What About Soldiers Or Zombies Season 2 Release Date?

After crime thrillers, horror shows are the most-watched genre all around and especially when it comes to zombies and apocalyptic shows. Usually, all the zombie series have one thing in common. The zombies shown in all the series are portrayed as bad and terrifying. This concept has been used in various ways and people liked it in the same way. But it has arrived at a saturation level and something interesting was expected by the people. Hence, a Mexican series has made the spectators think in a different way about zombies that is quite jaw-dropping.

Soldiers Or Zombies, or simply S.O.Z, is a science fiction show but it highly focuses on zombies and their characters. Rigoberto Castañeda, the director, did astonishing work and this is very clear by the audience’s response. After the first season, people are excited to know whether the official team has planned for its future or not. Undoubtedly, Soldiers Or Zombies season 1 was engaging and was not a long series and hence it didn’t take much time for us to land on the conclusion. Well, keeping all this aside, fans are willing to know about the upcoming parts. And if you have landed here, we are pretty much sure that you were searching for the same. So, don’t miss this post to know every detail about Soldiers Or Zombies season 2 and its release date.

Is Soldiers Or Zombies Season 2 Happening?

The answer to this most asked question is uncertain at the moment. It is usual for Amazon to renew a series after a week or some months since the release of the first part. Therefore, there has been no official announcement either for the renewal or for canceling this Mexican series. The international series are more likely to get a green light for other editions. This is the reason people are hoping for a positive response.

Considering the series’ ratings is the most important aspect for any platform to think about its future installments. As of now, Soldiers Or Zombies has bagged a satisfactory rating of 5.6 out of 10. Although there is no confirmed news about the next season, people are expecting it to return with a bang. Neither the director nor the creators have provided hints that could lead us to to the second season.

Soldiers Or Zombies Season 2 Release Date

The series premiered on 6th August 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. In any case, Soldiers Or Zombies is restored for season 2, the release date would not be so near. It will pass through many phases that would include scripting, pre-production, and filming. So, keeping in mind all these factors we expect it to release in late 2022. However, we will let you know the latest updates as soon as any drops in.

Soldiers Or Zombies Season 2 Cast

This series features a long list of actors. Some of them were in main roles and many of them were starred in supporting characters. The main cast members include Sergio Peris- Mencheta as Alonso Marroquín, Fátima Molina as Lilia Acal Prado, and Horacio García Rojas as Commandante Rafael Becerril.

Further, the show has Adria Morales as Elisa Cruz while Toby Schmitz is playing the role of Augustus Snowman. Lastly, Steve Wilcox and James Moses Black were playing the roles of Joel Taft and Colonel Murduch, respectively.
Our best guess is that the main characters could return and reprise their roles in Soldiers Or Zombies season 2.

Soldiers Or Zombies Season 2 Plot

The story is about a deadly war between the soldiers and the zombies who were earlier ranked as soldiers. The beginning of the story is about capturing a drug lord, Alonso Marroquín. He fled away from the prison to save himself from the punishments. An army was given in charge to capture him. There was a place where an experiment was being carried out on a pig but it went wrong. Alonso Marroquín reaches this place and therefore, the soldiers encounter many weird incidents. That wrong experiment resulted in the transformation of soldiers into zombies. They were having their own conscience and were able to use their weapons.
The second season can have a new plot or can continue the previous storyline from a new extent.

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