When Can We Expect Real Steel 2 Release date?

The Energetic movie of Real steel had already captivated the heart of the audience especially Hugh Jackman and the relationship between the kid is something emotional that ads sal to the tuna. Directed by Shawn- levy The movie also won an Academy Award for its incredible visual effects back in 2011. Real steel was based upon motion-detecting Technology and a sports competition where people from all around the world came to show their best robots and to win the Fight. It has been a long time since 2011 we saw any update of the movie, but we have something for you in this post that might excite you if you are a nerdy lover of Real steel.

Release on 6th October Real Steel instantly took away the hearts of all the youth of that era, As the story at that time was something people imagined would happen in the future, and that excited everyone. The incredible scenes where the robot identically copies the moves and is Punctures Zeus the robot from Japan. The VFX used at that period was so real that people even thought that there might be a real Robot in existence.

Real Steel One Synopsys

The movie Real Steel was not just based on robots but was a story of a father who has lost the custody of his kid. When Max ( Dakota Goyo) meets his father he has no belief in him as he was disavowed and had to live with a foster family. The family was incredibly rich and had no kids thus they adopted him.

Charlie ( Hugh Jackman )Had been an American fighter for a long time and now he wanted his Kid to be with him and suddenly he gets a chance to stay with him for three months when the family had to go on a three-month vacation

This gave Max and charlie time to know each other. As max was charlie’s kid and his mother had died when he was little, had no idea about how his father was. While the three months Charlie starts working on a Robot name Atom to get into the boxing championship. In the start Atom is just another dumbass Robo but as time passes by it comes out to be the best one, a simple robot who follows instructions. Meanwhile, Charlie and max develop a healthy relationship with each other and even max starts liking living with his father.

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Soon there is the event where Atom has to fight other robot developers and there are some multimillionaire companies as well showcasing their advance AI robots. But in the end, what happens is something Mindblowing! Atom is almost crushed by the beast ZEUS and is about to get knocked out but at last Charlie being a fighter tames the Robots in Mnaul mode and fights himself from the backend. Each and every move is copied by Atom and when everyone thought that this little robot is gonna get dumped, Atom makes a comeback and starts knacking ZEUS, the Japanese developers are now nervous and start panicking. At last, Atom breaks open Zeus and wins the match.

The foster parents watch this and see their adopted kid so much involved with his father and things are good in the end. But there was something missing in the end that’s season 2 as there has to be many more fights and evolution in Atom right?

Real Steel 2 Release Date

Part one release back in 2011 rated 7.1 out of 10 on IMDB and it’s been a decade since the writer has Shawn Levy has already finished the script but there are no official announcements for part 2 yet.

The chances are high as the heavy fanbase is still craving for more robotic adventure but if it started later this year it will still take up 2-3 years to produce a better version of Real steel.

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