After A Mind Blowing Ending, Will There Be Dom Season 2?

What’s so special about Dom? The most special part about this show is that Dom is an original scripted series from Brazil that has entered into Amazon Prime video. There are no web shows available on Prime video that are originally from Brazil. Since the show has released it has gained an international fanbase. And many critics are considering it to be a huge success. The show revolves around a father and a son, Victor and Pedro Dom respectively. Everyone is now waiting for Dom Season 2 Release Date.

They both are very different personalities and struggling with how they lead their life. This crime drama series has a great fan base to create a second season of the show. On one hand, Victor is a great police officer, but on the other hand, his son turned out to be the most wanted criminal in the country and is a drug addict.

Though the storyline of the show might seem very basic to you but right now, the cinematography, the cast, and everything in the show is just excellent. The show has gained great popularity mainly because the show has been inspired by true events. If we talk about Pedro in real life, he was basically known for the crime he did in his life and the show has described his life very well. As it has gained great popularity, the audience is just waiting for season 2 to arrive as soon as possible. So, here are all the details we know about Dom Season 2 release date.

Dom Season 2 Release Date

Dom Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Dom was released on the 4th of June 2021 on the streaming giant platform, Amazon Prime Video. The platform released all eight episodes at a single go. Each episode has a running time of 52 to 63 minutes. Since the first season of the show has concluded. The audience couldn’t wait but wonder what’s the update on 2nd season.

Has Amazon Prime video renewed the show for the second season or this was the only season they planned for? As the show has been released on the 4th of June, Amazon hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the second installment of the show. But what’s the thing that is giving us hope that there will be a second season of the show? The show has already been translated into 30 languages. And the show is streaming worldwide. And the streaming platform has definitely increased the viewership of the show so that they could gain as much audience as they can.

What We Know?

Many of the original heads of Amazon studios already praised the show and have also shared many small videos on how they have already become a big fan of all the cast members. Many critics are assuming that this drama might be a huge success. The creator of the show Silveria already has shown great confidence in the cast and the storyline of the show. He mentioned in an interview that he was very confident about the story of the show and he was very touched after the show premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

If you do not know, the show has been based upon a real story but that’s not an exact depiction of the real events since the original creator of the show has fictionalized many of the parts. And this has definitely given the writers to create the second season of the show in any way they want.

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Dom Season 2 Release Date

If we talk about the production details of season 1. The production for season 1 ended in May 2020 but wasn’t able to premiere. The reason was the covid-19 pandemic which resulted in lockdown in many countries. Since they weren’t able to complete their production and as they were to shoot in 170 locations they just have to shoot everything inside the studio as there was a lockdown. Though the season hasn’t been renewed for its second part we can definitely predict that season 2 of Dom could fall somewhere at the end of 2022 or in the beginning of the year 2023.

Dom Season 1 Ending Explained

Dom Season 2 cast

As I have already mentioned the show has based on true events and is inspired by someone. The first season of the show has covered the year 1970 to the year 2000. In the first season, the early life of Pedro is introduced when he gets the addiction to drugs specially cocaine at a very young age and after that, he has to struggle with his addiction for a very long time.

Pedro did many went to many rehabilitation centers but he always came back to drugs and crime. On the other hand, we also saw how he continued his journey and finally became a cop. Victor always tried to help his son to get over all of his addictions. Butt he finally realized that his son has chosen a path he never wanted to choose for him.

If you have already watched season one of the show, you know what happened at the end, but for the people who don’t know, here’s how the first season of the show ended- Pedro is again in headlines on every newspaper and the news is Pedro has kidnapped a very rich called. But when Pedro is escaping from his bike through a tunnel and he gets blocked by the police.

What happens next? Pedro throws a grenade at all the police officers and that’s where the final episode of 1st season ended. Yes, it has ended at a note where everyone is wondering what will happen next. So, how can not be there a second season of the show?

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Dom Season 2 Story

Dom Season 2 cast

As I have mentioned many times the show is based on real-life so we can tell you what happened after Pedro throws a grenade at them. Soon the incident happened, Pedro is short at a posh neighborhood in his chest. But we cannot tell whether the second season of the show will start this way as the writers of the show have created many fictionalized characters so there might be some other adventures in the second season.

Not only this, in the ending episode of the first season Victor finds that Jasmin is pregnant. So there might be some scenes where Victor will be telling Pedro about this. First of all, Victor has to find where his son is as he is at a place where coming back from it would be very difficult for him.

As the show has many fictionalized events there are great chances that Pedro wouldn’t die in the first episode of 2nd season. As the show wouldn’t go without him. The writers have to keep him alive till the end of the show. To keep the audience engaged with the second season. But these are just the guesses, we have to wait till season 2 arrive.

Dom Season 2 Cast

There are chances that the first season cast might probably return in the second season too. Though, no official information has been revealed regarding the cast. But we could see Flávio Tolezani (Victor Dantas), Gabriel Leone (Pedro Dom), Filipe Bragança (young Victor). These are the main characters of the show and they might return. The other cast members include Mariana Cerrone (Laura), Raquel Villar (Jasmin), Isabella Santoni (Viviane),  Digão Ribeiro (Ármario) and  Laila Garin (Marisa).

As the show has also shown the past, we could see Marc Szwarcwald and Guilherme Garcia portraying the role of Pedro in the years when he was younger. Some new characters might also be introduced in the second season of the show.

Dom Season 2 Trailer

No trailer for season 2 has been announced yet as the shooting for season 2 hasn’t been started. Till then, you can watch the first season trailer to refresh your memory.

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