Is John Wick 5 Release Date Already Announced? Know Here!

John Wick 5 has finally announced that it will be returning with the boom. CEO of Lionsgate, John Feltheimer, has made the official announcement for the 5th chapter of the John Wick franchise. However, chapter 4 has not made its way to the big screen till now. Ordering the fifth installment of this movie before chapter 4 hitting the theatres shows the confidence level of the filmmakers for this thrilling assassin based series. Filming for John Wick 5 is to start in early 2021, back to back with John Wick 4. There is no information regarding the solid release date of the fifth chapter, but it is likely to arrive.

John Wick Season 4 Release Date

The fourth season of John Wick is coming on 27th May 2022. Well, these days, many of the movies are facing delays, and so this season faced the same issue. But it was not really because of the COVID-19 pandemic; instead, it was the production issues of ongoing movies. At the same time, no other details are presently available. Earlier it was scheduled to be released on 21st May 2021, but due to some reasons, it was pushed back to 2022. Lionsgate made the official announcement for chapter 4 during the opening week of John Wick 3. At the same time, one of the reasons for the delay was the production issue. And it also got delayed partly due to the pandemic. In an interview, Stahelski revealed that there had been a hundred-page scriptment written for the film.

John Wick 5 Release Date

John wick season 5

It is quite clear that the fifth installment will be taking place a few years away. But fans are going to enjoy the thrill and action of this series. The franchise of this film promises this sequel to stand out on fans’ expectations. The production for John Wick 5 is yet to start. This means we are still to get a release date for John Wick 5. Neither any official announcement nor any online post had been made regarding the release date. So, we need to wait longer for this hopeful piece of news. However, it is sure to arrive after season 4 of John Wick. One can say that season 5 is presently in development, and filming will go back to back with the fourth film of the John Wick franchise. Chad Stahelski is the director and will be involved in the coming parts of John Wick that are the fourth and the fifth installment of the franchise. He has been a part of the other three previous movies also.

John Wick at Box Office

Lionsgate makes sure that the sequels of John Wick make higher earnings through these. The increasing financial returns make the creator of the John Wick franchise more confident about other sequels that are to be premiered according to their schedule. The gross total by the original John Wick made $88.7 million, the estimated amount of Rs.655 crores, which had a budget of $22-30 million, about Rs.150-225 crores.

Chapter 2 proved its success by making more money than the previous one, which was about $171.5 million (Rs. 1,286 crores approx.). The reported budget for the second chapter was off to $40 million, which would be around Rs. 300 crores. The gross total of the third chapter’s recent entry was $326.7 million that is about Rs. 2450 crores. This installment had a budget of $55-75 million, i.e., about Rs. 412-562 crores.

Trailer of John Wick’s All Sequels

As we all know till now, we have been through three chapters of John Wick. The fourth and the fifth are yet to arrive and begin the boom. Fans are always eager about the trailers for the movies so that they could satisfy themselves for a short period. So, until then, let us have a look over the trailers released to date. This will help you refresh your memories of the favorite action and thriller incident so far from John Wick. All the trailers are fascinating and become more interesting after watching them again and again!

John Wick Trailer
John Wick: Chapter 2 Trailer
John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum Trailer

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