Is Just Add Magic Season 5 Release Date Cancelled?

Just Add Magic is an American show that has been doing great for the last few years. it is an adventurous TV series that has an incredible story. After the fourth season ended, viewers were anxious to know about the future installments. And you must also be one of those persons who is waiting for season 5 to drop. That is why you have landed here. So, in this post, we are talking about the Just Add Magic season 5 release date and recent updates. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s get into the details.

Is Just Add Magic Season 5 Happening?

Just Add Magic Season 5 Release Date

It will be upsetting for the fans to know that there is no official confirmation about the renewal of the show. Although no any confirm the statement has been made, will look forward to the fifth season of Just Add Magic. This is because all the past seasons were satisfying and garnered good ratings. Receiving an IMDb rating of 8.3 out of 10 is a tough row to hoe. This has made the expectations of the people high. Keeping in mind these responses from the audience, there are chances that Amazon might renew the show and bring the fifth season before the viewers very soon.

Just Add Magic already has four seasons in total and it was the ratings and reviews that made it to return multiple times. Spectators are eagerly waiting for season 5 but analyzing the present scenario, it seems that the series will have to wait till any confirmation is made by the creators.

Just Add Magic Season 5 Release Date

Going through the trend of previous release dates, we hope to watch season 5 in January 2022. The first season was released in January 2015 and the second part of season 2 premiered on 19th January 2018. The last installment was before the fans on 25th October 2019. Currently, the show is having a gap of almost two years from the last release date. However Just Add Magic: Mystery City was dropped in January 2020. Henceforth, if the creators make up their minds for season 5, they will not make the delay longer. If you come across any recent updates and details, we will let you know, and update this section.

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Just Add Magic Season 5 Cast

Since it is the story of three best friends Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie. These three girls are the main cast and were a part of every season so far. Olivia Sanabia is playing the role of Kelly. This girl loves basketball and is loyal. The role of Darbie is played by Abby Donnelly. She also enjoys playing basketball and is interested in superheroes. Hannah is a smart girl and likes playing the piano. This character is superbly played by Aubrey Miller. The other characters that contribute to the list of caste include Judah Bellamy, Andrew Burlinson, Amy Hill, Usman Ally, and many others. The actresses portraying the three best friends will be reprising their rules in season 5 as well. Apart from them, many new faces can join the show while we can also have the previous persons in their same characters.

How Many Episodes Just Add Magic Season 5 Can Have?

Just Add Magic Season 5 Cast

This is very uncertain as the previous installments had a different number of episodes. Further, the name of the episodes is a little fun. This is because the title of every episode starts with “Just Add”. For instance, season 1 comprised of 13 episodes that were titled, Just Add Magic, Just Add Brains, Just Add Dogs, Just Add Mom, Just Add Jake, Just Add Birthdays, and so on.

Just Add Magic Season 5 Plot

This American TV series is based on a book by Cindy Callaghan. Every season’s story is related to each other. This means that we will be witnessing a story that will be having a connection with the past season. But, the series promised that it will have a lot more fun adventure and drama.

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