Feels Like Ishq Season 2: Has The Show Renewed Already?

In today’s time, especially during this lockdown and ongoing pandemic because of which almost half of the people doing work from home. Actually, it gets exhausted sometimes for some people, like you have to sit all day long in front of your laptop or mobile phone screens. In such time, these OTT platforms are doing undoubtedly really well, to entertain people. So, today we are also going to talk about something on Netflix that has been released recently. Netflix has a great collection of anthologies like Lust Stories, Ghost Stories, and much more in more different languages.

There is an anthology in the form of Feels Like Ishq that has been released recently on 23 July 2021 on Netflix. This is basically an anthology that includes six stories about love and heartbreak. If we compared it to Lust Stories, so, this one is sweet and lighthearted with almost zero sex. With 9.4 ratings on IMDb, this is a commercially and critically successful anthology. Also, it has been rated 3 out of 5 on Rediff and NDTV. Many people have been watched the show, and now fans are excited to know about the Feels Like Ishq Season 2 release date. No worry, you will get all the information regarding season 2, here in this article.

Feels Like Ishq Season 2 Release Date

Feels Like Ishq Season 2 release date

The first season of the show has been released on 23 July 2021 with almost three hours of duration as it has six parts of almost half an hour. But what about the second season? Will it be renewed or canceled? What is the status? So there is no official news regarding the release of Feels Like Ishq season 2. And Netflix has also not been renewed the show for the next installment.

Most likely, season 2 would not have come because anthologies are almost made in one season only as there are more stories in the show. The anthology is quite difficult to come, but if it comes then it will happen sometime either in 2022 or early 2023. But worry not, we will update you soon as we get further information. But then again, it is sure that you will have to wait for the confirmation of season 2.

Feels Like Ishq Season 2 Cast

As there is no information about the release date of season 2 so it is going to be very difficult to say anything about the future cast. But in most of the anthologies (if they come with season 2) we have seen that the cast would be added some new faces. So, in a show like “Feels Like Ishq,” the future cast can be added some new faces, but it is not sure. For more, you have to wait until the confirmation of Feels Like Ishq season 2.

In Season 1, there is a story of five men and their girls, also includes two girls, who have fallen in love. The cast includes Rohit Saraf, Radhika Madan, Tanya Maniktala, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Kajol Chugh, Saba Azad, Amol Parashar, Mihir Ahuja, Simran Jehani, Zayn Khan, and Skand Thakur.

All six parts are directed by the different directors and here are the names along with their parts. The directors include Ruchir Arun (Save the Day), addition, has Tahira Kashyap Khurrana (Quaranteen Crush), furthermore, there is Danish Aslam (She loves me, She loves me not), Anand Tiwari (Star Host), Sachin Kundalkar (Interview), and Jaydeep Sarkar (Ishq Mastana).

The show is produced by Shivani Saran along with Seher Aly Latif, Shelley Zimmerman, Brin Lukens, and Jennifer Vasquez under the production banner Mutant Films and Awesomeness TV. The story and screenplay by Monisha Thyagarajan, Akansha Tiwari, Saurabh Swamy, Gazal Dhaliwal, Shubhra Chatterji, and Sulagna Chatterjee.

Feels Like Ishq Season 2 Cast
Feels Like Ishq Season 2 Cast

Feels Like Ishq Season 2 Story

Feels Like Ishq is an anthology that has different stories more than one. And had a huge cast or multiple cast members. There is not much information about the expected story of the show but most probably it would follow the same plot under the romantic comedy genre. And maybe (if come) come with the new stories or can continue the previous ones also. We will update this session when we get to know more about the release of Feels Like Ishq season 2.

Also, many critics said that the stories are like, “overdose of cuteness or sweetness”, and the performance of the cast is also unnatural or not so good type. So, we can not say anything whether the story will continue or bring something new to us.

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Feels Like Ishq Season 1 Recap

The show starts with the episode Save the Day(y)te, in which you have seen Radhika Madan as bridesmaid casting opposite Amol Parashar, a wedding planner. In this episode, Radhika and Amol were in search of a runaway bride, this is the story of how a bridesmaid and a wedding planner fall in love and gets committed between a lot of struggles. Additionally, in the second episode, there is Quaranteen Crush which is a story of a school-going, boy, Maninder (Mihir Ahuja). In this, you have seen a boy crushing on a girl, who is self-quarantined and the boy makes innocent and cute lies to only met her but his problem soon started to trouble him.

The third episode is Star Host, starring Rohit Saraf, who is played a teen in the series. He rented his holiday home for earning the money to go on an unexpected traveling. But as he gets bored on the trip, it turned into something to remember as he met with a girl. The fourth one is She Love Me, She Loves Me Not, this is something different from a girl and a boy love. This is the story about a bisexual girl who falls in love with her new colleague and she wanted to confess everything to her but the plan was not gone as she thought.

Next is, “Interview”, a Malayali boy and a local girl, who went to give their interviews for the same post, met in the office. The boy is quite nervous as he hardly knew Hindi or any other language, his some mannerism like the setting of the wristwatch and played by the straps of his bag, gave him the look of a small-town boy, who falls in love with that girl. The last is “Ishq Mastana”, in this after a breakup a boy’s thoughts were totally changed regarding love. But then, he met with the spirited activist who changed his thoughts about love and life.

Feels Like Ishq Season 1
Feels Like Ishq Season 1

Feels Like Ishq Trailer

We are dropping the trailer here below so that you can decide whether to watch these sweet love stories or not. You can binge it on Netflix.

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