My First First Love Season 3 Release Date Updates!

My First First Love is a South Korean drama series that was first aired in 2018, on April 18 and then after a year, it came up with a second season on 19th July 2019. Till then the fans are eagerly waiting for any update regarding My First First Love Season 3. Many predictions were made on whether season 3 will ever come or not, but yet the fans don’t have the perfect information. So we have brought up this article to you about My First First Love season 3 with all of its information. So let’s find out if there will be a season 3 or not?

My First First Love Season 3 Release Date

My First First Love Season 3 Release Date

To be honest, at all there is no such information provided by the original official maker of the series. There are many predictions made over about it being possible but the truth is that it has been 2 years since the last season arrived and yet no updates have been released for a sequel season.

So, don’t know on what basis it should be expected but only if we go for the love and support any drama requires for coming with another season then we can say that My First First Love has achieved that position. Otherwise, we have seen the ending in season 2 which left us with no such expectation for a sequel season. Yet, it is not so difficult to bring back the friends together again like after 2015, My first time came with My First First love in 2018 by bringing back the friends together.

So, for the maker, it would not be a big deal to plot a good story and bring the six friends together for a sequel season. So as a conclusion, it can be said that you should not wait for another season and if in case it comes then we will update you.

Will There Be My First First Love Season 3?

No release date is there. The possibility for another season is still there but no official statement is given by the makers so, for now, it is not possible at all and you must not seek any release date. Season 2 ended up with a happy ending without ruining anybody’s life.

Also, the actor Jin Young who portrays Do-Hyun is now on his duty for the nation belonging from South Korea where every youth must go into the army, maybe he has done with his duty now. So there are still hopes in 2021, for any such update regarding season 3.

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My First First Love Season 1 And 2

My First First Love Season 3 Release Date

First of all, you should know that there is a series named My First Time, which was released in 2015 and it has 3 seasons. My first love is a sequel series of 2015, My First Time drama, which means if you want to go for the prequel series of My First First Love then just go and watch it out.

Coming to what the series My first firs love is about, The series revolves around five youths in their twenties. Yun Tae-o, Song-Yi, Do-Hyun, Ga-Rin, and Hoon are the five friends who begin to live together. They left their homes because of personal different reasons. Tae-O is a good-natured boy who is rich and has a well-off own house.

Things go on with the five friends in their personal life and then suddenly three of them have to leave their homes and comes to Tae-O. One of them is Tae’s long-time childhood friend Song Yi who is a cheerful girl and has been struggling which leads her to be homeless.

Tae starts to develop feelings for Song but it becomes complicated as she likes one of his close friends Do Hyun and also Do Hyun likes her but does not confess because he feels he is not good enough for her. So something like this the story continues with sacrifices for friendships and love among each other having complications yet simplicity.

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My First First Love Season 3 Details

As a final thought you must have no expectations for My first Love season 3 because it is already too late for any official announcement to be released. May be in case the maker will think of bringing the friends together again in future, then there can be a third season otherwise according to the present scenario there is no scene for any sequel season.

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