When will Reply 1988 Season 4 get a Release Date? Know here

Directed by Shin Won-ho, this show has a lot of entertaining things to force you to sit on the couch with the popcorn. The Reply is a South Korean romance, comedy, and fantasy, anthology series telecasted on tvN, a South Korean cable TV network. The series was first released on 24 July 2012 and ended on 18 September 2012, then it has released its second season on 18 October 2013 and lasted on 28 December 2013.

Later, on 6 November 2015, almost after two years the show again come with the third season and it was off aired on 16 January 2016. All three seasons, Reply 1997, Reply 1994, and Reply 1988 have fifty-seven episodes, also it has three special episodes. The whole show was both critically and commercially successful. So, now the fans of the show are anxiously waiting for Reply 1988 season 4 release date. Is it happening or not? If it is happening then when will it happen? Here you will get all the answers.

Reply 1988 Season 4 Release Date

The third season was ended on 16 January 2016 and it’s been five long years since the last season was released. Now you are all obviously waiting for season 4 of the Reply series. But when it will happen? This is is the question in everyone’s mind nowadays. Let you all know that most probably Reply season 4 will not come. Yes, it is most likely to be canceled, but we can not say that for sure, maybe it is delayed because of some other reasons. The director Shin Won-ho wanted to focus on some other projects now. That is why he does not seem to release the fourth part of the show.

The show was a great commercial success and this will be very disappointing for the fans if it would not release. In an interview in 2017, Shin Won-ho said that he was not working on the next season of Reply, as currently, he was busy with some other projects. But he is waiting for the right story. So, till now there is no official news about the confirmation of Reply season 4. Maybe it would release (if come) either in 2022 or 2023.

Reply 1988 Season 4 Cast

As there is no official news about the release date of Reply Season 4, so it will be difficult to say anything regarding its future cast. But it is our work to provide you with the whole information. We will tell you the full cast and characters of the past three seasons here.

In season 1, that is Reply 1997, Jung Eun-Ji and Seo In-guk were played the lead characters. And then in season 2, the lead roles were played by Go Ara and Jung Woo. Lee Hye-Ri and Park Bo-gum were the main leads in season 3. Also, the series has Hoya, Shin So-yul, Eun Ji-won, Lee Si-eon, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Kim Sung-Kyun. Son Ho-jun, Baro, Min Do-hee, Go Kyung-Pyo, Ryu Jun-yeol, Lee Dong-hwi, Sung Dong-il. Yeon Joon-Seok, Ryu Hye-young, Choi Sung-won, Ra Mi-ran, Ahn Jae-hong, Kim Sun-young, Kim Seol, Choi Moo-sung, Yoo Jae- Myung. Lee Min-Ji, Lee Se-young, Song Young-kyu, Lee Mi-Yeon, Yong Young-Jae, Bae Yoo-ram, and many more.

Reply 1988 Season 4 Cast
Reply 1988 Season 4 Cast

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Reply 1988 All Season Recap

This show’s plot revolves around the lives of best friends. But you will find a new story in every season. There would be new best friends, new stories, new drama, everything would be new. This is not about the continuation of the previous story at all. Something new would be waiting for you in every season. Actually, that can be also one of the major reasons why fans are waiting for the next season and why the show was a commercial success and also successful in achieving a huge audience.

So, this recap is about the third season of the series, that is Reply 1988. Featured in the year 1988, it was about the five best friends. They were childhood friends and lived in the neighborhood of Ssangmun-dong, Seoul. They all were living their teenage stages and planned for the future. The first friend, Sung Deok Sun, was the middle child in a poor family, wanted attention, also she was holding a burden of 999th rank in the school. The next one is Kim Jung Hwan, who has an overnight become rich, family. Then the group has, Ryu Dong Ryong, a boy who knew much more facts about the girls and life, but poor in academics. Sung Sun Woo was the bright student and the president of the student council, and the “dependable” son in the family. At last, Choi Taek, who was a Baduk player and he dropped the school to become a professional in the sport.

In the previous seasons 1 and 2, you would notice that they were set in 1997 and 1994 but the characters tell their stories in 2012 and 2013. But in season 3 this is a different thing, you will the characters in 1988, you do not have to go in flashback to imagine each character.

Reply 1988
Reply 1988

Reply 1988 Season 4 Story

No doubt, it would be something fresh, and full of humor as the other seasons. Maybe it was set in the early 1980s as it is the backward series, set in the modern world, then moves to the older world. We can only say this, as we do not have much more information regarding the story of season 4.

To know more about the story you have to wait for a little until any official announcement makes regarding the Reply 1988 Season 4.

Reply 1988 Trailer

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