How to Increase your Instagram followers 2021? Check the Points Here

Are you an Instagram lover? Or wanted to Increase Instagram followers? This is the right place to know. Know here, how to increase Instagram followers. Upgrading your Instagram profile may not be as easy as it looks. But we will give you some tips and tricks that can help you to boost your followers on Instagram. A lot of people wanted to expand their business through Instagram and other social media applications. Imagine your growing business through Instagram! Actually, the truth is that getting the first 10,000 followers on Instagram is the tough thing. Because no one except your friends knows you. You have to prove yourself on social networking sites as a successful influencer or a brand. But it is not impossible. A lot of people do it, then why don’t you? Let’s start with some effective ways that will help you to hit at least 10k followers on Instagram in just six to seven months. This article covers tips and tricks for How to Increase your Instagram followers 2021-

Steps-How to Increase your Instagram followers 2021?

1. Join Some Instagram Participation Groups

These Instagram Engagement Groups are also known as Instagram pods. People who get fast increment in their followers on Instagram, prefer to join these groups. While it can be attractive to unite with one of the biggest Instagram engagement groups. But you will get a more targeted list of Instagram followers by attaching it to your opening.

This is the best way for entrepreneurs to get more Instagram followers. There are a lot of engagement groups on different topics like beauty, fashion, travel, food, and many more. In these groups, interested people liked and followed your profile and posts. But you should also follow some fan pages for people who join the group to get their attention. This trick is suitable for the short-term or for a few weeks. This is not for the long-term strategy on Instagram. It might not help with sudden sales but it helps to gain credibility early on.

How to Increase your Instagram followers 2021
Join Some Instagram Engagement Groups

2. More Use of Instagram Reels

Reels are Instagram’s newest feature, it is like TikTok. This is a video feature placed in a centre of the new main navigation bar. It is a way to record video clips on set music. The limit of the video should be up to 30 seconds. Instagram put Instagram Reels at the front of Instagram. Users can also search and share Reels. Sharing and browsing of Reels in quite often in 2021. The interesting thing is, not only users can see Reels from the accounts they follow, but they can also see reels from all accounts.

You can share your Reels to feed and the Explore page, it is an amazing way to grow your followers and go viral doing so. For your business also you can use Instagram Reels and be creative while doing so. Since Reels is the newest feature of Instagram, it is a good idea to jump into this. While competition is still low in this, Instagram especially gives extra importance to Reels on users’ Explore Page and the main feed.

More Use of Instagram Reels

3. Make an IGTV Continuation

In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, IGTV become an important part of Instagram. And trust me, it does not stop anytime in the future also. In COVID lockdown, a lot of people were turning towards Instagram for Entertainment. IGTV tab is placed on our profiles and it becomes easy to align the audience on Instagram with the IGTV scope.

Creating an IGTV is a productive way to connect with the audience and reach a wider network of the new audience. If you have not been tried the IGTV yet then this is a great time to jump in this. Started thinking about the content, in which your audience may be interested and make it creatively. Video content leads to more popularity and more engagement which could result in more followers.

Make an IGTV Series
Make an IGTV Series

4. Endeavor Micro-Influencers

In 2021, if you want to reach higher audiences, working with or help micro-influencer is one of the best ways to do this. Bluetick and influencers with high followers may not be the best choice to work with. People will not focus on your brand and business. According to some studies, influencers with between 10k to 100k followers are the best to engage with. Since micro-influencers work on a micro-level, they have fewer sponsored posts and they are also identified for the particular interest.

Work With Micro-Influencer
Work With Micro-Influencer

5. Expand Instagram Content on Other Social Sites

Promote your Instagram content on other social networking platforms. If you really want to expand your Instagram network then cross-sharing or promote your content on other apps too. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Pinterest are some best suitable apps to grow your Instagram followers through cross-promoting tie content. With Pinterest and earlier TikTok many video creators and brands have noticed an amazing increment in their followers on Instagram. You can also connect your Instagram account to any other app.

Similarly, Pinterest also comes with a lot of benefits. By declaring and hooking your Instagram posts on Pinterest, you can attract more audiences or traffic. It also gives engagement to your Instagram profile or content over a long interval. If you don’t want to use TikTok and Pinterest, you may also go for your own website, email newsletters, Twitter, etc.

Expand Instagram Content on Other Social Sites
Expand Instagram Content on Other Social Sites

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6. Go Live At Regular Intervals

Instagram Live may prove one of the best ways to use your videos to attract traffic and followers, especially in 2021. Instagram Live is an unedited video streaming for your followers to entertain with. Your audiences can also comment, like, and put questions in real-time. Especially in 2020 a lot of companies or brands have jumped on Instagram live.

For Instagram Lives content options are limitless. You can also host some programs like games and tournaments, some reviews, tutorials, webinars, and a lot more. You can even show your products to help the expansion in sales. Instagram also launched Instagram Live Shopping, and it is going to be very beneficial for entrepreneurs. This feature also leads the audiences to shop on the spot by tagging the products from the Facebook shop.

Go Live At Regular Intervals
Go Live At Regular Intervals

7. Create Some Challenges or Games

As we all know about the different trends on social media platforms. Similarly, there are also some challenges or games with the “#”. Influencers, creators, or brands have already known the power of viral challenges or games. These things are especially for building and spreading awareness through fun games. It will also help to attract audiences on Instagram. These challenges should be creative and harmless with a lot of fun stuff.

Another way to increase Instagram followers is, be creative and host your own Instagram games. Bailey, an influencer developed a second highly interactive moment on Instagram with her tournament, Play Pong. This is the weekly event and was hosted on Instagram live, and she works for a COVID relief fund.

Create Some Challenges or Games
Create Some Challenges or Games

8. Ask Buyers to Share Your Posts

If you ever had customers before, then just go to them. Just reach to the influencer, who has below or exact 5000 followers. As I said earlier micro-influencers would help you to improve your account along with them. Micro-influencers want to monetize their accounts and want to click pictures with your products at a lower price.

As a business, you can also offer them a suitable deal where they will also get a commission for every sale they achieve. If you already have had a couple of sales, then reach out to them and offer them free gifts to promote your product. Offering free gifts and incentives may not be suitable for the long-term strategy but it is very effective for the short term.

Ask Buyers to Share Your Posts
Ask Buyers to Share Your Posts

9. Tag the Location

If you want to increase the followers of Instagram you can use your location for this. Location helps you to connect with the mass population. If you are a businessman and wanted to expand your business you can connect your customers through your business location. Users can click on your physical location and see your posts and stories.

This method can help you to connect with more people and increase your business brand value. And it is also very helpful for travel lovers, just tag your location where you are travelling and believe me, travel lovers like, share, and follow your posts.

Tag the Location
Tag the Location

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