Luna Nera Season 2 Release Date and Possibilities

After the outstanding season 1, is there any Luna Nera season 2? Here you get all information you need to know about! Ultimately, witches are someone who was surrounded by special powers and vision. Many people misunderstood the powers and considered them bad witches. But there is also another fact that some are bad witches and disrespect their powers. They are normal human beings just like us but they are gifted by magical powers from their ancestors. Throughout most of history, she has been somebody to terror, an eerie other who looms our protection or deploys authenticity for her unpredictable determinations.

Are you interested in a fantasy world show? If yes, then we have a great Italian web drama “Luna Nera season 2”. The series is fixed in the medieval times of the 17th century in Italy. The series is all based on historical fantasy drama. This series was directed by Francesca manieri, Laura Paolucies and Tiziana Triana.

Luna Nera Season 2 Release Date

Season one is over with successful reviews and also audiences show a huge interest and love towards the show. Luna Nera was originally released on Netflix on 31st January 2020. This show is all based on ancient witches’ power and how they protect their powers. After the commencement of this show, people show so much craze in the direction of it. Essentially, Luna Nera considers a “Black Moon”. However, season one has recently ended. So, it’s too early to get the latest updates for the renewal of next season. As we all know that Netflix is damn huge platform worldwide for the premiere of movies and web series.

Luna Nera Season 2
Luna Nera Season 2

Italian series and shows are something that contains deep meaning and creates loyal and craziest fans for it. Usually, it’s a basic assumption that recently season one is ended. And production needs time to shoot even after the pandemic times. As we are aware of it the world passes through a pandemic and Italy is affected on large scale. Production house shoots with the basic precautions and safety measures to team safety. As there is no such official statement for renewal of the next season of Luna Nera.

But fans did not need to be sad as we definitely expect season 2. But production needs time to be produced the shoot. So, we can assume season 2 at the beginning of the mid of 2022. Season 1 ended with 6 episodes. The Series ended with futuristic suspense as the story continues after it but we need a story base for it. When the series is the status of renewal we’ll update you with the confirmed statements and information. Whenever the next season releases it is originally released on Netflix only. Assuming that season 2 continues from where season one ended.

What will be the plot of Luna Nera Season 2

The series is the extract from the period of 17th century’s witches’. Ade is a teenage girl, who learns about her power and vision to protect her and her younger brother. Luna Nera” is created on a series of volumes that lure from exploration into actual Italian 17th-century witch quests, arsons, and trials written by Tiziana Triana. Established in the Roman town during the shady century known for the Interrogation and spiritual passion, as well as in the unscientific revolution. Ade is the woman who recently got to know about her witch power and many people want to let her down. Later on, she hides away from the town to protect her and her brother from the fear of society.

Luna Nera Season 2

After, she hides from the humans. She also gets to know about her brother that she is not the only one who is gifted with powers. Later on, she was surprised by seeing her brother turning into her sister. By watching this scenario she is confused about everything she knows about! She walks in a way to find the truth about her brother and many other unrevealed truths. Season one ended with this scene and we assume that season 2 continues with the fight in the siblings. There are located also noteworthy mentions about the gateway of the dead in season 1.
Ade is still a long way to find her accurate potential and powers but we can see Ade with more powers in the next season.
But still, we don’t have any confirmed plot because the release date is not confirmed yet.

Is Luna Nera Season 2 Confirmed?

As we mentioned above in our information that release is not confirmed yet. So based on it we can assume a glimpse only but not confirmed. But the cast for season one is perfect enough. If production wants to change the cast then according to my opinion it remains the same. As the previous casting is suitable enough. We can see Antonia Fotaras as Ade, Giorgio Belli cast as Pietro, Giada Gagliardi cast as Valente, Barbara Ronchi cast as Antalia and Adalgisa Manfrida cast as Persepolis rest of the cast might be remain same. Once the release is confirmed we’ll update you by actual cast and crew.

Luna Nera season 2 Trailer

You can watch the season one trailer on YouTube. As we don’t have the trailer for season 2 but very soon update you with the season 2 trailer.

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