What/If Season 2 Release Date: Canceled Or Not?

Again it’s Netflix yes there is another thriller television drama release on it. As it always tries to keep its subscribe stick and attract more audience. Netflix spends a lot of time in the world of online streaming and competes with many OTT platforms. There is an American show name What/If that release two years back. Originally English language series created by Mike Kelley. The series was produced and composed by Stephen Sassen and Fil Eisler. Executive Producers are Melissa Loy, Mike Kelley, Charles Roven, David Graziano, Alex Gartner, Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, and Phillip Noyce.

This thrilling short drama was successful and gain great viewership. On IMDb, it gets 6.3 ratings out of 10. That is of the good ratings to any of the series. After season one end viewers are waiting for the next part of What/If. Many questions revolving in their head like season 2 will happen or not? If yes so, what is the release date? Who can be in it? How the story goes? and more. In this post, we tell you about everything here.

What/If Season 2 Release Date –

Netflix series What/If season one was released on 24 May 2019. The show contains a total number of 10 episodes with running timing of 44-56 minutes. Netflix has one thing that it releases all episodes on the same day that is the best part of it. It is produced by Page Fright, Compari Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, and, Atlas Entertainment. The first season is the potential season and chances to renewable for another part. Fans anticipated for the upcoming season is somehow more than the previous. What/If season 2 release date is not announced yet and not even any information reveals related to the show. But there is maybe a green light for the next installment. Also, Netflix doesn’t say anything about the renewal of the show, their only option is to wait for it.

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What/If Season 2 Cast –

Currently, there are no cast members announce for the next part of the drama. In season 2 the cast of the first part will restore again but not every cast member. Season one includes great stars and they play their characters very prominently. So, take an overview of the first installment cast – in the leading role their Jane Levy plays Lisa Ruiz-Donovan, Keith Powers in the role of Todd Archer, Sean’s best friend since high school, Blake Jenner as Sean Donovan, Lisa’s husband. Saamer Usmani as Avery Watkins, Dave Annable as Dr. Ian Evans, Louis Herthum as Foster, Renée Zellweger as Anne Montgomery, and John Clarence Stewart as Lionel.

Other Nana Ghana as Sophie, Julian Sands as Liam Strom, Allie MacDonald as Maddie, Derek Smith as Kevin, Monique Kim as Miles, and Gabriel Mann as Gage Scott. As a guest, there is Keegan Allen in the role of Billy and Marissa Cuevas as Christine.

What/If Season 2 Plot –

The show is a combination of personal and professional life here venture capitalist Anne Montgomery and Lisa Ruiz-Donovan as biotech entrepreneurs. Season one did a complete ending and left nothing for another part. Show maker gives a hint for the renewable of the series. Then it will return with a completely new plotline so if you don’t watch the first part then no tension. And It news for the viewers of the thrilling series lovers. Along with them also how to take Netflix subscription after the release of the show. But if you have time and wanted to watch it, so What/if season one is available on Netflix currently.

What/If Season 2 Trailer –

The first season’s official trailer was dropped on Netflix on May 13, 2019. And the teaser came into existence on April 23, 2019. Netflix original series new season official trailer is launched not even the teaser. But maybe soon when the maker done an official announcement that anything about the show reveals.

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