Jeet Ki Zid Season 2 Release Date and Every Detail You Must Know

If you are bored watching the series of the genre romantic and horror then you should definitely try something new. Jeet ki zid is real life story. Zee 5 original Hindi web series released on 22 January 2021. The series was penned by Akash Chawla and Arunava Joy.

Season 1 was one of the most loved series. Rated with 8.5 on IMDB and now fan’s are really excited for its renewal. Story of season 1 was appreciated by the audience and got great response. Each and every cast of the story really acted well. It was Produced by Akash Chawla, Boney Kapoor and Arunava Joy. The outstanding performance given by Amit Sadh was praised by everyone.
Now fan’s are eagerly waiting for next season. So let’s find out wheather the rumour regarding Jeet ki zid season 2 is true or not.

Jeet ki Zid Season 2 officially announced or not ?

Maker’s of the series Vishal Mangalorkar and producer has not announced the continuation of the series yet. However it’s not too late as season one was released in 2021.

It is difficult right now to guess whether the makers are planning for the renewal or not.

Jeet ki zid season 2 release date
Jeet ki zid season 2 release date

Jeet Ki Zid Season 2 Cancelled Or there
is any hope ?

Well as of now the makers of the show has not announced any released date of season 2. However it is expected that soon we will get its continuation news because season one was huge success and receive a positive response.

Jeet ki zid season 1 was premiered on 22 January 2021. It consists of 7 episodes with a running time of 40 mintues. As of now the series didn’t complete one year of its season one. We can expect Jeet ki Zid season 2 in 2022. As soon as we will get any official statement we will update the pages. Till then we have to wait.

Jeet ki zid season 2 Cast expectations ?

The cast of primary season comprises some talented and brilliant artists like Amit Sadh as Major Deependra Singh Sengar, Amrita Puri as Jaya, and Sushant Singh in the lead role.

The supporting cast and guest roles includes Aly Goni as Surya, Gagan Randhawa as Dipti, Mrinal Kulkarni, Paritosh Sand, Diwakar Dhayani, Arun Mohan Malik, and Ravi Singh.
Now the big question is who is going to appear in Jeet ki Zid season 2. We can expect the same cast in its second season because of their performances.

Jeet ki Zid Plot

The story revolves around the most brave retired soldiers of Indian Army Major Deependra Singh. Major Deependra Singh who was paralyzed after fighting the kargil war. As the title of the story Jeet ki Zid itself gave you the hint that the story is all about Jeet and Zid of a person.

Jeet ki zid season 2 release date
Jeet ki zid season 2 release date

The series will follow each and every moment of his life. How he handled himself in his worst situation. His wife who was very supportive and caring. She never gave up on him in his difficult situation. The series will tell you the difference between the life of a normal human being and a soldier. Deep was a person who has never given up attitude. He always try his best to make the impossible things possible.

Jeet ki Zid season 2 trailer

There’s no official trailer, teaser or clip related to second season is released. They will share the trailer or teaser sometimes before the release date. Till the just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the good news.

What Amit Sadh said about Jeet ki Zid.

He said I’m a huge fan of Indian Army and when I got the offer of doing the series felt blessed to be part of and playing the role of a real life hero was a big achievement.He said it was very challenging for me at the same time he was feeling proud to be part of the series.

He told that it was not a normal role in which he just have to play the role but it was huge responsibility on his head to do his best. So that he could connect with the audience through the story and do justice to Major Deependra role.
He also told about the his felling when he just saw the Armed forces uniform and when he weared the uniform the felling was undescribable.

He also talked about his cast and team members who was part of the series. Everyone is just amazing and very supportive.

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