Why Auto Shankar Season 2 Release Date Is Not Arriving?

The Bollywood industry has made several remakes of South Indian movies. South Indian films are considered engrossing and not only in the southern parts of India but the entire country is a huge fan of that industry. The most important feature that makes it popular among the people is its originality. Most of the Telugu and Tamil series restore its culture and delivers true facts as far as possible. For a very long time, web series and films from southern parts of the country are dominating various online streaming platforms. And not only this, it is capable of establishing itself as a huge hit before the audience.

In 2019, ZEE5 surprised everyone when a Tamil series titled Auto Shankar was released on this platform. There is always a different craze whenever it comes to watching a South series especially when it falls in the genre of crime, mystery, action, and thrill. The series, Auto Shankar delivered all these experiences and that made it engaging and exciting, at the same time. We will not say that it was a huge hit for the makers, but yes; it bagged an IMDb rating of 6.9 out of 10. The first season received a good response. So, this factor enabled people to hope for the next part. There are many queries related to Auto Shankar season 2 and its upcoming release date. Also, there are several rumors surfacing online. Therefore, we are here to clear all of them and provide you genuine detail about them.

Auto Shankar Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of this Indian crime thriller series was released on 23rd April 2019 on ZEE5. All the 10 episodes were available in five different languages that included Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and Malayalam. The original release was in the Tamil language.
Most of the time a series is revived after the two factors favor the happening of future installments. One of them is the critical appreciation that ultimately leads to the type of rating it receives while another one is the viewership that decides whether the series was a hit or was declared a flop. Talking about the series on this ground, Auto Shankar season 1 was appreciated by critics to a great extent but at the same time, it was criticized for several aspects. On the other hand, the scale of viewership level was also satisfying.

As far as, Auto Shankar season 2 is concerned, neither the streaming partner ZEE5 nor the makers have uttered any word related to it. Even, people have not provided with any details that that can be regarded as a hint for the happening of Auto Shankar season 2. But the silver lining is that even though it is not publicly renewed, the official cancellation has not been stated either. However, we have waited for 3 long years and it seems like this is going to last longer. Thereunto, the pandemic arrived that lasted for real and it is still showing up. Hence, our expectations say that we can have Auto Shankar season 2 in 2022 if miraculously it gets a thumbs up.

Auto Shankar Season 2 Cast

Auto Shankar was a biographical series and that’s why it focused on a few characters that were important. The protagonist, Auto Shankar was played by a very talented actor, Appani Sarath. He was originally known as Gowri Shankar but later on, he was recognized as Auto Shankar. The roles of Mohan and Chandrika are portrayed by Selvapandian and Swayam Siddha. Further, the series was starring Vasudha as Lalitha, Saranya Ravi as Sumathi, and Arjun Chidambaram as Kathiravan. Lastly, we had Rajesh Dev in the role of Babu, thereby wrapping up the list of main cast members.

Auto Shankar season 2 might come up with the previous actors in their past roles themselves. Moreover, new talented actors can become the new members of the show.

Auto Shankar Season 2 Story

Auto Shankar Season 2

The story is based on the true incidents that took place in Chennai during the 1980s. Auto Shankar evolved as a gangster who murdered several people including women. He got involved with many politicians and businessmen. His only motive was to expand his network and to earn lots of profits. Because of the killing of many people in his area, the police were desperately searching for him. Lastly, Auto Shankar was sentenced to death.

The storyline for the second season can have a different beginning and ending as the first season concluded itself that seemed complete and clear.

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