Best Podcast Apps That You Must Try!

In today’s modern generation, technology paved with a new wave and now, everyone is habitual of using android devices on which they utilize the various applications for various purposes. So here we going to talk about podcasting. Eventually, a podcast is a series of vocal episodes and shows on diverse applications. Podcast offers various categories for their audiences such as true events, biography, sports, live streams, entertainment, and much more! So here we come out with some of the best podcast apps you must try

You can also follow your favorite authors, journalist, and actors on the podcast app. A podcast is very convenient to use in today’s hectic livelihood. Podcast also offers various platforms for listening. Most of the podcast applications are free to subscribe and on the other hand, they also provide a premium package on which you can listen to podcast ad-free and original episodes. A podcast is a fully downloadable file that anyone can easily listen to offline. Podcast also allows podcast hosting accounts which let you record your podcast and upload it on the application. Podcast application is an on-demand-based application. Podcasting is a very informative activity as it transmits lots of information. By various podcast applications, one can deliver messages digitally, people can connect or communicate through different channels on the podcast. It is very helpful to increase or upgrade one’s communication skills.

Best Apps For Podcast

List Of Best Podcast Apps


best podcast apps

Audible podcast allows you a selection of various podcasts. The elementary thing is that you need only an amazon account to access the podcast. This is also available at audible membership. The latest shows, episodes will demonstrate on your home screen, and also demonstrate the incomplete podcast which you can continue where you last stopped; there is also an auto-playing podcast option. Once you go through it, you know all the basic and bizarre functions for audible. You can snoop podcasts on android as well as on the iOS app. You can also play a podcast on Alexa. At hand, an audible plus catalog podcast is available which works as premium, where all the listening are add-free and you also found new and latest episodes on premium.


apple podcast

Apple is a great platform for many elements whereas podcast is one of them. Apple podcast bids more than 700k recorded airings of radio shows and TV, which you can snoop, watch and subscribe for free. By, launching the macOS update, you can listen to podcast on Mac. There are also options for rewind and fast forward according to your limit. All controls are available on your screen from which you can enjoy podcast listening.


  • control playback
  • subscribe to new shows
  • download or delete episodes
  • sync your podcast


radio public

Radio Public is a modest, reasonable, customizable designed app just for podcasts. Where you can also listen to shows and episodes just for free without any login ID. It is free to listen on android as well as on iOS. It also lets you download episodes and shows for offline listening.

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Spotify is enormous digital music listening app use world which provides you millions of songs and podcast in the various language (language according to your taste). It is free as well as an upgrade Spotify premium, which offers you ad-free listening. It is available on any device such as a computer, phone, TV, car. Without premium on Spotify, you will enjoy a great service i.e. music and podcast will routinely set on your daily mix taste, it also forms a podcast playlist and forms a connection between music and podcast, and you can also relish various and astonish service. You also get to know various incidents stories and informatics podcasts on Spotify.


Laughable already gives you a hint that this app is about laughter, yes chiefly it’s a comedy-based podcast app where you found lots of comedian’s podcasts and stories. It lets you subscribe with all kinds of categories. It also has exclusive types and data like the Laughable Artist Graph that displays how audiences overlay for topmost comedians and podcasters. Laughable also lets you to subscribe various journalists, comedians, athletes, actors, authors. It was also available on the app store.


best podcast apps

Pocket casts is one the worlds most powerful podcast app. It is a great app for those listeners who have a different sort of taste because it allows you a listening according to your taste and interest. It also has various control options such as play forward and rewinds. Recently, this app announced a theme for the app and it also lets you both free as well as premium option and premium choice identified as freemium.


  • it allows you chapter allows you to control volume boost.
  • It allows you to trim silence.
  • It allows various variable speeds.
  • And, it lets you do apple watch controls.



Stitcher is one of the free podcast app, which offers above 260k podcasts about true events, crime, politics, and amusement. You can also create a playlist of your own choice with different kinds of genres. It is also a free podcast with the premium which offers add-free podcasts and original shows and available just for $4.99/month. It was also considered as best podcast app as it also won the award for the best podcast app.

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tune in app

TuneIn is an audio running that offers live stream, sports, news, entertainment podcast. An average TuneIn has more than 70 million on-the-go users. TuneIn is functioned by the firm TuneIn Inc. which is situated in San Francisco, California. TuneIn is work on a free subscription that can available on different platforms i.e. car Play, apple watch, Google Home, Amazon Echo.



Podbean is a podcast hosting company that also bids a podcast app – and now an Alexa skill. This app is very easy to use and navigate the controls. This is a platform also offers a great opportunity to upload the individual’s podcast to the podbean, which means one can create their own podcast and upload on it. You can also download your favorite podcast and shows. It is quite popular application use on android as well as on iOS. Podbean is very friendly-user application used by the modern generation for listening to podcasts.


Best Apps For Podcast

Player FM is a huge podcast library for multi-purposes all over in the world. You can find more than 20 million free podcast. You can discover listening about education, motivation, sports, live news, current affairs, business, technology and much more! It also allows you a download feature for your podcast. It is very easy to install player FM from the play store. You can also manage player FM on your phone, car, apple watch. It is considered as one of the best app for podcasts.


  • above 20 million media files segmented into 500+ niche categories.
  • Gratified library well-run many times daily, contains trending shows curated by the Player FM team.
  • Regularly it was ranked between the top-10 podcast player apps all-inclusive.
  • New edge modernizes user knowledge across audio and video at ease.


Best  Podcast apps

Overcast is one of the podcast application which offers to download episodes and shows of your choice. It is developed by macro arment. It also lets you record and upload podcasts on a podcast hosting account. You can discover your followers through your Twitter account. Overcast have a very smart speed to access, also contains voice boost and filtering the playlist.

12. CASTRO 3

Best Apps For Podcasting

Castro 3 is an exclusive podcast player, which offers various function such as night mode theme and allows you to archive the podcast and also let you make a playlist of your favorite shows. It is a very well-designed application using for podcasting. It also has a great control system which includes episode limit, trim silence, skips intros, playback speed. Your favorite shows auto-add to your playlist and you can also download the shows and episodes.


Best Apps For Podcast

Listen app is one of the ad-free podcast apps. After the regular time, it automatically notifies for the update. You can easily create and cope with a custom row. It notifies you of new episodes and live streams. You can also watch recommended shows according to your taste and genre. Toggle playback hustles giving by your inclination.


downcast app

Downcast is a podcast listening app available on various platforms such as iOS, macOS, and watchOS. It was introduced by Seth McFarland of jamawkinaw enterprises. It offers plenty of various things regarding the application. It also has iCloud sync which can drop you where you left prior.


Best Apps For Podcast

iCatcher is a worldwide using podcast application that downloads your favorite shows and streams. It works on iPhone and iPad, it also works on the apple watch. It is not synced with iTunes. Likewise, other apps allow you to subscribe with different channels and peoples and also download and archive the shows which you missed. You can also create a playlist according to your taste.

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