The Queen and the Conqueror Season 2 Release Date and Updates!

When it comes to making and providing original content, the OTT giant Netflix has no boundaries. Not only did they give us binge-worthy English series but also gained their popularity by presenting us some non-English foreign series and drama that made the viewers as well to forget their boundaries also. Here we are specifically talking about one Spanish period drama “The Queen and the Conqueror” that Netflix added to its catalog last year. One interesting fact about period drama is that you don’t must have been alive in the time being referred to feel nostalgic, a decent and good period drama will bring out a time and location so indeed you’ll feel like you’re living and realizing it just like your own. The Queen and the Conqueror is no exception. After a successful one season, there is more room for the story to continue and hence people are prompting for season 2 of The Queen and the Conqueror with several expectations. Let’s see here what is its renewal status, and release date along with some latest updates and details about the show.

The Queen and the Conqueror (Spanish alternative title La reina de Indias y el conquistador) is a Colombian chronicled period drama TV series made by Johhny Ortiz, and coordinated by Camilo Villamizar, and Juan Carlos Vásquez. The series spins around the events in history that impelled the establishing of the city of Cartagena de Indias, critical in The Americas. 

The Queen and the Conqueror Season 2 Release Date

The Queen and the Conqueror Season 2: Release Date

The series made its premiere on 20 May 2020 on Netflix. It’s not a regular tv series because it contains vast 60 episodes with a runtime of 45-60 minutes per episode. All these episodes came out on the same day in their original Spanish language. As far as concerned subsequent season, the chance seems quite low since this fiction telenovela wrapped very methodically and nicely in its primary season. however, Netflix hasn’t either canceled the series or they gave us any update regarding the renewal. Ideally, if the show secured a good and favorable amount of viewership and Netflix decides to give another chance to the series, it will come in no time. Expectedly if it happens then probably season 2 will pop up sooner or later in 2022. Our hopes are up while we wait for the official news from the side of the distributor as well as creators of the show.

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The Queen and the Conqueror Season 2 Cast

The Queen and the Conqueror Season 2: Cast Details

The show is shot in Colombia, expressly in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the banks of the Magdalena River and Palomino, Villa de Leyva, and Santa Fe de Antioquia. It stars some of the well-known Spanish actors like Essined Rivera Aponte as La India Catalina and Emmanuel Esparza as Pedro de Heredia in the lead’s characters.

Beside the mains, it also highlights Juliette Arrieta as Tania, Manuel Navarro as Diego Nicuesa, Carlos Kajú as Enriquillo, Gilma Escobar as Abuela de Toto, Ilenia Antonini as Luz, Aroha Hafez as Beatriz, Alejandro Rodríguez as Pedro Badillo, Cristina Warner as Gloria Badillo, Maia Landaburu as Constaza Franco, Fernando Campo as Alberto de Heredía, Álvaro Venet as José Buendía, Camilo Jiménez as Falla, Jairo Camargo as Arturo, Adelaida Buscato as Genoveva, Mercedes Salazar as Inés de López, Luis Mesa as Fernando de Valenzuela, Tahimí Alvariño as Isabela I de Castilla, Kepa Amuchastegui as Bartolomé de las Casas, Lucho Velasco as Moa, and lastly Alejandro Muñoz as Alonso Montes.

For the cast of the second season, the protagonist will naturally make a return to reprise their roles and characters. Apart from the main leads, some of the other side and supporting cast mentioned above can also come back with their respective roles in season 2.

The Queen and the Conqueror Season 2 Story

The Queen and the Conqueror Season 2: Story

The plot revolves around the story of Catalina, the native and indigenous lady who gave her soul, her heart, and her life to a conqueror. “The Queen and the Conqueror” reenacts one of the romantic and heartfelt stories that occurred in America, between a native lady and a Spaniard. After building up the city of Cartagena, Pedro de Heredia, roused by the need to save his sibling, deceives Catalina. Grief-stricken, she gets away, just to return 18 years after the fact, as a grown woman. In her life, her lone mission is revenge. To end Pedro de Heredia’s life, the same way that after making her fall for him, he ended hers.

It has interesting and entertaining elements in it and has a blend of romance with drama which adds some politics and some ancient look actions scenes. 

The Queen and the Conqueror Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer is accessible on Netflix’s site and not yet on YouTube which allows the viewers to get a foretaste of what the series is to be. It’s a great show to entertain themselves as well as educate with some of the historical events in these pandemic times. It’s worth giving a chance to this show if you have extra time and energy.

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