Best Movies Of Allu Arjun You Should Be Watching Right Now!

He is an actor who appears in Telugu movies. Arjun is one of the most famous personalities amongst the south media. He has done many movies which are loved by the audience. He started his career in 1985 when he was a child and appeared in Vijetha and as a dancer in Daddy. He is also famous amongst the audience because of his dance moves.

Then he started his career as an adult in 2003. His first movie was Gangotri. He has won many awards likes Filmfare Awards for Best Actor for Parugu. Filmfare Awards for best-supporting Actor and Nandi Award for Best Character Actor.

5 Filmfare Awards South and 3 Nandi Awards. He has acted Amazingly in his movie and performed well. Many of his movies which is a big hit on the screen are Arya, Son of Satyamurthy, Rudhramaevi, and Julayi, and many more. Here I have listed down some of the blockbuster movies of Allu Arjun.

1. Son of Satyamurthy

IMDB rating- 7/10

It was released on 9th April 2015. It is an action drama romance movie. Originally released in the Telugu language. Running timing 163 minutes. Penned and Directed by Trivikram Srinivas.

One of the most talented actors and actresses is cast in this film. Allu Arjun as Viraj Anand, Upendra as Devaraju Naidu, Samarntha Akkineni as Sameera, Nithya Menen as Valli, and Sneha as Lakshmi and many more.

The story revolves around Satmurthy one of the rich businessmen who died in an accident. He was a very loyal person and never did anything wrong with anyone. But something happened and his father’s image was destroyed. His father left behind a huge amount almost 300 crores for his family. But Satyamurthy has bankruptcy of almost 300 crores. His Son Viraj is a loyal man and tries to clear his father’s image. The story involves what he will do to clear his father’s image. Will it be easy for him? How will he manage? Talking about his love life he falls in love with Sameera. Watch Son of Satyamurthy to know what happened.

2. Arya

Best Movies Of Allu Arjun

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

It was released on 7 May 2004. It is an action, romance-based film. It is originally released in the Telugu language.
Directed and Pinned by Sukumar. Produced by Dil Raju. Talking about the cast members, Allu Arjun as Arya, Anuradha Mehta as Geetanjali, Siva Balaji as Ajay in the lead role.

Talking about the plot of the film a beautiful girl’s Geetanjali, Arya, and their love story. Geetanjali anklet drops into the ocean. And a guy sprung into the ocean to save her anklet. But she did not see the face of that guy. Ajay is a spoiled child. He likes Geetanjali and tries to blackmail her to fall in love with him. But Geetanjali did not like him. As he pressurized her, she accepted his proposal.

Arya as soon as he saw Geetanjali for the first time he falls in love with her. Ajay’s father Awataram is not ready for Geetanjali and Ajay’s marriage. Awataram wanted Ajay to marry Lalasa. Arya genuinely loves her and Ajay just wanted her because he wants her. And finally after lots of problems faced by them. On the day of her Matrimony, Geetanjali understands that Arya is her true love, not Ajay who is forcing her to love him back. She left her wedding hall and finally went and met Arya and proposed to him. Both are together and celebrating the victory of their true love.

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3. Deshmuduru

Best Movies Of Allu Arjun

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

It was released on 12 January 2007. It is an action drama-based movie. Originally released in the Telugu language. Pinned and Directed by Puri Jagannath. Produced by DDV Danayya. Starring one of the most popular actors and actresses, Allu Arjun as Bala Govind, Hansika Motwani as Vaishali, Pradeep Rawat as Tambi Durai, and Ali as Shankar in the lead role.

Bala work in MAA TV as a director. He always supports the right thing and cannot handle unfair activities, which always puts him in danger. He saved a man from the Murugesan mobster son of Tambi Durai is a gangster. Bala met Vaishali and fall in love with her. Vaishali is the daughter of Narayan patwari. Bala wants to marry Vaishali but before he arrives to ask her she was kidnapped by Tambi Durai’s bodyguard. Bala got to know about Tambi Durai that he killed Vaishalis parents and his wife to take Patwari properties.

Tambi Durai wants Vaishali to marry his son Murugesan. As soon as Bala got to know Tambi’s wrong intention he informed the Police inspector and ask for help. Vaishali run away from there and went to Kulu Manali. Bala successfully saved Vaishali and they both married.

4. Vedam

Best Movies Of Allu Arjun

It was released on 4 June 2010. It is originally released in the Telugu language. Directed and pinned by Krish. Starring Allu Arjun as Anand Raj, Anushka Shetty as Saroja in the lead role. Others casts are Manoj Manchu as Vivek Chakravarti, Saranya Ponvannan as Padma, etc.

The story has five different characters. And the story revolves around them. Saroja, Vivek Chakravarti, Ramula, Anand Raj, and Rahimuddin. The plot is all about how they are dedicated to their dreams and what they will do. Will they succeed to achieve their dreams.

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5. Rudhramadevi

It was released on 9 October 2015. Directed and pinned by Gunasekhar. Starring Anushka Shetty as Rudrama Devi, Allu Arjun as Gona Gonna Reddy in the lead role. Other actors are Rana Daggubati as Chalukya Veerrabhadra, Vikramjeet Virk as Mahadeva Nayakudu, etc.

Talking about the story revolves around the Rudrama Devi One of the women rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty. The is based on how girls are not given priority to hold a throne. Ganapati’s wife was pregnant and priests predicted that she will give birth to a girl child. But they wanted a boy. The prediction was correct and she gave birth to a girl. Ganapati family challenged the gender of their child and announced that her wife has given birth to a boy. Her real gender was not known by anyone except his father, mother, and Siva.

Even Rudrama was not knowing her actual gender when she was small. When he went with his friends to take bath in River. Then she realizes that her body shape is different from theirs. She went back to her mother and ask the reason for hiding her actual gender with her. When she got to know the reason behind is to save her kingdom. She agrees to continue the way she’s living. Will her actual Identity will come out. What people will do? Will, she will be able to get the crown after her gender is revealed? Must watch Rudhramadevi to clear all your doubts.

6. Parugu

It was released on 1 May 2008. It is an action, romantic movie. Directed and written by Bhaskar. Produced by Dil Raju.
The cast includes Allu Arjun playing the role of Krishna, Sheela Kaur playing the role of Meenakshi, Prakash Raj playing the role of Neelakanta, Chitram Seenu playing the role of Shrinu, etc. The story revolves around the Neelakanta a reputed person in the village. He has two daughters and he can do anything for both of them. Neelakanta is against love marriage, but his daughter Subbalakshmi is in love with a lower cast Babu.

She runs away from her marriage and went with Babu. Everyone is trying to find out her. Neelakanta’s relative thought that maybe Babu’s Friends help him to run away. And Krishna loves Neelakanta’s daughter Meena. What Krishna will do? Will Neelakanta will be ready for their marriage? or they both will run away too. Will the Krishna family will accept Meenakshi?? Lost of questions must-watch Parugu to know all the answers.

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7. Julayi

It was released on 9th August 2012. It is an action, comedy-drama movie. Written and directed by Trivikram Srinivas Starring Allu Arjun as Ravindra, Iieana D’Cruz as Madhu, Sonu Sood as Bittu, Rajendra Prasad as DIG Sitaram, and Kota Srinivas as MLA Varadarajulu, etc.

Talking about the story the bank snitched. One day somebody snitched the bank and police are trying to arrest the culprit. Ravi meets Bittu who is involved in bank snitched. Ravi on the same night he has given him lift. Ravi called the police and helped them to arrest Bittu. When Bittu is out of jail he decided to take revenge on him. Police to save him from Bittu send him away from the city.

He met Madhu who helping Bittu. Knowing everything about Madhu he falls in love with her. Later they both try to inquire everything about Bittu. They both succeed in their plan. And finally, Ravi realizes the importance of work. The show is available on Disney plus Hotstar.

8. Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo

It was released on 12 January 2020. Directed and written by Trivikram Srinivas. Starring Allu Arjun as Bantu, Pooja Hegde as Amulya, Tabu as Yashoda, Jayaram as Ramachandra, Sushanth as Raj Manohar, Navdeep as HR Shekhar, and Samuthirakani as Appala Naidu.

Talking about the story revolves around, Bantu (Allu Arjun). When Bantu was born he was exchanged with another child. His step foster father did not like him and love him. Bantu’s actual father is unknown with this truth. The nurse tried to stop Valmiki but he didn’t stop. Valmiki wanted his child to live a happy and wealthy life. The movie involves various twists and turns. Later he meets Amulya.

But fall in love with her. They both together went on a business trip and Ammu too falls in love with him. What will happen next? Whether Bantu will know the truth of his actual father. How Bantu will react after listening to the truth. Must watch Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo to know the rest.

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9. Race Gurram

It was released on 11 April 2014. It is an action, romance-based movie. Directed by Surendra Reddy. Story by Vakkantham Vamsi. Starring Allu Arjun as Allu Lakshmi “lucky”, Shruti Hassan as Spandhan, Shaam as Assistant commission Allu Prasad, Ravi Kishan as Maddali, Prakash Raj as Bheem, and Mukesh Rishi as Peddi Reddy.

The story is all about the two brothers who are different from each other. Ram is an honest cop and follows all the rules and regulations. But lucky don’t follow any rules he lives his life on his terms and conditions. Shivi, a criminal, wanted to become a politician. Ram is trying to collect evidence against Shiva. Spandhan is the daughter of Bheem. Spandhan and lucky fall in love with each other.

When Ram told Bheem Prakash that lucky is not suitable for his daughter and he is made for nothing. Prakash rejected Lucky. Lucky was Angry and he started fighting with Ram. Lucky takes Ram Jeep and went. Later the files and jeep was destroyed. Will, they both brother will reconcile. Ram will able to arrest Shiva? Whether Lucky is supporting Shiva? To know all the answers must-watch Race Gurram.

10. Duvvada Jaganndhan (DJ)

It was released on 23 June 2017. Directed and story by Harish Shankar. Produced by Ramesh Reddy. Starring Allu Arjun as Duvvada Jagannadham, Pooja Hegde as Pooja, Rao Ramesh as Royyala Naidu, Subbaraju as Royyala, and Murali Sharma as Purushottam, etc.

The story revolves around Duvvada he belongs to a Brahmin family. He saved police Purushottam from the criminals. When Purushottam saw his skills and his quality he asked and trained him to become DJ. He asked him to join as an undercover cop. Royyala Naidu is another corrupted person. Jagannadham falls in love with Pooja who is the daughter of dishonest HM Pushpam. Will DJ be able to destroy the corrupt HM and Royyala. How Pooja will react when he will discover that DJ wanted to destroy his father’s business.

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