Is The Indian Detective Season 2 Release Date Almost Cancelled!

What about experiencing mystery and crime along with having comedy? It will be fun, right? You will be getting to enjoy this fun while watching The Indian Detective. All the way it is a Canadian drama series, the title itself is sufficient to expect what the series can be about. The Indian detective season 1 premiered on 23rd November 2017. It cannot be said that it was able to receive much appreciation but despite having an IMDb rating of 6.5, people are hoping for its season 2. And if you are one of them, then you are at the right destination. This post will give you all the details about The Indian Detective season 2 release date, expected cast, and plot.

The Indian Detective Season 2 Release Date

This series can be considered a mini-series season 1 only had 4 episodes. The chances for season 2 are high because of the cliffhanger that has been left behind by the finale episode before the audience. Ending the series on cliffhangers most probably provides a hint for the happening of the further installments. Not only this, there were times when it seemed like an official announcement will be made regarding this but till now, we don’t have any confirmed statement about it.

Even after 4 years, Netflix didn’t say a word about the renewal status. This long gap can be an indirect way of canceling the series. At the moment we cannot say that the series has been canceled or renewed for season 2. Our expectations say that the release date for The Indian Detective season 2 could be some time in 2022. We will inform you as soon as any updates about The Indian Detective season 2 and related information come up.

The Indian Detective Season 2 Trailer

Since it is yet to be decided whether the series will be renewed or canceled, enjoy the trailer of The Indian Detective season 1 and head on to Netflix to catch all the episodes.

The Indian Detective Season 2 Cast

Season 1 of this Canadian drama had stupendous actors that made the entire series more interesting. Russell Peters was playing the role of the protagonist, Douglas D’Mello. William Shatner and Christina Cole were in the role of David Marlowe and Robyn Gerner, respectively. The series also had an Indian actor that made The Indian Detective even more exciting. Here, we are talking about Anupam Kher who did his part well as Stanley D’Mello. Further, the list of the cast includes Veena Sood as Malika, Hamza Haq as Gopal Chandekar/Amal Chandekar, and Meren Reddy in the role of Inspector Abhishek Devo.
In the next season, we can have the main cast back in their roles. Also, this series can have new actors joining in.

The Indian Detective Season 2 Plot

Douglas D’Mello is a police officer who is suspended because of his incompetence. This suspension is for one month and during this time he visits Mumbai to meet his father. While he was there, Douglas gets involved in a murder mystery. He starts his investigation and gets to know that this case has something to do with his suspension in Toronto. As the case moves further, this police officer soon realizes that it is an international conspiracy. This mini-drama series is worth watching for those who love crime drama along with comedy punches. Coming to the storyline of The Indian Detective season 2, it is predicted to a greater extent that the story would continue from the point it left off.

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