Will Accidentally In Love Season 2 Ever Return?

Asian dramas are something that is ruling the world currently. Not only K dramas, but Chinese Dramas are also becoming hit day by day. And believe me, Chinese dramas nowadays are gaining great popularity all around the world. And Accidentally in love could be the best example to suit the fact. The first season of the show was premiered in 2018 and was loved by many people. Netflix has done a very great job in bringing shows from all around the world and showcasing the talent to the globe. Many of the fans have called the show ‘Accidentally Addicted’, as a lot of them just started watching it by accident, but got addicted to the show.

The main characters of the show are very unique. Fans called the role of male childish fascinating and masculine at the same time. Accidentally In Love received a rating of 7.6 on IMDb. The show became very popular since Netflix commissioned the show. The show was first broadcasted on Tencent and Mango TV. It’s been more than 3 years since we haven’t heard anything about the show. And this is making the fans wonder if there will ever be Accidentally In Love Season 2. So, don’t worry we have got your back. Here are all the details we know about the second installment of the show.

Accidentally In Love Season 2 Release Date

Accidentally In Love Season 2

The first season of Accidentally In Love made its debut on the 8th Of August, 2018. It’s been more than 2 years, and we haven’t heard anything about season 2 of the show.

No Official confirmation regarding Accidentally In Love Season 2 has been announced by the original makers yet. Its been revealed that the cast in the show was shooting for ‘To Get Her’ in the year 2019. Which makes it clear that they weren’t shooting for the second installment of Accidentally In Love. The production has also been silent about its second season renewal. As the production of the show has not started, we won’t see season 2 coming this year.

The two most important factors to renew a show depending upon how much fanbase the show has and if they have a storyline predicted for season 2. The C Drama, Accidentally In Love has gained popularity all over the world, and has a very rich fanbase. On the other hand, as the story isn’t adapted from anywhere, writers will have the independence to write a new story.

The chances for the show to get renewed is very likely, as it gets a green flag everywhere. But, as the shooting hasn’t started and no official information is released, it would be difficult to predict the show’s renewal. If the show gets renewed at the end of 2021 or in the beginning of 2022, you might see season 2 fall somewhere between the beginning of 2023 or the fall of 2023. These are just predictions, The page will be updated as soon as the official announcement is made.

Accidentally In Love Season 1 Recap

Accidentally In Love could be the best example to portray how a Southeast Asian romantic comedy looks like. The show has everything in it that gives you a vibe of south Asian romance. The story revolves around Cheng Qing Qing. She ran away from her marriage. Qing doesn’t want to get married at such a young age and to a man who she doesn’t even love. She is totally against business marriage. When she ran away she thought she would survive on credit cards, but her grandfather canceled them. To make the situation worse, She also lost the backpack in which she had money.

Now she is in the street begging. She has to hide from her grandfather’s bodyguard. So she starts making out with a random guy in order to hide. When the bodyguards came running to her, they saw the guys also started kissing in return. The guy was Si Tu Feng, who was an idol superstar doing running. And that’s where the love story starts.

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Accidentally In Love Season 2 Story

Spoilers Alert!

Accidentally In Love Season 2 release date

At the ending episode of season 1, we saw that Si Tu Feng has become and house-husband taking care of the baby, whereas, Cheng Qing Qing has become the sole bread giver of the family. Si Tu Feng seemed annoyed, that he has to be dependent fully on Qing for money. In the end, they were fighting for unimportant things (which was cute). So, if you are wondering what could be a season 2 story, then here’s an interesting turnout. Actually, it’s been revealed that the second season of the show could be a different season named ‘To Get Her’ which has started its filming in 2019. So, there’s a great possibility that you will not see Qing and Feng for the second season as it will be a new season with a totally new cast.

Yes, that’s big! which means a round-off season for Accidentally In Love is going to be released soon, with a new cast. It’s unclear whether the show will pick from where they left in the first season or not. The chances are that the second season will bring out a totally unique and new story, as the cast will be different. It could bring some new love story. There has been no official announcement made regarding the renewal of the show.

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Accidentally In Love Season 2 Trailer

As the show has neither been renewed nor has any official confirmation, there are no teasers and trailers of the show. We will be seeing any spoilers or trailers of the second installment when the makers renew the show. Till then, we just have to keep our fingers crossed and wish that the makers renew the show. Though chances are moderate, what we can do is just pray on it. If you haven’t watched season 1, The show is available on streaming giant, Netflix. This will be a good time to watch season 1, as season 2 Could drop anytime soon. If the show gets renewed this year, we might see a trailer 3-4 weeks before the show drops on Netflix.

Accidentally In Love Cast

Accidentally In Love Season 2 cast

Many of you who watch Chinese dramas, must have seen the cast in the show for the first time ever. Those who are not into Chinese drama, would.t know the cast. This is because they are newcomers to the industry. The cast in the first season starrs Yi Ning Sun as Chen You You. On the other hand,  Junchen Guo is also included in the cast. If the show returns for a season 2, there are fewer chances for them to be seen.

As the original makers of the show have decided to bring a whole new cast, it could be a shock to you when you hear, but the old cast might not return for season 2. If in case, the storyline is picked from where they left, the cast in the first season could return. As of now, there is no official announcement made regarding the renewal of the second season and the cast it includes.

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