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So Not Worth It Season 2 Release Date
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So Not Worth It Season 2 Release Date And Possible Spoilers!

The first season of So Not Worth It has recently premiered on streaming giant, Netflix. created Kim Jung Sik, Baik Ji Hyun, Kwon Ik Joon, and Seo Eun-Jung, So Not Worth It is a Korean drama that is a sitcom. If you are wondering what’s in it for you, then let me remind you of some famous American sitcoms like, The big bang theory, The office, Friends, How I met Your mother. All of these sitcoms have one thing in common, that is they are a group of friends that everyone starts loving at the end of the show.

This Korean sitcom has the same order, this show has a group of friends that belong to different multicultural backgrounds who live together in the college hostel. Only this part would have made you excited about the show. Further, the show covers the story of their relationships, their adventures together, their strong friendship and everything friends should have.


The first season of the show was released in June 2021 and now fans who have already binged watched the show cannot wait for season 2 to release. As the show has depicted modern-day South Korea it has gained a lot of fanbases all around the world. Not only this Hyun-min is one of the cast in the show who is the first Korean African model who gained recognition in South Korea.

In addition to this, there is a brilliant cast for the show and you are definitely going to fall in love with each character. As season one has already ended, the audience wants to know more about season 2. And how can a sitcom just end with season 1, right? There are many reasons to come and here are all the details we know about the So Not Worth It season 2 release date.

So Not Worth It Season 2 Release Date

So Not Worth It Season 2 Release Date

Before exploring the second season of the show, let’s go a little back in the past and clear out the details for season 1. The first season of the show was launched on Netflix on the 18th of June 2021. Rach episode had a running time of 32-34 minutes and it had 12 episodes in total.

Each episode of the first season has gained great popularity and many critics said they had a great pleasure watching the show. Now, here are the details we know about season 2 of the show. No official information regarding the So Not Worth It Season 2 release date has been announced yet and also the show has not yet been renewed by the original makers.

We have done a deep research for your favourite show and predicted a release date according to some news we received from the sources. So not worth it season 1 has gained a lot of reviews, most of them were very positive, but some audience didn’t liked the show that much. But as the show has gained positive reviews, the second season of the show is very possible.

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Will There Be So Not Worth It Season 2?

Though it’s not been much time, we are definitely sure that So Not Worth It Season 2 is highly likely. So, why are we so confident that the show will bring a second season for itself?

The first factor is the fanbase of the show, and definitely, the show has gained a lot of attention all around the globe due to its diversity in the cast. And the second factor would be the storyline of the show as the show is a sitcom there are great chances that it’s going to be renewed, as sitcoms don’t end with only one season.

One major fact you should know about the show is, So Not Worth It is basically been created by all the ‘Kings’ of the Korean television industry. They are basically a dream team in South Korea. So, who wouldn’t want to see more from the dream team?

If we talk about the production details of season 1 then So Not Worth It was first announced in September 2020. After packing of the production and shooting it was released in June 2021. From this, we can get that the production of the show requires at least a year to complete its shooting.

So Not Worth It Season 2 Release Date

The other thing is the streaming giant, Netflix. Netflix takes at least three to four months to renew any kind of show that the premier. Netflix usually accesses the factors they receive from the viewers and then decides if they want to renew the show or not. And therefore we definitely have to wait for a year or two to see season 2 on the screens. If we make a guess. Netflix might bring So Not Worth It Season 2 release date somewhere between the beginning of 2022 or at the end of 2022.

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So Not Worth It Season 1 Recap

So Not Worth It Season 2 story

Before jumping to the expected plot of season 2, here’s a quick recap on what happened in season 1. As the group of friends is in college, facing ups and downs in college life is a must. Therefore at the beginning of season 1, the show has explored all the ups and downs the gang faced through their college life. As Hyun-min is very desperate that he could get a college hostel or what we call a dormitory. As it is a long commute from home. He finally managed to get into the college dorm but the idea he brought was only temporary.

As we are watching a teenage sitcom where a Gang of friends is in college, how can we not expect romance? Since the beginning of the first season, romance is all around the college, and Se-Wan and Jammie and Minnie and Sam also start a relationship. and as usual no relationship goes without drama. So, there’s a lot of drama.

So Not Worth It Season 2 Story

So Not Worth It Season 2 story

As it is a sitcom, they do not give you the ending of the first season. There is a long time until you see the ending of the show. If we talk about the expected plot for season 2. Then the show might explore more about the gang and how they faced their internal demons. And how they keep up with their relationships and their friendship hand in hand.

In addition to this, we could see many of them getting in a relationship with each other and then going apart. Every sitcom has a great emotion in it. So there might be some times which are going to make you cry. But yes, you are definitely going to get attached to all the characters in the show. These are the expected plot for season 2. But we cannot be sure as the show hasn’t been renewed by the original maker yet.

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So Not Worth It Season 2 Trailer

As of now, there is no trailer for season 2 because the show has not yet been renewed by Netflix. If the show gets renewed, we might see the trailer for this Korean sitcom at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. Till then you can enjoy the trailer for the first season and refresh your memory. And if you haven’t watched the sitcom yet you can binge watch season 1 on Netflix.

So Not Worth It Season 2 Cast

Sitcoms usually bring the same cast for the upcoming seasons they have planned. So, the main gang of the show might definitely return. Therefore, Park Se-wan (Se-wan), Choi Young-jae (Sam), Shin Hyun-seung (Jamie), Minnie (Minnie), Carson Allen (Carson), Han Hyun-min (Hyun-min) Terris Brown (Terris), and Joakim Sorensen (Hans). This cast might return for the second season. We might also see some new faces in the upcoming season.

The main cast of the show would return, as its a sitcom. So you will see your favourite character returning for season 2. Though there is no official announcement regarding the cast, we could just predict.

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