Is Rake Season 6 Release Date Canceled Or Renewed?

A marvelous series premiered in Australia that received global attention in a sudden time just a decade before. We are talking about a comedy-drama TV series, Rake, that was first aired on 4th November 2010. It is a show with simple cinematography yet successful and is considered a heart-winning series. It was not always a good start initially, but the status changed drastically because of the higher viewership scale. Rake has shown Australian culture life smartly and the spectators loved it. Created by Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh, and Charles Waterstreet, Rake has been in news for years and even today it is leaving people to think about the show’s future. Presently, there have been five seasons and all of them did absolutely well and stood beyond the expectations.

Richard Roxburgh has been praised for his acting and even the critics appreciated his performance in the entire series. But despite the great acting and popular cast, the series was not in a really good state until a few years after the airing of the first season but when people got to know about it, Rake reached greater heights. Even today there is still a space for this Australian series in fans’ hearts and hence, season 6 is their biggest concern. So, don’t miss this post to know about Rake season 6 release date, cast, trailer, plot, and other details.

Rake Season 6 Release Date

Rake Season 6

From the first episode of season 1 to the last episode of season 5, Rake has made a comeback for multiple seasons. The second season had its entire episodes on the screen in 2012 from 6th September to 25th October. Maintaining the gap of almost two years between every season, the other installments premiered in 2014, 2016, and 2018 respectively. The show was also made available on Netflix in several countries including India, Ireland, and Thailand. As per the records of ratings, Rake had a huge fan base and this made it climb up in terms of TRP and ratings.

After season 5, there was hope for the next part too but unfortunately, this time it has been officially stated that there would be no further seasons and that means season 6 is canceled. The fifth season was the final of all and that’s why 2020 seemed empty without it. However, people knew that season 6 would not be on its way but despite this, all the fans were consoling themselves thinking that the pandemic came in 2020 and so they may get to see the next season in 2021. But this can hardly be true because we already know that Rake season 6 is not happening anyway.

Rake Season 6 Episodes

All the five seasons of this comedy-drama TV series had 8 episodes. Hence, if season 6 would have happened, it might have 8 episodes, as usual.

Rake Season 6 Plot

The Rake series is based on the life events of Charles Waterstreet. Being a courtroom drama, every season has a different trial. Most of the people hoped for a new storyline in the new season just the same as the previous editions. There was no detail about the plot that made things go under suspense.

Rake Season 6 Cast

Imagining Rake without Richard Roxburgh is impossible. He has been the protagonist since the first season and hence, he is the unreplaceable actor and no one can play ‘Cleaver Greene’ better than him. Russell Dykstra has played the role of Barney Barnyard, Cleaver’s best friend. Further, the cast has Matt Day as David Potter, Danielle Cormack as a Scarlet, Caroline Brazier as Wendy Greene, Keegan Joyce as Finnegan Greene, and many others. These actors appeared in almost all seasons and were expected to return in the future as well.

Rake Season 6 Trailer

Since the canceling of Rake season, 6 is official, no trailer is available for it. You can still binge-watch the past episodes on Netflix but it is available only in selected countries.

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