Is Carlo and Malik Season 3 Release Date Coming Up Soon?

The times have changed and so do the interest of people. Earlier it was believed that there existed only English films whenever we thought of watching any foreign show. But, this case isn’t the same as of now. The entertainment industry from all over the world has ensured the availability of different global series. Presently we all know many popular series from Australia, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and many more. And this time we have got you Italian series that might have been a part of your watchlist if you love watching crime thrillers.

Created by Giampaolo Simi and Vittorino Testa, Carlo and Malik is a TV series from Italy. For the time being, it is only available in the Italian language. Therefore, we need to wait until it arrives in one of the familiar languages we know. But apart from it, this series is about two inspectors, Carlo and Malik, and both of them team up later on in the show. After the second season, we haven’t really heard of season 3. Fans are curious to know whether it will be returning or season 2 would be the final one. Now you all don’t need to worry as we are here to provide you the latest updates related to Carlo and Malik season 3 and its release date.

Carlo and Malik Season 3 Release Date

The debut season of Carlo and Malik was released on Rai 1 19th November 2018 having a total of 12 episodes. These episodes were not released on a single day rather they dropped at a certain interval and hence, the last episode of season 1 made its way before the public on 17th December 2018. On the other hand, season 2 of this Italian series was also a 12 episode long show of which the first episode premiered on 10th September 2020 that lasted till 8th October 2020. It managed to complete the filming amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Carlo and Malik Season 3
Carlo and Malik Season 3 Release Date

As far as Carlo and Malik season 3 is concerned, there is no official proclamation concerning it. This series has neither been canceled nor revived for future parts. However, there are chances for it to return. There is still some time left in hand for the announcement to drop in. The ratings and reviews are quite favorable for restoring the series and given season 3 a thumbs up. Until any confirmed release date is revealed, we can only make speculations. Hence, we expect Carlo and Malik season 3 to release in 2022. Further, if anything shows up we will update this section as soon as we learn more.

Carlo and Malik Season 3 Cast

This crime thriller series has actors contributing to the main cast and as well as in recurring roles. The two lead roles, Carlo Guerrieri and Malik Soprani are played by Claudio Amendola and Miguel Gobbo Diaz. Carlo has to raise his daughter alone and is an introverted individual. The latter is a deputy inspector whose parents died in a shipwreck. He belongs to Ivory Coast and further, Malik had an affair with Carlo’s daughter, Alba. Rosa Diletta Rossi appeared as Alba Guerrieri. She has a very close relationship with her father, Carlo. The character of chief superintendent Mario Muzo is portrayed by Fortunato Carlino.

Carlo and Malik Season 3 Release Date

Further the series is starring Alessandro Sperduti as Marco Cantabella, Alessia Barela as Cristina, Angela Finocchiaro as Giovanna Di Castro, Daphne Scoccia as Ottavia, Caterina Shulha as Olga Sarteani, and Valerio Di Benedetto as Matteo Lisi. Apart from these faces, Carlo and Malik have many more talented actors who appeared in recurring roles and without them, the series would have been incomplete.

Most of the actors from season 1 returned to the second season as well and there were very few personalities who joined as the new cast member in the latest installment. Keeping in mind this fact, we expect the same to happen in season 3 too. The main cast members can make a comeback and continue to play their respective roles while some of the new actors can join them.

Carlo and Malik Season 3 Plot

Both the inspectors Carlo and Malik team up for an investigation. Several murders are happening in Rome, and both of them have been given the charge to look into the case. Carlo and Malik are very different from each other and that’s why they develop different misunderstandings.

There is no detailed information about the upcoming story and hence, it is perplexing for us to guess the story right now. Moreover, we expect the story to return with the same thrilling incidents. The audience can have an entirely new story or the previous plot can continue further.

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