Montu Pilot Season 2 Release Date and Plot Expectations!

Montu Pilot is a Bengali web series directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya. The teaser or the Montu Pilot season first was released on 19 November 2019. It is a Bengali web series based on a dream of a child of becoming a Pilot when he will become an adult. He dreamt about this from his childhood. The boy stays with his mother in the red light area Neelkuthi but his mother wanted to support and take him out of this area soon so as to give him a beautiful decent life. This series was produced by Star Entertainment private limited. Montu Pilot is the best Bengali series after the very successful reviews of Chitraheen. This series is not basically for the viewers who want to watch intimate scenes but this series is totally on a different concept. All the cinematography and music composition was awesome. In this article, we have brought all the updates regarding the Montu Pilot season 2 release date and other updates.

Montu Pilot Season 2 Release Date

Montu Pilot first season was released on 13 December 2019 with a total of 9 episodes.As of now ,there are no official words from the makers regarding the release of second season.As soon as any official announcement news will be out we will update here soon.

The first season was rated 7 stars out of 20 on IMDb.The first season 9 episodes are titled respectively Ghoretey Bhromor Elo, Welcome to Neelkuthi, Kothae Montu Pilot, Bhromor O Badal, Noroker Khojey, Rakta Bonya, Daktaar Babu, Shukhi Poribar, and last Mrityu Pothey.

You can watch this series on Bengali OTT platform Hoichoi and this series is also available on MX player.

montu pilot season 2 cast

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Montu Pilot Season 2 Cast Details

This romantic series cast is most probably not going to change in the second season. The main cast includes Saurav Das is in the main lead playing the role of Montu Pilot, Solanki Roy in the role of Bhromor because of whom Montu Pilot life changed, Chandrayee Ghosh is playing the role of Bibijaan, Kanchan Mullick in the role of Taufik, Subrata Dutta is playing the Doctor’s roke, Alivia Sarkar as Shoroma and Suzi Bhowmik is playing the role of Transgender Brothel worker.
All the actors did justice to their characters with their tremendous and outstanding performance in the series.

Montu Pilot Season 2 Plot Expecations

Mount Pilot was a boy who dreamt in childhood of becoming a pilot. He stays with his mother in a red light area in Neelkuthi. His mother wanted to provide a recent life to him but the circumstances were not favorable. He became a courier then. He has portrayed a man with no feelings and a sense of love but after he meets Bhonkte his life changed and he somewhere changed. Before meeting Bhromor he was emotionless and was very insensitive by nature.

montu pilot season 2

Montu Pilot Season 2 Trailer

There are no official words announcement by the makers till now. We will update here as soon as any official announcement will be out regarding Montu Pilot season 2. Here is the trailer below for the first season and if you haven’t watched the first season yet, go watch it on Mx Player or Bengali ott platform Hoichoi

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