Jeet ki Zid Season 2 Release Date Confirmed or Not?

The popular web series on Zee5, Jeet ki Zidd has been released on 22nd January. These days Zee5 is expanding the content to entertain the fans to the widest. There have been too many releases this year and so is specified for the next year. In terms of thriller and the best entertainment, Zee5 offered you some amazing stuff this year. In terms of entertainment and TRP, Zee5 has already launched its masterstroke. And this masterstroke which has been titled “Jeet ki Zidd” become very popular and liked by fans. Today, in this article we will discuss about Jeet ki Zidd Season 2 release date.

Jeet ki Zid Season 2 Release Date

Jeet ki Zid season 1 has been released on 22nd January 2021. This series is available on the Zee5 app. This army life based series got huge success both commercially and critically. It has 8.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. Jeet ki Zid season 1 has 7 episodes in total with the running time of 40 minutes.

As we said that season 1 has been launched in January 2021, but there is no official release date for the second season. The makers have not been even renewed the series yet. We will update you, when we get the further information.

Jeet ki Zid Season 2 Trailer

The teaser for this amazing show has already out on social media platforms. Zidd is based on the true story of Kargil Warfighter, Major Deependra Singh Senger. It has a fresh look, and it’s visuals are fantastic. It’s visuals have included the electrifying shots of Kashmir. These visuals are different from all previous army movies. Amit Sadh, the lead actor, had played a soldier earlier in the series Avrodh- Siege Within. Amit Sadh appears to be very desirable for this character as he brings weakness and toughness both to this role. He also seems to have gone through many training sessions to portray the character so perfectly. This series also has Kai Po Che stars, Amrita Puri and Sushant Singh.

But as we said there is no official news about the second season, so it is clear that there is also no official trailer for Jeet ki Zid season 2.

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Jeet ki Zid Cast and Crew

To make the scene real looking, actors always need to be more committed and this show has that enthusiasm in the artists. The actors in the lead role are: Amit Sadh, Amrita Puri, Sushant Singh, Ali Goni, Paritosh Sand, Mrinal Kulkarni, Preet Karan Phewa, Gagan Randhawa.

If we talk about the crew members of Jeet ki Zid season 1, so they are as follows:

Director– Vishal Mangalorkar

Screenwriter– Siddharth Mishra

Producers– Boney Kapoor, Arunava Joy Sengupta, and Akash Chawla

Director of Photography– Akhilesh Shrivastava

Zee5 Jeet ki Zidd Cast and Crew
Jeet ki Zidd season 2 Cast and Crew

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Amit Sadh shares, “The journey was physically challenging for me and life-changing also, as a Major Deependra Singh Sengar, who is a real-life hero, this was the biggest responsibility to portray this truly amazing character whose story is a confirmation of “never give up”. It is my honor to represent our Indian Army. The entire team has put a great effort and left nothing to assure that justice is accomplished to the title and the story. Without saying too much, I will leave it to the audience to watch the trailer and tell us what they feel. We all are eagerly waiting for Jeet ki Zidd’s premiere on Zee5 on 22nd January 2021″.

Jeet ki Zid Season 1 Storyline

Jeet ki Zid season 2 release date

Jeet ki Zidd has a thrilling and exciting story. This is an inspiring and motivating story. It rotates around the life of an Army person who struggled very hard to be in the force. Then in a war, his legs got paralyzed. His legs were not functioning but his mind and ears worked enough to make him understand that still, life is not over. Then he struggled so hard to try and made him as normal as it was earlier. This web series helps to showcase all the stages and emotions of an army officer’s life.

What you think, he gets back to the army or not? To know this don’t forget to watch this electrifying series on 22nd January on Zee5.

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