Aarya Season 2 Release Date: Sushmita Sen To Make A Comeback!

Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, started her career in Hindi cinema in the 1990s. In 2015 her last film was Bengali named Nirbak and in Bollywood, Anees Bazmee’s multi-starrer film, No Problem. As of now online streaming platforms and web series take the place of the box office and many Bollywood stars move toward it. Sushmita Sen did her OTT debut with the “Araya” web series that premiered on Hotstar. The series was done outstanding work and views who wanted to see a powerful female lead. After the great success of season one, the fans are waiting for the announcement of the second season.

Sushmita Sen and Ram Madhvani on social media give the green light about the renewal of the Araya. The web series has reached expectations with a catchy drama and fascinating storyline. The series started in Jaipur (December), and the behind-the-scenes look on social media, as fans, are waiting for season 2.

How many possibilities of come from Aarya season 2?

In reply to the very important question, the crime thriller of Hotstar is a change of the popular Dutch TV show ‘Penoza’. Remembering that in mind we recognize that there is an essential plot that remains to be conformed to. The end was neither definite nor decisive, clearly indicating another season. In India, thriller shows are the most famous and do relatively well. The best examples are Breathe,  Raktanchal, and Mirzapur. Penoza, the American adaptation did not work as well which is why its second season never comes. Still, with the Aarya it is different, this web series earned optimistic reviews and fans also liked the series.

Aarya Season 2 Release Date

Aarya Season 2 Release Date

Aarya season 1 was released on 19 June 2020 on Hotstar. The show contains a total of 9 episodes. Each episode duration of approximately 50 – 59 minutes. Season one was written by Sandeep Shrivastava and Anu Singh Choudhary. The first season won the heart of the audience through the story. Ram Madhvani and Sandeep Modi the show creators have not announced the Season 2 release date. So, it is announced for the day 10 December 2021.

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Aarya Season 2 Story

In the media world, Aarya is greatly praised as Sushmita Sen, one of the most glamorous actresses in India, while there is a declaration of her comeback with the series. Also, web series have incredible honor online as its real Ditch drama Penoza has fascinated the Indian viewers moreover any other. Ram Madhvani, again director of the series, Neerja director has also begun with their powerful female lead storylines, and Sushmita is the wife of a businessman who is grabbed in the criminal drug exchange. The center of the story continues with her as she realizes her husband’s illegal empire, and also fulfills his lead when she wants to save her family.

If we move forward after the death of Aarya’s husband we watch Aarya gets into her family business. The business was risky and male-dominated. She helps Shekhawat just to repay her husband’s 100 crores debt. She later understands that her partner had saved the 300 crores worth of consignment. Zorawar her father was the person who called his hitman Daulat, her husband to shoot.

Aarya is presently angry and chooses to give her brother and father to ACP Khan believing that in back, she would bring New Zealand, free passage. She receives a call from Dimitri who asks her to give him the dispatch which provokes Aarya to think. Afterbroughthe bringing the consignment Shekhawat did not give it to the Russians and faced with a pointing gun at him and you understand what was done then.

Aarya Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

In the first season of Aarya, one of the good things was its cast and its work. In season 2, we cannot see some characters again such as Manish Chaudhary and Chandrachud Singh. Some more actors will be included in the cast such as Russian Dimitri and his group members. Jayant Kripalani as Zorawar and Sikander Kher as Daulat both are in jail now. Vikas Kumar as ACP Khan in the future interrogates Daulat and Zorawar. He will aim to catch the whole drug racket. Vishwajeeth Pradhan as Sampath has the 300 crores dispatch now. Sushmita Sen as Aarya is going to fight the Mafias of Russia. Veer Sareen is Viren Vazirani, the older son of Aarya. Arundhati Sareen as Virti Vaghani, daughter of Aarya. Ankur Bhatia as Sangram has come out of jail and wishes to regain his business. Namit Das as Jawahar, is not alive.

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Aarya Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of Aarya Season 2 has not been introduced still. Season 2 was postponed due to the lockdown. In January 2019, the season 1 shoot started again, and the coming-off series took nearly a year. Still, lockdown thanks, season 1 has earned millions, which could not happen without the millions who were in the first place. So, we wait and watch what Sushmita Sen has to deliver in the second season.

Aarya Season 1 Recap

Just take a short review about Aarya season 1, Sushmita Sen starred as the lead cast and the story revolved around her. We all know that when she came on screen the audience were excited to watch her performance. As Sushmita Sen after a long time, is seen on screen as Aarya speaks, when the men are not present in the house, then women only have to come to the field and take over the business. This dialogue is the core of the film, in which Aarya, the mother of 3 children, loses her husband in the drug business, which she hopes to find, trying to get the whole business, eventually gripping the arm of courage and fear.

The magic of KK Menon’s web series Special Ops did not diminish that Disney Hotstar has given a tremendous gift to the audience by releasing another crime thriller Aarya. Ram Madhwani popular director, has debuted in the web series world with Aarya. Sushmita Sen looks incredible in the role of Aarya and the whole cast also. The show is female-dominated and the story has glamor and style as well as thrill and crime. You can easily this show on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also.

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