Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 2 Release Date And Plot Details!

Watching a series based on sports gives excitement and fun and that’s the reason people from all around the world like watching them. Whenever we talk about k-drama, the first thing that we come across is the romantic story that has a different fan base in the entire world. The romance between the lead characters in the South Korean series and dramas is addictive for the youth in many countries. But this time, the series upon which this post is focused is a sport and coming of age drama. However, this series also has a sweet romantic comedy. Well, if you are wondering that we are not going to tell you the name of the series, then it is not so! Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo is one of that South Korean TV series that has a realistic story and shows the situation, a sportswoman faces in reality. After season 1, people want to know whether Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo season 2 will be happening or will face a cancellation? If the second season is on its way, what could be the possible release date? Here, we have answered some of the most anticipated questions related to its second season.

Is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 2 Happening?

Here, comes the most crucial question about the second season! We cannot say that the series was a huge hit and the creators were much happy. Also, the ratings that the show received were not so great but satisfactory. It was able to gain a 3.3 rating in South Korea. The ratings and reviews are the most important factors while deciding the renewal of the series for the next installment and season.

Taking a look at this, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo season 2 seems to have few chances. Apart from it, in an interview, the lead actress, Lee Sung-Kyung gave hope to all the fans. Although the series was not much popular, it managed to please the young audience. The makers neither made any announcement nor stated anything about the second season. Hence, at this moment, nothing is yet confirmed, and so, it is uncertain. The previous season is available on Netflix.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 2 tariler

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 2 Release Date

The first season premiered on MBC and this entire story covered 16 episodes. It was released on 16th November 2016 and the further episodes were dropped every week. If Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo season 2 happens, we can expect it to arrive in winter 2021 or early 2022. Since the entire mankind is fighting against coronavirus and pandemic is prevailing in many countries, the production might be hampered.

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 2 Cast

The first season had Lee Sung-Kyung in the role of Kim Bok-Joo. She is the female lead character and a weightlifter. Nam Joo-hyuk was playing Jung Joon-Hyung. He is the childhood friend of Bok-Joo. He is a swimmer and goes to the same sports university as Kim Bok-Joo. The other main characters include Kyung Soo-jin as Song Shi-ho and Lee Jae-Yoon as Jung Jae-Yi. Song Shi-ho is a gymnast and has amazing skills. Jae-Yi is Joon-Hyung’s cousin and runs a clinic for making people fit and fight obesity.

Kim Bok-Joo had two best friends, Nan-hee (Cho Hye-Jung) and Lee Seon-ok (Lee Joo-Young). These three always had fun and found happiness in every small thing. They used to eat at restaurants and hang out together. Nan-hee is a happy girl and dreams of a perfect partner to have a romance with. Seon-ok is not much interested in boys but eventually, somewhere she gets involved with Tae-Kwon. Tae-Kwon is played by Ji Il-Joo and is Joon-Hyung’s roommate and a friendly personality. He starts liking Seon-ok and wants to date her.

Apart from these actors, other characters of the series have Kang Ki-young as Kim Dae-ho, Bok-Joo’s uncle, and Ahn Gil-Kang as Kim Chang-gul, father of Kim Bok-Joo. He owns and runs a chicken restaurant. The role of weightlifting professor, Yoon Deok-man, and coach, Choi Sung-Eun, is played by Choi Moo-sung and Jang Young-Nam, respectively. Further, in the list is Yoo Da-in in the role of Go Ah-young. She has a crush on Jae-Yi and desperately wants to be in a relationship with him. She is also a doctor at the sports university, mentioned earlier.
If the series returns and season 2 comes up, we expect the main cast to reprise their roles. However, we can say that most of the cast members are likely to return.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 2 cast

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 1 Story: How Joon-Hyung Recognized Bok-Joo In The Pool?

Being a weightlifter, Kim Bok-Joo has a schedule according to which she does her training and then stayed up in the hostel. She and her best friends were often made fun of by the gymnasts. People used to tease them because of being weightlifters. She often visits her father who runs a chicken restaurant near the sports university in which she practices and is doing graduation. Her father always wants her to work hard and dedicate most of her time to weightlifting. Kim bok Joo is very passionate about weightlifting and this makes her happy. Along with her friends, she enjoyed eating chicken at her father’s restaurant.

One day, Joon-Hyung was on his way to the training center. His speed was so fast that the moment he made a turn, he collided with Bok-Joo and both of them fell. This was the time when they first met with each other. Joon-Hyung had a handkerchief that he left mistakenly after that small accident and hence Bok-Joo took and washed it up to return it. When she went to the pool where he was training to return the handkerchief, Joon-Hyung lost his temper when he got to know that she was that piece of cloth. It is because that belonged to his mother that she gave him while she left for Canada.

Suddenly, both of them fell into the pool and then after he realized that she is her childhood friend and they went to the same elementary school. He started remembering how she saved his life once when he fell from a window. From that day, he began calling her ‘Chubs’, Bok-Joo’s childhood nickname.

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How Kim Bok-Joo Met Jae-Yi?

One day, her father brought a dressing table from the streets as he always picked the things that were thrown away by others people. Whenever he found such things that seemed useful to him, he used to bring them to the house. At first, she was not very pleased but then after she started liking the dressing table. Surprisingly the other day she saw a poster about that dressing table and therefore they have to return it. When she was doing so, she accidentally met Jae-Yi. His decent appearance and handsome face made Bok-Joo have a crush on him. When she found about his clinic, she managed to collect money and enroll in the program according to which she would have to lose weight in the way he will guide. Kim bok Joo was doing all these things because she wanted to see Jae-Yi and liked being around him. Bok-joo lied of being a cello player but Jae-yi witnessed the true fact after some days.

What Was The Childhood Trauma of Joon-Hyung In The Series?

On the other hand, Joon-Hyung always teased her but both of them crossed paths many a time. His ex-girlfriend, Shi-ho arrived at the school and became Bok-Joo’s roommate. Even after the break-up, she wanted to get along with him but he was no longer interested, and hence, he avoided her sometimes. She was trying every possible effort to impress him but Joon-Hyung never gave a positive sign. He was ready to be her friend but was not willing to come back in the relationship.

Joon-Hyung suffering from childhood trauma. This acted as the barrier in his career. He faced many disqualifications at the major swimming competitions because of the false start. The reason behind the issue was this childhood trauma which he developed when his mother left him with his uncle and aunt along with Jae-Yi to live with. Every year on Christmas, he received a postcard and a gift from his mother. But later on, he realized the truth and got to know that it was her aunt who sends those postcards and gifts so that he would not feel alone and abandoned. Even after knowing all this, Joon-Hyung never revealed this fact in front of his uncle and aunt.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 2 Release Date

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Why Shi-ho Revealed Kim Bok-Joo’s Secret Of Weight Clinic? Did Joon-Hyung Propose Her Childhood Friend?

On the other side, the weightlifting team has to face many crises because of financial problems. But, all of them were ready to cope up with these issues. The coach and the professor were worried about their students’ future and were planning how to help them in the best possible way. After thinking about all the aspects, they wanted Kim Bok-Joo toraise his weight class, and then she will be able to win a medal. They conveyed this suggestion to Bok-Joo’s father.

After thinking wisely and deeply, he agreed. Now, it was the time for Bok-Joo to agree and train herself accordingly. She didn’t take much time and nodded yes for raising her weight class. It was a bit difficult for her because at the same time she has to eat according to her diet plan to put on weight while on the other side, she was visiting the weight clinic where Jae-Yi was guiding her to lose weight. Many a time, it would happen that her coach was surprised because of her lost weight and meanwhile the doctor was surprised after watching her weight gain.

Eventually, Shi-ho found everything. She hated to see Kim Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyung together, and therefore, she revealed everything about this condition to Bok-Joo’s coach. When this secret reached her father, he was very disappointed. Bok-Joo became very sad and felt sorry for everything she did. She explained the reason behind why she was doing so. She took a break from weight lifting and started doing a part-time job to fulfill her wishlist. Further, Joon-Hyung realizes that he is in love with Kim Bok-Joo. He reached the place where she was working and confessed his love to her.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 1 Ending Explained

In mid of all these issues, Bok-Joo’s father was taken to hospital. After this, She returned to the weightlifting department of the university and started training. Joon-Hyung and Kim Bok-Joo became a couple and enjoyed things together. She got into the national team after winning a medal. Now, Joon-Hyung was missing her as she was far away and both of them talked to each other but their schedule had different timings.
In the last episode, her father was having an operation the day on which she had the final match. Hence, he didn’t want her to know about it as she will get worried. But, that didn’t happen. Her father gave strength and encouraged her for the final match. She won the gold medal and the series had a happy ending with the graduation ceremony of Kim Bok-Joo, Joon-Hyung, and their friends.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Season 2 Plot

The series ended on a happy note and there are no cliffhangers left behind that would create confusion. This indicates that the upcoming season might have a new storyline. This would be clear after the trailer drops, in case the second season comes up.

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