The Light In Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date Announced!

Again back with another most popular Korean Drama but this time we don’t have any horror, romantic, thrill, science fiction show. Instead of them, a show is based on normal life problems as it is a family drama. Surely, you will connect to this show and love it as you love other K-drama. I believe that it is interesting to watch that kind of series because it follows the suffering conditions of the people. The series name is – The Light In Your Eyes, a real-life struggle showing drama. Two years back the show first-time drop in the world of K-drama. The show is also known as Radiant and Dazzling.

This series was written by Kim Soo-jin and Lee Nam-kyu. The producer and directors of the series were Park Jun-Seo and Kim Suk-Yoon. Season one was filled with human real experience and not with more romance. On expectations of the viewer’s series standing out greatly. So, the first part lover looks forward to the next part of the show. Many things they wanted to know about the series like release date, plot, cast. Here is everything about it.

The Light In Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date –

The first season of The Light In Your Eyes was released on 11 February 2019 on JTBC. The show includes a total number of 12 episodes with running timing of an hour. It aired on Mondays and Tuesdays in Korea. The last episode of the show aired on 19 March 2019. Drama House produces this drama and Kim Ji-Yeon was the executive producer. It is also available on Netflix. Season one of the series did great work and make the audiences connect to these daily life experiences. Completely, the first part of the drama amazing the viewers by their performances. Two years have passed since releasing season 1, there is no information regarding The Light In Your Eyes Season 2 release date. As the previous part did more than our anticipation, so for the next part we expected much more.

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The Light In Your Eyes Season 2 Cast –

The Light In Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date

Drama season one includes great stars and they play their character very finely. Two cast members play the main characters because they show their 26 and 70 years old characters – Kim Hye-Ja, 26 years old played by Han Ji-min, and 70 by Kim Hye-Ja and Nam Joo-hyuk plays Lee Joon-ha. In supporting roles there are Lee Jung-eun as Moon Jung-eun, Ahn Nae-sang as Lee Dae-sang, Song Sang-Eun as Yoon Sang-Eun, Seo Woo-jin as Eunung Lee Dae-Joo, and Kim Ga-eun as Lee Hyun-Joo. Other cast members are Jung Young-sook as Chanel, Kim Hee-won as Kim Hee-won, Shim Hee-sub as Doctor, Kim Kwang-sikas Byung-soo, Park Soo-young as Kim Byun-sub, and Woo Hyun as Woo Hyun.

In guest appearances, we see Hyun Woo as Kwon Jang-ho, I’m Chang-Jung as a swindler, Choi Moo-sung as an egg seller, Yoon Bok-hee as Yoon Bok-hee, Hwang Jung-min as a shaman, and more. No, the cast member’s announcement is done about the upcoming installment of the series.

The Light In Your Eyes Season 2 Plot –

The Light In Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date

Strong plot show in the first season, where we see Kim Hye-Ja the story is revolving around her life and the people around her. Hye-Ja has a secret that at a young age she finds a watch on the beach and the watch contains some powers related to time travel. With the use of this watch, you travel from one time to another. She uses this watch sometimes to manipulate her faith. But after she faces the consequences of the watch, and decided not to use it again and put it very far from herself. Hye-Ja meets a boy Lee Joon-ha, who is lived with his grandmother. He is 25 years old hard-working person and more love to his grandmother. Joon-ha and Hye-JA become close friends of each other, also shared their life things.

One day Hye-JA gets the news that her father had an accident because of it they died. After hearing that she is immediately in search of that watch so that she alive her father again. She does it and goes older and the consequences are she loses her life’s beautiful moments. Later is learns how to enjoy her life but is unable to meet Lee Joon-ha again. Here is the story’s end but as the story was designed very wisely and interestingly, so the audience becomes more hungry to see it.

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