The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date And Plot Explained!

There are a lot of viewers and fans in the world of animation. Animation is something that can be seen by all age groups whether they are kids or they are elders. Similarly, Dragon Prince is one of the popular anime on Netflix. This Canadian-American series, Dragon Prince is full of fantasy, adventure, action, and comedy. This television series is created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond for Netflix.

Dragon Prince has three seasons in total. The very first season, Moon was released on 14 September 2018, the second season, named Sky came in front of the audience on 15 February 2019, and the third season, Sun was premiered on 22 November 2019. As we said this show has already gained huge popularity amongst the viewers. And fans are waiting for the fourth season, today here we will tell you about The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date.

The show is about the conflict between humans and the devil. Three seasons of this fantasy show have already been released. And Netflix also renewed the series for four new seasons with nine episodes each, so the show will have seven seasons in total. There will also a video game of the same series that is in development to be released soon. Actually, Wonderstorm is also planning to launch the board game of Dragon Prince named Tales of Xadia. And the expanded universe is continuing with Book 2: Sky. Here we will update you with some of the latest information regarding the release date, cast, plot, and much more of The Dragon Prince Season 4.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

The Dragon Prince was first released in 2018 on Netflix, and it has two more seasons released in 2019. This amazing series has won many hearts and has a huge fan following. So, there is been almost a year and a half since the third season of Dragon Prince had released. But the makers announced its renewal at a comic con event for four more seasons on Netflix. As we know that the series has also stuck in some controversies regarding the sexist work atmosphere. There were allegations on the makers that on the sets of the series the women were mistreated, because of all these things the fourth season led to delay.

Also as we know the condition of the coronavirus pandemic in the world. It again started affecting the entertainment industry. But according to some reports, as the renewal was announced, the production of Dragon Prince Season 4 was started earlier in mid-2020. Some sources also said that the makers did not start working on the next season till now. Whatever it may be, but we can expect the release of the Dragon Prince Season 4 by late 2021 or early 2022. However, Netflix has already renewed the series for four new seasons, so the writing process will take a longer time than normal. At this point in time, it is difficult to predict anything, so we will update you soon with the latest and further information.

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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cast and Characters

In The Dragon Prince Season 4 maybe the new characters and voice cast will include. It is also been recommended that Aaravo’s caterpillar metamorphosis will narrate the story. If we talk about the main characters and their voices, so these are as follows: Prince Callum (voiced by Jack DeSena), Rayla (voiced by Paula Burrows), Ezran (Voiced by Sasha Rojen).

The other characters of The Dragon Prince series are as follows: Viren (voice: Jason Simpson), Claudia (voice: Racquel Belmonte), Soren (voice: Jesse Inocalla), King Harrow (voice: Luc Roderique), Queen Sarai (voice: Kazumi Evans). General Amaya (the deaf aunt), Commander Gren (voice: Andrian Petriw), Corvus (voice: Omari Newton), Ellis (voice: Nahanni Mitchell), Opeli (voice: Paula Burrows). There are also Queen Aanya (voice: Zelda Ehasz), Captain Villads (voice: Peter Kelamis), Prince Kasef (voice: Vincent Tong). Saleer (voice: Jonathan Holmes), Barius (voice: Jason Simpson), Crow Master (voice: Cole Howard), and Ziard (voice: Brian Drummond).

The other elves are Aaravos (voice: Erik Todd Dellums), Runaan (voice: Jonathan Holmes), Ethari (voice: Vincent Gale), Lujanne (voice: Ellie King). Along with them, there are Janai (voice: Rena Anakwe), Kazi (a sunfire), Nyx (voice: Rhona Rees), Ibis (voice: Ian James Corlett), Lain, and Tiadrin (voice: Tyrone Savage and Ely Jackson).

There are animals and magical beasts also. These are some characters of animals and beasts. Azymondias “Zym” (voice: Jack DeSena), Bait (voice: Jack DeSena), Avizandum (voice: Chris Metzen), Zubeia (voice: Nicole Oliver), Sol Regem (voice: Adrian Hough), and Berto (voice: Paula Burrows). Along with them, there are also Ava, Pip, Phoe-Phoe, and Pyrrha.

This fantasy, action, comedy-drama is created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. Along with Aaron and Justin, the show is written by Devon Giehl, Lain Hendry, and Neil Mukhopadhyay. Vilas Spangsberg and Giancarlo Volpe are the directors of Dragon Prince and the show is animated by Barcel Entertainment.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cast and Characters
The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cast and Characters

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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Expected Plot and Spoilers

This anime series on Netflix follows the story of a continent called Xadia. This continent had many humans, dragons, and other magical beasts. At the beginning of the story, things were quiet and everything was in peace but when human beings started misusing their powers. And between humans and dragons, enmity and hatred started.

The last season that is the third season left when Ezran, Callum, and Rayla tried their level best to untangle the issues in the continent Xadia. We have also seen that evil human Viren died but Claudia, his daughter regained his consciousness and made him survive.

Now in the fourth season of Dragon Prince, Ezran and all the well wishes of Xadia will finally able to understand that Aaravos is terrible and wanted at his worst to take out Xadia from Ezran, crowned prince of Xadia. This season is also expected to make us watch the love between Rayla and Callum. Approximately, the fourth season will about to restore humanity and peace in Xadia.

 The Dragon Prince Season 4 Expected Plot and Spoilers
The Dragon Prince Season 4 Expected Plot and Spoilers

The Dragon Prince Season 1 Trailer

The Dragon Prince Season 2 Trailer

The Dragon Prince Season 3 Trailer

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