The last hour season 2 release date Speculations season one review

The last hour recently made its remarkable premiere on Amazon Prime. The show had a great response from the Indian viewership, as the storyline and the characters were quite perfect for the roles. Talking about the last hour in the first season itself had a lot of buzz before the release, although after the show was premiered a few critics from the Bollywood world made a few points about Why they didn’t like the show. Yes, the storyline comparing with the ongoing Web series world is a bit backed up but the authenticity is something that has been maintained with a fresh storyline and a new concept.

Talking about the last hour let’s get straight into the details of season 2 and is there a chance the story has some cliffhangers or not.

The last hour season 2 release date

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the last hour season 2 release date. There are speculations that after a few months the creators might announce a season 2 depending upon the ratings and the viewership the show gets.

Although there were close to no cliffhangers that were left in season one, the same can be seen with a few Indian Web series as well when the storyline was consumed in season one but the popularity and demand of another season made the writer jot down another story that could connect the audience with the past events.

The last hour season one storyline

The show had a story of love, adventure, a mystery that was compiled together. The story revolves around a young shaman who has a supernatural ability to roll back the timings up to one hour and see what had happened. Compared to a future teller he had the ability to see the past. This enables him to join a mission and collab with the police investigation about a murderer. Chasing the suspect he falls in love with the investigator’s daughter and the shaman is stuck between love and duty as the criminal comes out to have a connection with him and his supernatural powers.

There’s a lot more in the epic supernatural crime thriller that has been created by Amit Kumar. There are a few Indian Web series that has delivered the audience something related to magic and art thus this web series has a lot of potentials. Depending upon the viewership we might get to see a season 2 as well. Till then if you haven’t watched the show yet and landed straight for the total no of season’s the last hour has, it is a must-watch show and can be watched on Amazon prime.

The last hour Cast

The cast of the last hour included Sanjay Kapoor , Karma Takapa , Shaylee Krishen , Shahana Goswami , Robin Tamang, Mandakini Goswami , Raima Sen , Lanuakum Ao , Lapchen Lepcha , Dewashish Lama , Vivek Pradhan , Sonam Thendup Barphungpa, Younita Pandey , Mani K. Bhujel , Abhishekh Rai , Kalyani Lama , Millo Sunka , Anirban Roy , Arunjit Borah, Kiki Lhamu Bhutia, Javed Khan , Kiran Bhujel , Umesh Mukhia, Prithi Raj Roy, Revati Lepcha , Priya Aggarwal , Ankit Nepal Chettri, Sumit Rana and Jayveer Rawat. Although this is not sure that they might appear in the second season or not but the main characters do have a chance to come back for the last hour season 2.

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