JL50 Season 2 Release Date Announced? Cancelled?

Science fiction stories are something that attracts most audiences. The reason behind it is that people love to watch the stories which aren’t real because it shows us possibilities for a different future. Now here we’re going to discuss JL50 season 2 releases. Recently, Sony liv presents a very tremendous and fighting-fit scripted web show named JL50.

Science fiction is the flawless spring of stimulation. It structures services, products, and schemes that are not authentic yet but would unquestionably make our life animated more satisfying & amusing. This show is fully Indian curved and based on science fiction and thriller script. This show is the first experiment by the producers because this kind of story is unseen before. The show is in the genre of mythology, technology, warfare, history, and science. JL50 has a decent opening and also got great reviews by the viewers in a first wave. It got 3 stars out of 5 stars. Here you got the all required information regarding JL50 season 2.

JL50 Season 2 Release Date

JL50 is written, directed, and created by Shailendra Vyas. Starring Abhay Deol, Rajesh Mishra, and Pankaj Kapur. However, the series was recently premiered on Sony Liv so there is no second season till now. But will not say that it does not even happen.

As per the production house, there is no official declaration about second season releases. As we’ll talk about the chances of the second season then I’ll reply there will be 50- 50 chances of releases. The story ended with some unanswered questioned and mysteries which wasn’t scripted in the first season. But there is also another fact that the series was the first experiment by the creators and by looking at reviews, a smaller amount of chances are there for 2nd season.

Season one is released on 4 September 2020. If we’re expecting season 2 then we’ll see it at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Till now, we don’t have any official announcement revealing about the second season of JL50. As soon as possible we’ll update you with confirmed news. Till then stay tuned with us.

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JL50 Season 2 Story

The series was based on science fiction and thriller. The story begins with the CBI officer Shantanu, which calls to investigate the case of the plane that crashed 35 years ago. The case was inquired in northern West Bengal. Suddenly the case turns into a secretive mission as it includes a lot of mysteries like the plane was hijacked and the plane crashed.

When many indications try to illustrate that the plane is 35 years old, Shantanu still textures that this has to be situated by hook or by crook staged. During this, the story also reveals the Indian mythology fact. It is a more Indian story with the touch of desi events. In the crashed plane only two people were survived is pilot Bihu Ghosh and another one is Biswajit Chandra Mitra. Doctors found Mitra in a mentally unstable situation.

When Shantanu got to know about many mysteries and questions he started investigating the Bihu Ghosh and Mitra with the help of his friend Gaurong. Later he got to know that Mitra is working as a professor for some Project ‘A’. Periods ago when Emperor Ashoka observed the Kalinga war, he was intensely encouraged by it and implemented non-violent Buddhism, he secondhand to call it Dhamma Vijaya.

He placid all the data on knowledge and tools which he stroked were injurious if left with menfolk and repressed them. There was also another fact of time-travel on which Mitra’s father was at work since the British age. The ending was also beautifully scripted and to know the ending you must go and watch this on Sony Liv.

JL50 Season 2 Cast

The web show leading actor was Shantanu as Abhay Deol. Abhay was an actor and producer. He started his career with Imitiaz Ali’s romantic and funny movie titled “Socha Na Tha. At a very early age, he started his acting career on stage plays. Later on, his performance was praised by his fans. He is well-known for his representation of multifaceted charms on screen and is enthusiastic in his sustenance for Parallel Cinema in India. Next we see Pankaj kapur as Professor Subroto Das. He is an Indian theatre actor working for Bollywood so along. In his career, he directed many serials and plays over 74. He also debuted for many other language movies and acts. In Jl50 there are also many supported actors like Ritika Anand as Bihu Ghosh, Piyush Mishra as Biswajit Chandra Mitra, and Rajesh Sharma as gaurong. Very soon we update you with the second season news. Till then stay tuned with us.

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