8 Best Games Like PUBG Mobile To Play After Ban

Indian Government banned 118 Chinese apps due to security and privacy reasons and PUBG Lite and PUBG was one of those 118 banned apps. The game was banned under the Information Technology Act of Section 69A. The Indian Government stated in the ban that the app is involved in activities that are harmful to the sovereignty and integrity, defence, and security of the country. We can say that ban is also a result of the India-China political clash over the Galway Valley.

But wait, India is not the only country where PUBG is banned. China, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, and Iraq are other countries where PUBG is banned. And several other countries are on their way to ban it shortly.

But the interesting thing about it is that China has banned it in-spite of the fact that Tencent Games, the official distributor of PUBG mobile, is a Chinese-origin company.

Some of the main reasons behind the ban of this application in these countries are that at, PUBG Mobile is much addictive, PUBG Mobile doesn’t have warning notification which affects users health but after several cases, PUBG started delivering warning message and no player can play PUBG Mobile for more than 6 hours in a day in total, and in last PUBG Mobile propagates bloodshed and violence too much.

In this article, we will discuss few top games like PUBG Mobile available to play after the ban.

Games like Pubg mobile to play in 2021


 PUBG Mobile Alternative
PUBG Mobile Alternative

Based on animal characters, Zooba is an extremely funny battle royale game. If you always play games full of bloodshed, and gory then you can play this game to give yourself rest from these violent games. In any way, Zooba’s gameplay is not intense like PUBG Mobile, but you will surely get the spirit of an arena and battleground. Zooba is a fast-paced, fun and absolutely thrilling game. It lets you play 20 players deathmatch in Survival Adventure mode.

This game has been designed finely and has high-quality graphics, unique game controls, and last but not least Zooba offers actions based on physics. You can earn rewards within the game which can be utilised to customize character or other things. 


  • Good graphics quality
  • 20-player deathmatch
  • Online multiplayer available
  • Offer character customization


  • The game sometimes freezes and lags too

Download: Android, iOS (Free to download and play, but also offers in-app purchases to increase experience)

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Call Of Duty: Mobile

 PUBG Mobile Alternative
Games like Pubg to play in 2021

Those who are also interested in PC gaming, know the game Call of Duty for sure. After its success on platforms like PC, PS, Xbox, and others, two years back, that is in 2019 Call of Duty: Mobile was launched for iOS and Android. Call of Duty: Mobile was used to be the biggest rival to PUBG Mobile and after its ban is the first choice for Battle Royale lovers. CoD: Mobile is published by a US-based studio, Activision.

CoD: Mobile has everything that you love in PUBG Mobile. You get a 5v5 Deathmatch, different multiplayer modes, a 100-player battle royale mode, and others. More than that you can customize your character, weapons with skins, and unlock different things. In short, we can say that CoD: Mobile is nothing but PUBG Mobile in different essence. With around 2GB of storage, this game runs well on all budget or average smartphones.

All these things make Call of Duty: Mobile the best alternative to PUBG Mobile. 


  • like PUBG, 100-player battle royale 
  • Online multiplayer games too
  • Compatible with both high-end and budget smartphones
  • Takes up 2GB of storage which is less as compared to other


  • The user community is smaller

Download: Android, iOS (Free to download and play, but also offers in-app purchases to increase experience)

Garena Free Fire: 3volution

 PUBG Mobile Alternative
Games Like PUBG Mobile

If your device is of the lower end and could not afford to jump into a high capacity Battle Royale then you could try Garena Free Fire: 3volution at first. The fundamentals of the battle royale format remain the same. All the control area on the screen and super easy to navigate. Just like PUBG Mobile, you will drop on an island and you have to loot good weapons, armours, vests as well as medkits and have to stay inside the blue zone to survive and win the battle. 

The only catch in Garena Free Fire is that instead of 100 you have to go against just 49 players in a 10 minutes battle royale match to survive and win. You can also play in a squad or in a duo and interact with each other using the in-game voice chat feature. The graphics are not so good as compared to PUBG Mobile, but they are smooth and seamless so you won’t face any lag.


  • Small 49-player battle royale
  • Loot and shoot like PUBG
  • Supports in-game voice chat like PUBG
  • Significantly good graphics


  • No various weapons option available
  • An anti-cheating system does not seem to work and thus lots of hackers are there like PUBG

Download: Android, iOS (Free to download and play, but also offers in-app purchases to increase experience)

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

From the mobile game community, Hopeless Land has got rapturous reviews. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival is another alternative to PUBG Mobile and has so much potential with Adventure Survival as its main theme. The survival mode allows you to play against 121 players and the last man standing to win the game.

Games Like PUBG Mobile
Games Like PUBG Mobile

It comes from Asian developers and thus has an Asian aesthetic environment and it feels like your native place. Besides vehicles, you can drive helicopters land anywhere and face opponents. With guns and weapons, you also need a strategic mindset to

 win the game. Like PUBG Mobile’s Blue Zone there is a Hazard Zone and you have to stay within only. 


  • Big 121-players battle royale for more fun
  • Asian aesthetic theme and environment
  • Can fly helicopters
  • Almost like PUBG


  • An anti-cheating system does not seem to work and thus lots of hackers are there like PUBG

Download: Android, iOS (Free to download and play, but also offers in-app purchases to increase experience)

Pixel’s Unknown Battle

Minecraft players are much familiar with pixel-based retro visuals. Just like Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds is a battle royale game based on pixel-style graphics. If you’re are a true fan of Minecraft then there is a chance that you will like and enjoy this battle royale on your smartphones. 

You need to avoid the rage of your enemies in a block map, where your character (a block-figure) can shoot with a Pixel Gun, multiple-

 barrel, SMG, AK, and other weapons to take down your enemies while covering yourself. 

You may face a few lags and glitches as the game is still under development. To simplify the game developers are discussing adding auto-shoot mode so that you can take down your enemies easily. 


  • Pixel-theme retro graphics and visuals
  • 3D Block-based city
  • Wide collection of guns
  • Auto-shoot mode for easy aiming


  • Some minor glitches and lags sometimes

Download: Android, iOS (Free t

o download and play, but also offers in-app purchases to increase experience)

ScarFall : The Royale Combat

Moving to the next game we have ScarFall: The Royale Combat. It one of the few quality games that have been developed by an Indian Studio. According to sources, under AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ScarFall lists as one of the tops Made in India app. 

So, if you want to boycott Chinese based battle royale and also want to enjoy indigenous games then you should opt for ScarFall. You can play multiplayer mode either online or offline. And just like others, you have to play inside a shrinking zone. 

Moreover, you can slay your skills either in 4v4 squad matches or as an individual. In addition, you can enjoy this game in both third-person and first-person shooter mode. 


  • The graphics and visuals are pretty good
  • Along with online can be played offline
  • Supports TPS and FPs
  • Community is growing at a great pace


  • Some bugs and often lag
  • Take time to form a lobby.

Download: Android, iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

Black Survival

 PUBG Mobile Alternative
PUBG Mobile Alternative

Black Survival is a fast-paced, fun and absolutely thrilling game and its characters are based on Anime. Your character dropped on the island having 22 different areas comprising forest, hospital, beach and others. A single is of a total of 20 minutes and you will be pushed in a battlefield with a zone.

Controls are not complex but can be unique for some, to survive you need to smart and quick on your feet. Different characters offer different special abilities and craft different weapons, healings, and food using recipes.


  • Anime-based theme and graphics
  • 10-player deathmatch for instant fun
  • Greta collection of weapons
  • Unique maps


  • The user community is smaller

Download: Android, iOS (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

Danger Close – Games like Pubg mobile

Games Like PUBG Mobile
Games Like PUBG Mobile

Lastly, we have Danger Close in our Battle Royale games for mobile users. Earlier, this game is nothing but after significant updates, it improves considerably. Danger Close offers you a thrilling and intense battle experience in multiplayer. The attraction of the game is its map as you get 8 different maps and features like inventory system, Recoil, and looting just like PUBG Mobile.

FPS deathmatch is always available to join and enjoy with your squad. Graphics are not excellent as PUBG but still, they are acceptable. 


  • Online multiplayer deathmatch like PUBG
  • Bigger maps than other
  • Can choose from a variety of locations
  • Low storage taking


  • The graphics are not that good

Download: Android, iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

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