My Sweet Curse Season 2 Release Date And Plot Explained!

My Sweet Curse is a Spanish TV show that has gained great popularity all around the world. The show is most famous as ‘Mi adorable maldición’. The first episode of My Sweet Curse season 1 was first premiered on the 23rd of January 2017 and consisted of 122 episodes in total. It seems like a lot but once you start watching it, 122 will seem a very small number to you. My Sweet Curse is a very cute and intensified love story that you will love watching. Usually, Spanish industries bring romantic series that has a lot of crime and thriller in them but this is a very sweet and intensified love show that will make you fall in love with it. So, here we have gathered all the details we know about the My Sweet Curse season 2 release date.

Produced by Televisa, the running time for each episode ranges between 40 to 45 minutes. This is like usual TV shows that we see daily and if you start watching it you will get habitual to it. Season one of the show has already concluded and now fans are waiting for My Sweet Curse season 2.

My Sweet Curse Season 2 Plot

My Sweet Curse is a love story web show that revolves around two people who fell in love. Rumors are around The town that a beautiful young woman, Aurora is cursed because of the damaged, unsolved and dark past and now she will not meet anyone else and will just die someday alone. Events took a turn when she meets a handsome and gorgeous boy, Rodrigo, and falls in love with him. Soon after that, Rodrigo also falls for Aurora. Both of them create a very strong bond and let society know that nothing can break their bond.

They just wanted to prove that no obstacle can break what they have together. They also wanted to show that her curse comes in the way it cannot break whatever they have together. So, the story continues and they both fight to prove their love and to remove the Curse Aurora has.

If the second season of the show returns, My Sweet Curse season 2 might continue from where season 1 ended and they will still be in love together and they might be fighting the people who are trying to break them. We can also see both the lovers being apart for some time but they will finally realize that they need each other and will reunite. All these questions will be answered when season 2 of the show arrives.

My Sweet Curse Season 2 release date

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My Sweet Curse Season 2 Release Date

Season one of My Sweet Curse has already concluded and season 2 is something every fan of the show is waiting for. But there is no official information regarding the My Sweet Curse season 2 release date. The Last episode of My Sweet Curse season 1 was premiered on the 9th of July 2017 and after that, the production house has not given a green flag to season 2.

Hopefully, we can get some news on season 2 this year or next year. As of now, My sweet Curse season 2 remains canceled and it doesn’t have any official information. But if the show is renewed in near future we might see season 2 in late 2023 or early 2024. But that’s just a guess as there has been not a single piece of information revealed about season 2.

So, we just have to wait for the production house to confirm. If they are going to bring season 2, the most important factor to renew a season is its fanbase. The show gained an average fanbase so there are chances that production might renew it for the second season.

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My Sweet Curse Season 2 Trailer

As I mentioned above, there has been no official information made regarding season 2 of my sweet curse and therefore there is no trailer yet for season 2. The page will be updated as soon as the My Sweet Curse Season 2 trailer is released or any information regarding its renewal is leaked.

My Sweet Curse Season 2  cast cast

My Sweet Curse Cast

Renata Notni will be seen as Aurora, the girl who was cursed due to her dark and bad past. Pablo Lyle had played the role of Rodrigo, the boy with whom Aurora falls in love. They both are the main characters of the show. Some other cast members of the show are Maya Mishalska, Laura Carmine, Erik Díaz, Patricia Navidad, Cecilia Gabriela, Catalina López, Roberto Blandón, Socorro Bonilla, Juan Ángel Esparza, Santiago Hernández and others.

The show is available on MX player, Hindi dubbed for fans to watch.

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