Victim Number 8 Season 2: Has The Show Renewed?

Created by Sara Antuna and Marc Cistare. Directed by Alejandro Bazzano. Victim number 8 is a Spanish series that is packed with thriller, action, and drama.
Are you an action lover? Then this series should be part of your wishlist. Victim number 8 gained much attention from all over the world. And it managed to keep its viewership level high on Netflix.

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Victim number 8 season is a great series that was highly appreciated by the audience. After the first season ended now fans are eagerly waiting for its renewal. There is much rumor regarding the release date. So here you will get to know all the recent details of Victim number 8 season 2 release date. We have got everything right here in this post.

Victim Number 8 Season 2 Release Date

Victim Number 8 Season 2

Season one of Victim number 8 has a total of 8 episodes with the running timing of 55-56 minutes. The first episode was premiered on 10 October 2018 while the last episode was released on 28 November 2018. The entire series was released on ETB 2 and Telemadrid. While globally people were able to watch it on Netflix. The series was loved by the audience and got great reviews and responses.

It has been more than two years since the first season was ended. Still, there is no official announcement regarding the cancellation of the series or the release date. The first season was ended on a great note. Hitting on IMDB rating 7.2 out of 10 is worthy for the makers to think of its renewal. Therefore we can expect Victim number 8 season 2 to release most probably in next year. Very soon we will update you with the confirmation details till then stay updated with us.

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Victim Number 8 Season 2 Cast

As there is nothing officially announced regarding the cast of season 2. We can see that cast members of season one can be seen in its second season. Or we can see some new faces. The cast of Victim number season 1 includes.

Cesar Mateo has played the role of Omar. He is known to be an amazing actor and appeared in many movies and series including Sky high, Before the burn, El accident, The Vineyard Indetectables, etc. Maria de Nati as Edurne, Veronika Moral as Koro.

The other cast members includes Inaki Ardanaz as Gaizka, Farah Hamed as Adila, Lisi Linder as Almudena, Khaled Kouka as Ibrahim, Oscar Zafra as Gorostiza, Jesus Ruyman as Comisario, Son Khoury as Zakir, Marcial Alvarez as Eche, Gemma Martinez, Itziar Aizpuru as Maria, etc.

Victim number 8 season 2 Story

Victim Number 8 Season 2 release date

We can expect that season 2 can follow the story of season 1 or we can see the entirely different concept and story in season 2.

The story of the first season revolves around when jihadi is attached in Bilbao, Spain, and because of that attack, seven people were killed. And when the police check the camera footage they by mistake recognized Omar as the eighth victim. Is Omar is a real culprit?
After police officially announced that Omar is the real culprit his life became worse for the crime he never committed. And now Omar and the victim’s families wanted to know who is the one behind the crime.

Everyone is trying to find out Omar and also one of the victim’s families announced an award. And now it would be difficult for Omar to prove himself innocent. His mother believes that Omar is innocent and he will never hurt someone. She also says that after seeing the culprit police shoot them without knowing the actual truth. Omar’s family believes in him and his girlfriend loves him a lot and she is trying to do everything to save her love. At the same time, the victim’s family is really angry and they want justice for their loved ones have they lost.

Victim Number 8 Season 2 Trailer

As I already mentioned till now we don’t have an official announcement regarding season 2. Till now no teaser or trailer is released. Therefore for the time being you can enjoy watching its first season trailer and series to quench your thirst.

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