Top Bengali Web Series on Hoichoi You Must Binge Watch

Undoubtedly, India is a land of cultures and diversity. Different customs, festivals, rituals, languages, traditions, dance, music, cuisines, and many more. Despite all these diversities, we are one as “Indians”. But, when it comes to the cinema, we come to know about the many different genres. However, we have Bollywood movies to entertain ourselves. There have been many of hit movies of Bollywood. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, web series was not very popular among the people. But, now almost all of us know about many of the popular and hit web series on OTT platforms. If we talk about the Bengali web series and shows we will find that they are too worth watching. So, here’s the list of top Hoichoi Bengali web series you must binge-watch.

What’s Hoichoi?

Out of all the culture we have, Bengali traditions and the culture are so humble. Not only their customs but also the web series are must to watch. Before knowing about the top 10 Hoichoi Bengali web series, let’s know about Hoichoi. In general, Hoichoi is like an OTT Platform especially for Bengali web series. Hoichoi is an on-demand video streaming platform. It is owned and maintained by SVF Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. It was launched 4 years back on 20th July, 2017. However, it’s interesting to note that it is the first OTT platform focusing specially and exclusively on Bengali content, worldwide. 

List Of Top Bengali Web Series on Hoichoi

  • Byomkesh
  • Kamini
  • The Stoneman Murders
  • Paap
  • Manbhanjan
  • Paranoia
  • Shei Je holud Pakhi
  • Cartoon
  • Eken Babu
  • Dhaka Metro
  • Fish and Chips
  • Ha Ja Ba La Ra

1. Byomkesh season 6 Release date

As the name indicates it is based on an iconic fictional character Byomkesh Bakshi. Bengali writer Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay created this. Though being one of the best web series on Hoichoi, it is adventurous and it depicts investigations of Byomkesh. It is a detective drama story. It is set in the time of 1930s. In this series Byomkesh is a detective and solves numerous adventurous and puzzling investigation along with his friend Ajit in his unique style. Its interesting to know that Hoichoi is the very first platform to premier this Byomkesh series. Byomkesh season 6 release date has been announced and will release in the early January 2021.

Also, this series had four season in total comprising 9 episodes altogether.

  • Cast: Anirban Bhattacharya as Byomkesh, Ridhima Ghosh as Byomkesh’s wife, Subrat Dutta as Byomkesh’s friend.
  • Director: Soumik Chattopadhyay and Sayantan Ghosal

2. Kamini

This Bengali web series is Hoichoi’s first horror comedy series. This web series is starring Barkha Bisht in her first Bengali movie. Barkha is playing the lead role of a mysterious woman named Kamini. Arnab and Soumya run a small private detective agency. They both reach Kamini’s village to know about her mystery. Both of them try to expose the truth of Kamini with the help of a local girl named Bijli. Sreemoyee, Samya’s girlfriend, also arrives at the village to help them reveal the dark past of the lead character. So, the whole aspect of this series is both funny and scary at the same time. This series is also popular for a song called Shorir Khela.

It was launched in 2019 with 8 episodes.

  • Cast: Barkha Bisht as Kamini, Sourav Das Trina Saha, Apratim Chatterjee
  • Director: Rick Basu

3. The Stoneman Murders

This comes in the genre of thriller and serial killer. Actually, this series is all about real events of the year 1985 to 1989. In that time there was an unidentified serial killer. He used to kill several street dwellers with stones in Kolkata and Mumbai and therefore it made strange to discover about the ongoing scenario. After the disappearance of that killer an aspiring writer, Sneha finds and mysterious and old diary of the Stoneman which makes her curious to find the details inside. With her best interest she decides to know whether the Stoneman is back again or not.

The series marked its beginning in 2019 with 9 episodes.

  • Cast: Swastika Mukherjee as Sneha, Rupankar Bagchi, Rajatava Dutta
  • Director: Rafiq Abdul Wahab.

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4. Paap

Puja Banerjee is a well-known face nowadays in the film industry. This series “Paap” is starring her in the lead. Although it is a drama and murder mystery, this web series on Hoichoi is one of the famous web series on its platform. Paap is an intriguing series about ancient Durga Puja celebrations. Even though it is a murder based series, it marks the return of a powerful and independent woman. This story revolves around a woman who claims to be one of of the family acquaintances and reveal some of the the old hidden secrets. There comes a twist when the family recognise to dead bodies with crumbled papers as well as unusual messages.

In total it had five episodes and was launched in 2019.

  • Cast: Puja Banerjee, Rahul Banerjee, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Rajat Ganguly
  • Director: Anupam Hari

5. Manbhanjan

This series is categorised as drama series. Manbhanjan is based on a story which is written by Rabindranath Tagore and its name is Nobel Laureate. However, it is considered as one of the eternal creations by him. Honouring his great work, the release date was announced on 158th birth anniversary of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore.

So, this story revolves around a housewife, Giribala, who lives a lonely life. She is married to Gopinath and lives with her in-laws. Everything was smooth going until a glamorous theatre actress, Labanga, enters into Gopinath’s life. It became difficult for Giribala and her world turned upside down. After her husband’s betrayal, she decides that she’ll compose herself. Soon, she adjudicates to bravely overcome the situation and empower herself.

Released in 2019 including 2 episodes.

  • Cast: Sohini Sarkar, Anirban Bhattacharya Amrita Chattopadhyay
  • Director: Abhijit Chowdhury

6. Paranoia

This is a compilation of short thrillers. Although, it has several stories but all of them deal with a common theme ‘Paranoia’ streaming on Hoichoi.

As it has many stories, six shot series of it are streaming currently. They are Hello, Cartoon, Dupur Thakurpo, Holy Faak, Lift and Shoshibhushon. All of the stories deal with different psychological disorders and their respective treatment.

Talking about ‘Lift’ episode, it’s about a journalist, Nandita, who moves city which is newly constructed. Tormented by Paranoia, she feels uneasy and unsafe after a lift man ‘Kartik’ begins to keep an evil eye on her.

Released in 2017 comprising four episodes in total.

  • Cast: Kamaleswar Mukherjee, Rayati Bhattacharya Basu, Saayoni Ghosh, Anindya Sain
  • Director: Tathagata Ghosh, Sourav Chakraborty, Annapurna Basu

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7. Shei Je Holud Pakhi

This is first musical thriller of Hoichoi. Shei Je Holud Pakhi is an emotional series.

Five years ago, a police officer ‘Som’ lost his daughter ‘Mitil’.He tries to connect to her daughter through a a sensational pop singer, Vaidehi. After this it leads to musical journey with many mysterious events.

Released in 2018 and had 7 episodes.

  • Cast: Neville Hasan, Shariful Islam, Mostafa Anwar, Aupee Karim
  • Director: Anirban Malik

8. Cartoon

This web series is a psychological horror and is about graphic artist, Aritra. He and his fiancee, Jiniya, shifts to a new apartment. Both of them start feeling that their life has become a hell because many strange and unusual events start happening with the graphic characters which were created by Aritra.

Launched in 2017 and had 7 episodes altogether.

  • Cast: Mainak Banerjee, Paayel Sarkar
  • Director: Sourav Chakraborty

9. Eken Babu

Actually it is based on a book named ‘Eken Babu’ whose writer is Sujan Dasgupta. It is about a detective and is a comedy series. However, set in contemporary Bangalore, this is about the character of Bengali detective.

He is a simple man which has his own ways to investigate crime. In his neighborhood he finds a dead body. He now tries to solve the mystery with his thinking and humour. His adventures and intelligence are highly remarkable. Eken Babu has two season.

Both of the seasons were launched in 2018 itself. Season 1 had 10 episodes while season 2 included 6 episodes only.

  • Cast: Neville Hasan, Mostafa Monwar, Shariful Islam, Anupee Karim
  • Director: Amitabh Reza Chowdhry

10. Dhaka Metro

Hoichoi web series ‘Dhaka Metro’ has Bangladeshi film maker Amitabh Reza Chowdhury as its director. Not only this, it features some of the famous Bangladeshi actors. In addition to this, it will give you that wonderful Bengali feeling.

Kuddus, a distressed businessman goes on a road trip and escapes the hustle-bustle of the Dhaka city. During his journey experiences many odd events. Also, he meets strange people. Rahman, a kid and a runaway woman. And, so he is perplexed as he don’t know about any clue his journey holds.

Launched in 2019 and comprised of 9 episodes.

  • Cast: Neville Hasan, Shariful Islam, Mostafa Monwar, Anupee Karim
  • Director: Amitabh Reza Chowdhury

11. Fish and Chips

Going through the name, we might think that it is a film based on a chef’s life. But, it is not so! This is a comedy series having a satisfactory rating. The story is about the married life of Timi and Parama. They face many problems while they try to lead a peaceful life.

Cast: Apratim Chatterjee, Tapasya Dasgupta
Director: Sounak Kar

12. Ha Ja Ba Ra La

This is another comedy series. It aired in 2018 and gives a full pack of comedy punches. Going through the IMDb rating that is 5.6 out of 10, Ha Ja Ba Ra La is a quite loved show on Hoichoi.

Cast: Ambarish Bhattacharya, Abhimanyu Mukherjee, Saurav Palodhi, Ritabrata Dass, and Shubodip Ghosh

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