón, Laura Rodríguez, Maia Landaburu, and lastly Jesús de los Ríos. 

If the second season ensues, we can expect to see similar star cast reappear to reprise their separated roles. There are also chances of some unfamiliar or new faces to feature in the second season with some additional side characters as well.

The Snitch Cartel Origin Season 2 Storyline

The Snitch Cartel: Origin Season 2: Storyline

The Snitch Cartel: Origins contains a lathery drama, traversing many years which is based on family Following two siblings who equilibrium sentiment, family, and aspiration during the 60s and 70s, the Netflix series sees the Cali family attempting to run Columbia’s drug industry as their momentous objective.

Based on the true events and mainly set in Cali, Colombia, the two brothers convey the string of a stunning story that will uncover, interestingly, the profiles of two men who climbed positions in the criminal universe, because of their incredible cunning and resourcefulness, until they turned into the proprietors and masters of the drug realm, pursuing a full-scale battle against different cartels, and affecting all choices made by the public authority of their country.

The Snitch Cartel Origin Season 2 Trailer

Naturally, there is no accessibility to any preview or any kind of trailer of season 2 yet. But we do have the trailer of the first season of the show which will help you to maintain that excitement and thrilling feeling while we wait for the official announcements for the renewal season.

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