Will there be Colony Season 4 Release Date Or Not?

Science fiction drama that’s what a colony is all about it shows the story of family and their true to life difficulties, it is a family that’s torn by resisting forces and tries to maintain the balance between the family members with every difficult condition and decision that could lead to paying off their life. A story set in Los Angeles where occurs the state of livelihood by the troops of outer intruders. Some people rebel and suffer from the outcomes and soon the other hand some people co-operate and took the benefit.

Will Bowman worked as an FBI agent in the past who got the proposal to work for the occupational government for the existence of his family, this proposal will force him to break down the continuous growing opposition activity in Los Angeles. Josh Holloway features as a Will along with Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman wife of will and mother of three brave kids who is as courageous as their father and struggles to keep their family alive and safe.

The first season of the show consists of all over ten episodes which were premiered layer in 2015. This science-fiction drama is directed by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal. All the three seasons of the show distributed on the USA Network. Three seasons of the show released by 2018 and now 4th season’s journey is in doubt if it is happening or not.

Colony Season 4 Release Date

The last season of the show premiered in 2018 and left so many questions unanswered. All the seasons of the show were a commercial hit and also earned hugely fanbase, the audience enjoyed watching this exciting science fiction series. Now season 4 of the show is one of the hot topics among the others.

The audience wants to know if Colony is renewed for another one or season 4 is still under production. Here we have to face a huge disappointment, season three was released in 2018 then after the makers of the show came up with a decision that the series is canceled after season 3, Colony Season 4 is Not happening. And therefore there is no Colony Season 4 Release Date.

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Colony season 3 Recap

Colony Season 4

Everything was going well when Bowmans and Snyder successfully escaped from Los Angeles now they were far away from all the outer troops and both of them enjoying their simple and beautiful life in the mountains until in a blink of an eye and everything changed. However, Will and Katie tried as hard to make contact with the resistance.
Katie attempts to get much more involved and will analyze the Resistance Camp’s safety. Their life comes to be more risk when the Resistance camp put in lockdown. Under interrogation, both of them try to cover their secrets. While going towards their new home the Bowman family confronts danger.

Will comes to know about a risky secret about the Seattle colony after following the clues he got. Katie assists a refugee and later she suspects there is something wrong with her refugee casework. Broussard and Amy go to an operation with the help of will. Then all of the three guys along with Bram together makers the plan to kidnap the IGA officer. Apart from that will makes a sacrifice to protect his family and Katie moreover races to protect all the refugees. Bram and Gracie both making a big decision. Snyder endeavors to control a Colony amidst the turmoil of war. Here Colony season 3 ended in 2018.

Colony season 3 Cast

The main cast of the show includes Josh Holloway who characterized as Will Bowman former U.S. Army Ranger as an FBI special agent. He started functioning under the alias Billy “Sully” as a truck driver and machinist. Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman is Will’s wife apart from that she is a secret Resistance operative. She occupies and regulates The Yonk. Peter Jacobson highlighted as Alan Snyder The Proxy Governor of the Los Angeles Bloc as well as an unashamed Collaborator.

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