When Will We Get Ultraviolet Season 3 Release Date?

Have you ever gone through some polish language series? if not, then this is the right time and opportunity because we have one amazing and mysterious tv series for you. It’s called Ultraviolet which has already dropped two seasons so far. In this post, we are serving you all details related to Ultraviolet. This will be of great help for the people who didn’t see this series yet are looking for some recap and also those viewers who’ve already streamed this wonderful series and now curious about Ultraviolet season 3 release date, cast, plot, and other updates. So, keep on reading to not miss anything.

Ultraviolet Season 3 Release Date

This polish crime fiction television series debuted its first season on October 25, 2017, on AXN with ten episodes of 45 minutes running time each. the series’ very first concluded on December 20, 2017. Then, the network decided to renew the show for the second season which made its premiere on October 2, 2019, with twelve episodes in it which last aired on December 18, 2019.

Both the seasons got enormous success and received favorable reviews from both fans as well as critics. The first season was even nominated for the Best TV CEE Series award at the Serial Killer festival. In review aggregator, the series got a rating of 7.0 out of 10 based on 1,418 users on IMDb. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the series currently has a 98% audience score. Both seasons are easily available to stream on Netflix for international viewers.

Now, the question comes to our mind will the creators give us the third season or will it get canceled as ever since the second season’s finale, we haven’t heard any official news related to its season 3. However, the makers are yet to cancel the third season which is one comforting thing.

So, if we have to speculate the release date of the third season, then it must be probably in either late 2021 or sometime in 2022. This speculation comes from looking at the previous format of the release date of season first and second season. Season 2 came out after the lap of two years so it’s most likely that season 3 will also get its premiere date in 2021 or can be delayed up to 2022 due to the COVID Pandemic which is currently the result of most of tv series’ postponement and cancellation.

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Ultraviolet Season 3 Cast and Crew Members

Created by Wendy West, the series features Marta Nieradkiewicz as Aleksandra Serafin-Łozińska in the leading role. Other stars like Agata Kulesza played the role of Anna Serafin, Sebastian Fabijański in the role of Michał Holender, Bartłomiej Topa as Waldemar Kraszewski, Karolina Chapko as Dorota Polańska, Viet Anh Do as Huan Nguyen “Piast Kołodziej”, Paulina Chapko as Regina Polańska, Marek Kalita as Henryk Bąk, Magdalena Czerwińska as Beata Misiak, Michał Żurawski as Tomasz Molak, Katarzyna Cynke as Grażyna Molak. The theme song of the show is written and performed by Wojtek Urbański and Justyna Święs.

If the third season happens anytime in the future, we can expect the main protagonist as well other cast members to make a comeback and reprise their respective roles. We can also look forward to seeing some new faces and characters appear in the next season.

Ultraviolet Season 3 Plot Summary

The plot rotates around a thirty-year-old person Ola Serafin. The series is a police procedural with some twists, a group of private detectives who are proficient with computerized media assist the police with tackling violations. The group calls itself Ultraviolet.

In a more precise way, after experiencing some huge changes in her personal life, Ola Serafin chooses to move back from London to her old neighbourhood of Lodz in Poland. As of late secluded from her swindling husband, she winds up back living with her mom. Uncertain about how to manage her life she accepts a position as a car share driver. During one drop off she saw a lady falling off a bridge. The police trust it is self-destruction or suicide yet Ola realizes she saw someone push the lady off. With the cops reluctant to pay attention to her she chooses to examine the crime herself. Obviously, she has no clue about where to try and start however after a fast google search finds a group called Ultraviolet. Comprised of an ex-cop, a PC whizz, and twin sisters with a vast web-based media following, they consent to help Ola and research the case.

In season 2 the police have quit opposing the assistance of the net clever group and work one next to the other with them. The cop, Michal that Ola worked within season 1 is just there for 2 scenes. He is supplanted by Jakub. Jakub’s companions call him Kuba. His accomplice is a similar accomplice Michal had, Beata. The Ultraviolet group has opened up to the world. They have a site and are frequently reached by individuals requiring help. That group comprises Ola, the programmer Piast, the sisters Dorota, and Regina, and the new dad Tomek. Each episode of the series shows its own crime which subsequently gets solved at the very end of the episode which results in keeping the suspense and thriller throughout every episode.

We can’t give you specific plot details of season 3 as it will ruin the overall thrill and charm of the show. whatever next continuity the third season will bring, it surely will not disappoint us.

Ultraviolet Trailer

Ultraviolet is indeed an extraordinary binge-watch series. It has sufficient drama, crime, and particularity to keep you completely connected and stick to the tv screens. Here is the trailer of season 2 for you to catch a glimpse again.

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