Families Of The Mafia Season 2 Release Date and Latest Details!

The primary season of Families Of the Mafia ended last year and I am sure the viewers were looking for Families Of The Mafia season 2 release date and other details. So here we are offering you the latest information about the show which we gathered just for you.

Families Of The Mafia is an American reality television series that is a revising and alternate of the Made in Staten Island show which aired for a very brief time. Now, let us see whether after delivering the first season, the makers are up for season 2 or not? If yes, what is the release date? Find out in the next section.

 Families Of The Mafia Season 2 Release Date

 Families Of The Mafia Season 2 Release Date

The show appeared on MTV on April 9, 2020, consisting of six episodes in the United States. The show received some quite good responses and 78% of the viewers showed their love and appreciation towards the first season. For those who are waiting to hear the good news about the show renewal, then worry not. Because MTV finally decided to renew the show for the second season and they officially announced the premiere date of the second season, when? The answer is July 15, 2021, that’s right, the Families Of The Mafia Season 2 is set to release next month on the 15th. it’s relieved that we don’t have to wait much longer before we get to see the next one.

Families Of The Mafia Season 2 Plot

Families Of The Mafia Season 2 Plot

The six-section docuseries follows four adjoining mafia-related families for a very long time as they attempt to conclude whether to cut their connections to coordinated crimes or embrace its legacy. The second season might continue the unfinished storyline of the family members whether it’s about their relationship with each other or their own love life in the show. We have got to wait some more if we want to see with our own eyes what turn the show will get so that it will become interesting and intriguing for us.

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Families Of The Mafia Season 2 Casts

Families Of The Mafia Season 2 Casts

The show is set on Staten Island, New York which focused on mainly four infamous mafia families which include The Gravanos, The O’Tooles, The LaRoccas, and lastly The Augustines. Under The Gravanos family, the members Karen Gravano, Karina Seabrook, Ramona Rizzo, and Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. Under The O’Toolesb family, the members are Joe O’Toole, Taylor O’Toole, Billy O’Toole, and, Jessica Clare. Under The LaRoccas family, the members are Gina LaRocca, Christian “CP” Patterson, Trish Gelardi, and, Anthony Gelard. Under The Augustines family, the members are Lisa Augustine and Dennie Augustine.

Families Of The Mafia Season 2 Episodes Guide

This section contains some spoilers of the first season, so in case if you haven’t watched the show yet, it’s advisable to not read forward if you don’t want to ruin your excitement before watching the show.

As stated earlier, the series has a total of six episodes of approx. 50 minutes each. here we have precisely mentioned all the episodes with their quick plot.

Episode 1: entitled Part i in which karen visits her father Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano with her daughter, Gina needs her child cp to leave staten island, and jess urges her ex to be a piece of the family.

Episode 2: entitled Part ii in which deb hopes to persuade Karen to move back to arizona, Karina attempts to reconstruct her relationship with her father, gina attempts to get her lawful offense records fixed, and joe is captured. 

Episode 3: entitled Part iii, the o’tooles give joe a rude awakening after his capture, Dennie gets ready to be the guardian of her closest companion’s youngster, and Karen gets cautious with an eatery correspondent.

Episode 4: entitled as Part iv, in which cp thinks about his future objectives, Karen goes up against Paulie about his relationship with Karina, and Dennie approaches Lisa about contacting her biological dad.

Episode 5: entitled as Part v, in which jess thinks her boyfriend Izzy should meet her children, gina gets an opportunity to get her past behind her, and Paulie goes excessively far out traveling with Karina and their friends.

Episode 6: entitled as Part vi, in which cp discovers that his dad is escaping jail, Dennie’s biological father allows her to down, and the O’Toole family is crushed by an unforeseen misfortune.

We don’t know yet regarding the no of episodes we get in the sequel season. Whether season 2 will also consist of six episodes or whether we get more than six, for that there is no official statement yet. So, there is no use of prediction because we will get to know anyway pretty soon next month.

Families Of The Mafia: Where to Watch?

All the episodes are available to stream on the MTV channel and also on Voot. Furthermore, next season will also premiere on the same channel. 

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