What About Thieves Of The Wood Season 2 Release Date?

Reading history books is often boring and so we used to hate it in our schools. But, what about watching a film based on history? It will be interesting, isn’t it? Historical drama, most commonly, doesn’t have anything superficial and we get to know the real struggles of our ancestors. Well, you must be surprised as to why we are discussing history all of a sudden. Today our post is about a drama series that is originally known as De Bende van Jan de Lichte.  The world recognizes this drama as Thieves Of The Wood. After the successful season 1, it is expected to have a renewal and so the hope for Thieves Of The Wood season 2 has made people anxious about its release date and the further plot. 

Thieves Of The Wood Season 2 Release Date: Is Thieves Of The Wood Season 2 Happening?

Netflix cares for its viewers and whenever there comes the moment when a show has to be renewed, the viewership level and the popularity are always mentioned. But this doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes hoping for the next season of a particular series goes in vain even though there are high chances for the show to return. Some series have unexpected renewal while many go through tough times. Thieves Of The Wood is exactly in the same situation. Since this historical drama is based on a novel and the story has been covered in season 1 to a great extent. Even the main character was arrested and sent into execution at the last. This aspect makes the people think twice about thinking positively about the next installment.

But, at the moment, let’s wait for an official announcement so that we can have a confirmation about Thieves Of Wood season 2. If the renewal’s announcement comes up in near future, we can expect Thieves Of The Wood season 2 to release sometime in 2022. Moreover, Thieves Of The Wood season 1 premiered on 2nd January 2020 on Netflix. Seeing the release date, one can say that it might be Netflix’s gift for the new year!

Thieves Of The Wood Season 2 Cast

The protagonist of the story, Jan de Light, is played by Matteo Simoni. The other characters whom we saw in the Thieves Of The Wood include Stef Aerts as Tincke, Rik Willems in the role Meyvis, Charlotte Timmers as Heloise, and Tom Van Dyck was playing the role of Baru City Guard. Apart from this, it had many other people who appeared in recurring roles. In the Thieves Of The Wood season 2, we expect to have a new list of cast members. Also, we might have the main actors back in the future.

Thieves Of The Wood Season 2 Trailer

There’s no trailer available for this expected season. So, till then, have a look at the previous trailer.

Thieves Of The Wood Season 2 Plot

The drama is based on the novel of Louis Paul Boon that has the same title as that of the series. Set in the 18th century, the story is about Jan de Light who rebels against the Austrian aristocracy. Basically, the Thieves Of The Wood narrates his life story. Jan de Light evolves as a leader of poor people and becomes a heroic figure. Lastly, he gets captured and is executed. This Dutch period drama may have something different in the second season but everything about unclear for now.

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