Netflix Coming With The Yard Season 3, Release Date Revealed?

The Yard is also known as Avlu is a Turkish crime drama series that premiered in 2018 on Star TV and after its huge success in Turkey show also premiered on Netflix in 2019 for International viewership. Netflix’s decision to took it later comes to be the best decision ever because this nail-biter Turkish prison drama get love from all over the world. Past few years crazes of the Turkish drama industry is increasing day by day, people from all over the world love watching Turkish dramas.

The show is female-centred and highlights the truth of the male-dominated society, Deniz Demir is a lady who resides with his husband named Hakan and her daughter Ecem. Hakan was neither a good husband nor a good father, he is a drunkard and because of him Deniz constantly faces domestic abuse. One day Hakan tries to shoot his daughter and his wife simultaneously his daughter Ecem shoot him to save herself and her mother. However, Deniz always keeps it a secret that her daughter is accountable for the death of Hakan and went to prison and is subjected to punishment. Throughout the punishment, she always has the hope that one day she will meet her daughter again.

Two seasons of The Yard is released and now it’s time to get season 3, season 3 is happening or not and when will we get it’s the release date. What we know so far is summarised here.

The Yard Season 3 Is Happening Or Not?

After the huge success of the show, makers would again come back with another part. Season 3 of the show is already renewed in Turkey and the shoot is also begun. When season one was released in Turkey it comes to be a huge hit and it is one of the most successful shows on Star TV and it also archived a milestone by getting 3.4 million viewers in every episode as well as it also has 93% goggle users liked the show it is not less than a trophy. The reason behind the huge success is the story and the remarkable cast of the show.

The Yard Season 3 Release Date

The Yard Season 3 Release date

If you are a big fan of the show and waiting for season 3 of the show for a long time then there is good news for you. Soon we will get the third part of the show. For now, the release date is not revealed by Netflix but in turkey renewable of the third season was announced in 2019.
Season one of the show come up with a total of 11 episodes which cover half of season one that was released in turkey and season 2 come up that half remained and now Netflix has many more stories to tell.

The Yard Season 3 Cast

The yard is the female protagonist show main character of is Deniz Demir played by Demet Evgar. Ceren Moray featured as Azra Kaya, Nursel Köse highlighted as Kudret Öztürk, Çagdas Onur Öztürk characterised as Oktay Boran and Ayça Damgaci featured as Hasret Sengül. Following up the other cast members Çigdem Benli featured as Meltem, Ümmü Putgül featured as Dudu Aktas. The additional cast of the show includes Saniye Samra as Hacer, Hüseyin Turunç as Aytekin, Berna Eker featured as Berna Dogan and Görkem Mertsöz highlighted as Erhan Duman, Onuryay Evrentan as Özlem Balaban along with Efsane Odag featured as Yonca and Mihrimah Cankur as Öykü.

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The Yard Season 3 Story

The show begins by introducing a lady named Deniz Demir who lives with her daughter and his husband named Ecem, Hakan. Hakan is a drunkard and also beats his wife Deniz. Deniz is suffering from domestic violence for a long time but never speak about it, she bears everything for her daughter. One day Hakan crossed the limits and go on a shoot his daughter and his wife to save Deniz, Ecem shot his father and he died. Deniz didn’t want her daughter to suffer because of all this happened she took the charges of murder to save her daughter and get jailed. Her life becomes so complicated in prison two different people were having their group prisoners have to choose any of them and must have to follow their rules but Deniz doesn’t want to do so. Her one and only goal were to get back to her daughter and live her life as common people does but this isn’t easy. In the prison, Deniz slowly converts from a nervous and simple homemaker to a solidified criminal.

Season 3 of the show proceed where season 2 end. However, it is hard as impossibly to tell what will happen in season 3 but it is confirmed that you will get entertain much more. Probably we may also watch a new chapter of Deniz life where she will face problems to meet her daughter.

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