Crash Landing On You Season 2 Release Date: Will it ever comes?

A lot of rumours have been made on the K-Drama, Crash Landing on You, all are about a season 2 of the series. Also, the drama is worth creating rumours as everyone will love to hear about it. Crash Landing Yn you, worldwide available on Netflix is one of the most popular and best K-drama on Netflix, it is on top 2 in the list of highest rated South Korean TV drama in cable television history and it is the highest-rated drama on Tvn. The outstanding performances were given by Hyun Bin and So Ye Jin was praised by every tongue talking about the series. So, let’s find out whether the rumours regarding The Crash Landing on You season 2 release date is out or not

On IMDb, the show has been rated with a score of 8.7 out of 10, achieved a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes. So, there are all reasons for the maker of the show to bring another season as it has fulfilled all the criteria that any show needs to have to come up with a second season and also you know, there is something special with the Crash Landing On You that can make you eager for even a bit more scene watching Yoon Se-Ri and Ri Jeong-hyeok together.

Crash Landing On You Release Date Expectations

There is no release date for Crash Landing on You Season 2 as it is not having any official announcement. Also, nobody is sure that whether it will have the next season or not? So why predict a date unnecessarily. Thus it is mentioned clearly that there are no predictions over any such release date. Well, in the case if in future it comes we will update you.

Crash Landing On You Season 2

Will There Be Crash Landing On You Season 2 Ever?

The answer to this question is not so clear yet, as there is no official statement appearing till now. According to What’s on Netflix it will be a shame to create another season of unnecessary, the show has all the best things but it is not good to stretch the plot unnecessary. Many fans are just wanting another season but many are there who has mentioned their demand on just a good ending and not for the next season. Also, it is better not to make any assumptions on what one wants and thinks of the show unless it is given by the official members. So, let us find it out at last after discussing the ending of the show to see if there is any possibility or not that can have in the plot of season 2.

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Crash Landing On You Season 2 Plot

it is a love story that has complications from the surroundings making it to be a modern Romeo and Juliet plot. Yoon Seri is a rich South Korean girl, owns a fashion business and soon she is to become CEO of her family business because she is more intelligent and honest than her brothers. She is not loved in her family by her stepmother and brother and her father has just been released from prison. One day, She went paragliding where a tornado took place and she gets lost somewhere in North Korea.

She was found by captain Ri Jung Hyuk in North Korea. The two countries have many complications and do not have a good relationship with each other. At this stance, it is very dangerous to be found by an army at the border of one’s country where captain Ri finds Seri. Captain told her that she needs to be interrogated whether she is an enemy or not but she was afraid and ran away as fast as she could run but she didn’t reach South Korea instead it was the place where Captain Ri lives. Ri allowed her to live in his house where his comrades took care of her as it was very complicated to surrender Seri to the government.

Crash Landing On You Season 2 will come or not?

The captain is the only son of his father who is a general director. after been questioned about who is Seri captain Ri introduces her as his fiance. Thus that’s how they developed feelings for each other. Every time Ri tries to send Seri to North Korea things turns out into life-threatening actions. It was not easy at all to send her back to the enemy country while having enemies of their own lives who keeps on interrupting to kill Seri. Finally at last Seri reaches her country and controls her business Captain Ri was introduces as her bodyguard and again the same complications happen with Captain Ri in North Korea. The story ends up happily when after all the tragedies and circumstances they live together in Switzerland.

So there was ending is happy and there is nothing left in their love story. What can you expect as extensions in the story after they end up living together?

There is no good story to be appearing in a season 2 as the first has done great work in ending well. The story of season 2 would be something if they were not supposed to live together and still being in a long relationship living in their own countries. But this was not the plot so it is clear that a love story ending happily should not proceed more.

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Crash Landing On You Season 2 will Come or Not?

Now the clear and perfect answer according to me is it should not come with a next sequel season as the story somehow does not allows it.

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