Love In The Moonlight Season 2: Renewed? Or Canceled?

From the past few years, Korean dramas have become the audience’s favorite. The fan base of the Korean industry is increasing day by day and now the Korean industry is not separated by the boundaries, some of the very famous ott platforms like Netflix make you available everything on your smartphone. Behind the success of the Korean industry, the secret is that storyline and presentation of the show always keep the audience entertained. If you love watching romantic Korean dramas then love in the moonlight should be one of your favorites Korean drama.

love in the moonlight also known as Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is a very popular Korean series of all time. This popular series is based on the novel called ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ which was written by Yoon Yi-soo. The story of the show is coming-of-age and pictures youth romance set during the 19th-century. Series produced by Yoon Jae-hyuk and directed by Kim Sung-Yoon and Baek Sang-hoon and features Park Bo-gum, Kim Yoo-Jung, Jinyoung, and Chae Soo-bin, Kwak Dong-Yeon in leading roles. The first season of the show was released in 2015 which contains a total number of eighteen episodes and globally it took place in 2016. The show was a very big hit not only in a one country people from all over the world enjoyed watching it. Globally audiences are still wondering when will season 2 arrive?

Love In The Moonlight Season 2 Release Date

love in the moonlight is a show that has unconquerable popularity all over the world. It is one of the most successful k dramas that premiered on Netflix and KBS2. However, it has been more than five years since season one was released and come to be a huge commercial success but that also didn’t make the makers of the show come with another part. The ultimate decision of the makers regarding love in the moonlight season 2 is not disclosed yet. Fans of the show are still waiting for season 2, love in the moonlight is one of the main reasons that nowadays a huge crowd has started loving Korean drama series. As we all know entertainment industry is so unpredictable anything is possible but for now, it is a little bit to tell when we will get the renewal of the series.

If you are the biggest fan of the show and desperately waiting for another installment of the show so you have to face Little disappointment. The coming-of-age romantic drama is coming with season 2 or not is still in suspension we predict that later in 2022 there are some chances of getting a continuation announcement. We are still hopeful about the next installment of the show. We will keep you updated with all recent updates about the show as the renewal announces.

Love In The Moonlight Season 2 Story

love in the moonlight season 2

A girl who lives her life as a boy from the begging of her life falls in love with a crown prince. love in the moonlight is a story of different emotions and the best part of the show is the cast of the show their performance made the show even more successful. Name of the different episodes is mention below as per Netflix.

Episode 1 Moonlight Destiny, Episode 2 The Way to Your Heart, Episode 3  I Will Be Right Behind, Episode 4 After the Play Has Ended, Episode 5 Tell Me Your Wish, Episode 6 When You Want to Say Unspeakable Secret,
Episode 7 Confession, Episode 8 Although You Don’t Know Well, Episode 9 Latch Opening Moment of the Heart, Episode 10 Like a Fairy Tale, Episode 11 The Promise, Episode 12 Trust Becomes Your Destiny Itself, Episode 13 Fondly, All the Best, Episode 14 Misty Road, Episode 15 All the Lies Seemed True, Episode 16 The World That You Dream Of, Episode 17 The End for the Beginning, Episode 18 Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

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