Is Queen Season 2 Release Date Arriving Soon? Know Here!

Queen Season 2

South Indian series and shows are more popular in the country and it has reached the global audience as well. The industry has provided many splendid series that are memorable even today. For the past few years, people are dependent upon the OTT release of films as the pandemic completely hindered the theatrical release. Many Tamil and Telugu series also made their way on different online video streaming platforms. Queen is such a series that was released on MX Player. The title itself is enough to explain that the series is a woman-centric show.

Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and Prasath Murugesan, Queen is a historical drama series available in two languages, Tamil and English. The first season proved to be a huge hit and bagged an amazing rating as well. It was so obvious as the cast, cinematography, story, and direction were very well coordinated. For a hit series, the challenges and future grow bigger as the audience starts expecting the same experiences like that of previous seasons, in case, the makers renew it for the next installment. Queen season 2 is a much-awaited part among the fans and they are restless to learn more about it. This post will let you know about the current status of Queen season 2 and its release date.

Queen Season 2 Release Date

Queen Season 2

This biographical drama presented itself before the people on 14th December 2019. MX Player took the charge of making this series available to people. Each episode was so strong in itself that it delivered the entire fact with a great impact on the viewers. Queen not only ruled the hearts of everyone but this series showed such magic in terms of ratings that it became an enthralling series with an IMDb rating of 8.8 out of 10.

This was more than enough for the makers to think about the second season and hence, it was finally announced that season 2 will be happening. The announcement for the upcoming installment of Queen was a piece of delightful news for everyone. It was in April 2020, when director Gautham Vasudev Menon made an official statement about reviving the series. But, even after a year of the renewal statement, we don’t have any information about the release date. However, from the time when season 2 was agreed, the coronavirus pandemic became active in India and there was a situation of lockdown everywhere. That’s why, somewhere in the preparation of the future edition, coronavirus has acted as a barrier. This might be the reason that Queen season 2 is facing a delay.

From our expectations, we look forward to 2023 when Queen season 2 can release. If anything shows up before it, we will let you know as soon as we learn more about this topic.

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Queen Season 2 Cast

The cast of this Indian series needs no introduction as they are just amazing. Every character did complete justice to the roles they played. Everything seemed so natural that it was difficult for people to distinguish between their acting and reality.

Queen focused upon Shakthi Seshadri, the protagonist. This role was brilliantly played by Ramya Krishnan. Anikha Surendran appeared in the role of young Shakthi Seshadri. Another important character was G. M. Ravichandran, who was generally regarded as GMR. Indrajith Sukumaran portrayed this character very well. Vamsi Krishna was starred as Chaitanya Reddy while Tulasi was playing the character of Ranganayaki. It was the name of Shakthi Sheshadri’s mother. The series also shows Shakthi Sheshadri’s mother at a young age that was acted by Sonia Agarwal. These are the main cast members that made the story even more interesting.

Queen is also known for various supporting roles. Shakthi Sheshadri had a brother, Srikanth, played by Munna Simon. The other actors who were part of this series are Karuppu Nambiar as Syed, Vivek Rajgopal as Pradeepan, Janaki Suresh as Alamelu, and Gautham Menon as Sridhar, respectively. Lastly we had Shubhasree as Pinky. Apart from all these faces, many more appeared in prominent roles.

Queen Season 2 Story

It is an adaptation of a novel titled the same. This novel was loosely based on the life of late politician and actor, J. Jayalalithaa.

Queen revolves around the life journey of Shakthi Sheshadri, a fictional character homologous to Jayalalithaa. The series shows how without any guidance from anyone, Shakthi Sheshadri becomes a topper in her board exams in tenth grade. Her career as an actress starts when she meets Shridhar Vasudevan. Later on, she reaches greater heights and starts to climb the ladder of stardom after meeting a famous superstar, GMR. But soon, their relationship starts failing. After this, many incidents happened in her life. Once again Sridhar Vasudevan marks an entry in Shakthi Sheshadri’s life. This time, he was into making her career in politics and after his death, she was made the new face of his party. Lastly, she is declared the ‘Queen’.

The second season can focus upon more life incidents of Shakthi Sheshadri. No details have been revealed pertaining to it and hence, telling an exact plot right now is way too early as there is no surety about it.

Queen Season 2 Trailer

Queen Season 1 Trailer

For now, there is no trailer but we expect it to arrive in the near future. Hence, till then enjoy watching the previous episodes on MX Player and get yourself packed with past memories.

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