The Naked Director Season 3 Release date Possibilities

Adult industries are something that is very less talked about. So, many of us don’t know how the Adult industry works. Unless you are directly involved with the industry most of us don’t know what happens and how it happens in the adult industry. That’s why Netflix originals, The Naked Director has brought you a web show that shines the light on the adult film industry.

The show has covered the challenges the Adult industry workers face and how adult film industries had evolved, not only in Japan but all around the world. But the show has specifically given preference to the Japanese adult film industry. The show has also explored how the adult film industry was restricted in the past but now has evolved. This is a 10 episode series that has earned great popularity all around the world and the second season has already become a great hit.

The Naked Director is a Japanese semi-biographical series that has gained popularity not only in Japan but all around the globe, thanks to Netflix! The first season of the show was premiered on the 18th of August 2019 and all episodes were made available to watch at once. For those who don’t know, the show has been from a novel generic Zenra Kantoku Mornishi Toru Den written by Nobuhiro Motohashi.

The second season of the show was renewed soon after the first season was released. As the second season has already been released and fans are loving the show they are wondering when they could hear about Season 3 of The Naked Director. So, here are all the details we know about The Naked Director Season 3 Release Date.

Plot Synopsis

As I mentioned above, the show is basically about the evolution of the Japanese adult film industry. The show is set in the late 1980s in Japan. And explores the story of Toru Muranishimuranishi. He is trying to crush every opportunity so that he could revolutionize the Adult industry of Japan. The show has explored the setbacks, the ambitions, fame he has over time. It has explained how Toru Muranishi was praised at some places. But was hated by many due to the work he was doing. As film industries were just starting to Bloom in Japan and nobody was aware that something like that happened.

The Naked Director Season 3 Release Date

The Naked Director Season 3 release date

Every month hundreds of web shows get renewed by the original makers of the show. But some shows don’t get renewed due to lack of popularity or bad critics rating. If you are wondering where The Naked Director falls here then the show has definitely occupied a throne of an evergreen series. Since the first season has been released it became a super hit as there are very few web shows made strictly upon Adult industries.

The first season was a blockbuster the second season has turned out to be e the same. The fan base of the show has increased much more after its second season has been released recently. And that’s why the audience couldn’t wait but wonder when they will hear about the third season of The Naked Director. If The Naked Director renewed for season 3 or this was the last season that aired for the franchise.

Will The Naked Director Season 3 Get Renewed?

To answer this, we will have to inform you that the original makers of the show are still silent about the third season of the naked director. But, we can definitely make you sure that season 2 has turned out to be a very big hit and the fan base of the show has already increased. So the chances for the third season of the naked director are very likely.

Not only the show has a great fan base, but it has also managed to received great reviews from the critics. And the writers have the independence to write another storyline for season 3. The second season of the naked director was released on the 24th of June 20 21. The show is already receiving a great response from the fans and expecting that the show would renew very soon. But no details regarding the third installment have been revealed by the directors of the show.

But if we predict a release date but if the show is renewed somewhere in 2021 we might see The Naked Director season 3 fall somewhere in between the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023. The page will be updated as soon as The Naked Director Season 3 Release Date is announced.

NOTE As the show is based on true events, the show will only be continued if they will have enough source material. That’s the only issue with season 3. And second, has been ended where every character is in a good place, so third season could be canceled due to this reason. The show will only be renewed if they will have enough story for next season.

There’s no official announcement yet.

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The Naked Director Season 1 Recap

The Naked Director Season 3

Toru Muranishi is called a ‘scapegrace hero’ who considers himself the king of adult industries. He is also a seven-time convicted criminal. When he got fired from the job he was doing earlier. He goes to his home and finds his wife sleeping with another man. Toru Muranishi used to work as a salesman who used to go door to door to sell the products.

After that, he was very shocked and furious when he saw his wife having a passionate moment with another man. So he beats up the man so that he could let go of his anger. But he was stopped by his wife, who was yelling at him about not pleasing her in bed. After this setback, he finally decides to turn all of this around and become an adult film industry director that is taboo in Japanese society.

As it was restricted in Japan, he has to follow different laws in the course of his becoming a great director, but he never refused and sat back before he gets a taste of success. And now Muranishi finally revolutionized the Japanese Adult industry. Though he broke many laws he tried to break the stigma of society in this process.

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The Naked Director Season 2 Recap

Spoilers Ahead!

Many of you would not have watched season 2 yet, so, I am just going to give you a very small recap on what happened in season 2. So, at the beginning of the second season, we could see Toru Muranishi concentrating to get back on the Adult industry and become a king. He Is bringing very new and unique ideas to his adult films and getting famous again. Many team members in his team have been added in season 2. The best thing about the second season is, how naturally things they have shown.

The end for the show has shown how all the characters in show are living a good life again. In the ending episode, its shown how they have moved on with their life and are at good places. Even Toru Muranishi is in a good place. Finally, Toru is living with Nogi and they have beautiful children too. But what’s the thing that has not changed yet? Toru is still roaming in his underwear and making adult videos and slaying it.

The best Part! If you haven’t watched it, you should definitely skip it. At the ending episode of season 2, Toru Muranishi and another adult film actress are having sex in a public place. Yes, they are doing it! But cops came in the middle and he gets arrested and that’s where season 2 ends. There is a probability that we could see season 3 of the show.

Is Toru Muranishi Based On A Real Story?

The Naked Director Season 3 story

If you are wondering whether The Naked Director is a story based on true events or not? then here is the answer. Many people don’t know that, but The Naked Director is based on a true story. Toru Muranishi is one of the controversial and innovative directors of Japan Adult industry. He has directed many soft-core movies and has now gained great popularity. If you have heard about a pink film or famously called ‘Pinku eiga’, which is a Japanese softcore movie.

This particular film played a revolutionary role in bringing up the adult film industry. This particular film has existed for over 40 years. But the genre has always made it come down. Toru Muranishi is one of the directors who was involved in making this softcore movie.

Born on September 9, 1948, he has been always popular in the history of the Japanese adult industry.

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The Naked Director Season 3

There has been no official announcement made regarding the storyline of the show. As the show has not been renewed yet for season 3, predicting a plot will kinda be difficult. But there are chances that the show might pick up from where they left in season 2. As we saw, all the team members are going on with their life after some tragic incidents and Toru has again arrested. So, season 3 might continue from there only, Toru could be again released from the jail and start his business again with his old team members. As there is not lot of a story to cover, season 3 might be the final season for the franchise.

The Naked Director Season 3 Trailer

No trailer for season 3 has been released yet. But whenever the shows get renewed we could expect a trailer soon. If the show gets renewed in 202, we might expect a trailer 3 to 4 months before The Naked Director season 3 drops. Till then you can watch the trailer for season 2 and refresh your memory. If you haven’t watched the second season of The Naked Director yet then it’s premiering on Netflix.

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