Wonder Woman 3 Release Date: Here’s all you should know

Warner Bros confirmed the third part of Wonder Woman just after two days of the second part. Wonder Woman 1984 was released on December 24, 2020, in India. Gal Gadot played the lead role in Wonder Woman 1984. Along with Gal Gadot other stars like Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, Kristen Wiig also worked in the movie. Now, Wonder Woman 3 is on the way to release just after Wonder Woman 1984. Here, all the details about Wonder Woman 3 Release Date, Cast, and Trailer.

Warner Bros confirmed that Wonder Woman 3 will have a theatrical appearance. Warner Bros. Chief Toby Emmerich said that ” As fans around the world continue to embrace Diana Prince, driving the strong opening weekend performance of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, we are excited to continue her story with our real-life Wonder Women- Gal and Patty- who will return to end this long-planned theatrical appearance “.

Wonder Woman 1984 Storyline

WW84 (also called Wonder Woman 1984), is an American superhero film, which is based on the DC Comics character Wonder Woman. Its first part was launched in 2017. Wonder Women 1984 is the sequel of Wonder Woman, which was released in 2017. WW84 is directed by Patty Jenkins. Patty is also the writer of this script along with Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham.

Discussion for WW84 began shortly after the release of the part in June 2017 and the decision to continue the sequel (WW84) was confirmed in the following month. Its head photography started on 13 June 2018. This movie’s production winded up after a six-month shoot on December 22, 2018, with additional editing and filming in July 2019.
Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to release in theatres in June, but because of our existing health situation, the release of the film was delayed by months, instead, before AT&T decided to bring it to HBO Max. WW84 doing very well on streaming and at the North American box office, it earned almost $16.7 million. The ending explained in Wonder Woman 1984 has a lot of unanswered questions also.

Warner Bros has confirmed the third part of Wonder Woman, the part third will also be written and directed by Patty Jenkins and Diana Prince (lead character) will be played by Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman 3 Release Date

Warner Bros has not confirmed a release date for the third part of Wonder Woman, yet. We know that Jenkins will write and direct Wonder Woman 3, so, various rumors have said, that she may be worked on the screenplay before Wonder Woman 1984’s Christmas launch. While there was a gap of three years between the first and second part. Patty Jenkins also directing Rogue Squadron, an upcoming sequel movie of Star Wars. It’s not clear yet either DC or Star Wars will take importance on the director’s very busy schedule.
With all the rumors, it can be said that Wonder Woman 3 will be released until late 2023. And Jenkins also have said about the Wonder Woman 4, but it is not official yet.
Wonder Woman 1984 earning huge success during this Christmas season. So maybe Wonder Woman 3 will also release during the Christmas holidays.

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Wonder Woman 3 Cast Details

As Diana Prince, Gal Gadot is confirmed to return in the third part. Chris Pine, who played the role of Steve Trevor in WW84, likely would not come back since his character has died twice so far. In the second part, Steve returned because Diana wished on a historic jewel. This historical jewel granted one’s desire. Regardless, Steve could not come back to his body, so he took over another nameless man’s body. As Diana repudiated her wish, Steve was gone again, and so was Pine.

There is a chance that Robin Wright and Connie Nielson might see in Wonder Woman 3- they played Antiope and the Queen Hippolyta, respectively. Evaluating that Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal played villains, nevertheless, they will reprise their roles for the sequel.

Who Will Be The Villain in Wonder Woman 3?

In the role of villain Maxwell Lord (Cheetah) would return. But Wonder Woman has a long list of potential enemies and the sequel will also want some fresh stuff. Wonder Woman has Giganta, Hypnota, and Queen Clea from World War II-era Nazis to Supervillains. Diana also fought with Greek Gods, Ares and Medusa. Ares and Medusa were monsters.

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Wonder Woman 3 Plot

Like the release date, the plot of the sequel is also not clear, yet. As we know that the WW84 jumped 66 years into the future, so, most probably the sequel will be set in the present days. Maybe the third part will ultimately introduce Nubia, a black ally of Diana’s Wonder Woman who has declared the same veil. In 1973’s Wonder Woman (vol.1)#204, Nubia first launched and she was the first Black woman superhero in DC Comics.

Where Will Wonder Woman 3 Release?

Wonder Woman 3 will have a theatrical release, according to Variety. It may be said that this movie would not land on HBO Max at the same time. Nobody can save anything about this situation of a pandemic. It also impacted the entertainment industry. So, we can not say anything about the release structure of Wonder Woman 3. In 2021, Warner and AT&T are about to release a year’s worth of films on HBO Max. The Company may decide to keep the first strategy, its streaming, even post-pandemic, by the end of next year.

Wonder Women 3 Official Trailer

The trailer is not yet come, because the film has yet to begin production. But the movie’s post-credits scene could be seen as a teaser for what’s the upcoming stuff. Maybe sometime before we get a new trailer ft. Diana Prince will appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Till then, watch the trailer of seasons 1 and 2.

Amazon Spin-Off Movie of Wonder Woman

With the production of Wonder Woman 3, Jenkins has already planned an Amazon spinoff movie. Although the Amazons and the island of Themyscira get some improvement in both the parts of Wonder Woman, now, there is a lot more to explore in terms of history and the existing situation. The spinoff movie will be started after Diana leaves the island and it will link to Wonder Woman 1984, probably Maxwell Lord almost bringing about the end of the world. Jenkins will not be going to direct the Amazon spinoff movie but she will be the producer of the movie.

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